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1860-1864: The Civil War, But First, Let's Kill Some Indians And Get Rid of the Jews

1860: COLOMBIA. The U.S. invades the Colombian state of Panama to “protect American interests”.

1860s-1890s: UNITED STATES. Robber baron Jay Gould amasses a fortune by bribing state legislators and issuing fraudulent stock in the Erie Railroad.

Slavery+1863+slave+whipped+in+Baton+RougeI hold that a Negro is not and never ought
to be
a citizen of the United States.
I hold that this government was made
on the white basis; made by the white men,
for the benefit of white men
and their posterity forever,
and should be administered
by white men and none others.

Senator Stephen A. Douglas
Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party, 1860

abraham lincoln1861-65: UNITED STATES. Prominent among the myths and lies which largely constitute the illusion that is "America" is the one which would have us believe that the U.S. Civil War was fought with the noble goal of abolishing slavery. In fact, the "Great Emancipator", President Abraham Lincoln resolutely resisted the calls of abolitionists.

In his first inaugural address, Lincoln said, "I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the states where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so." On August 22, 1862, Lincoln wrote “If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it.” In September, 1862, Lincoln gave the Confederate states four months to stop fighting, promising to leave the slaves in their chains if they did.

I can conceive of no greater calamity
than the assimilation
of the Negro into our social and political life
as our equal.
Abraham Lincoln

The real reasons for the slaughter of more than six hundred thousand ordinary Americans on both sides were, in fact, just the same two old reasons for each and every war from the dawn of time until today: the insatiable greed of the ruling class for ever more wealth and power.

Civil+War+dead-soldier-antietam.The northern ruling class, represented by Lincoln, drooling at the prospect of the cash to be made in the kind of large-scale industrialization occurring in Britain, wanted free land, a large pool of cheap labor, a central bank which would operate strictly in their interests and a "free" market surrounded by high tariffs to protect their own industrial operations and maximize their profits.

The southern ruling class, which had largely controlled the federal government since the Revolution, simply wanted to maintain the status quo and, most importantly, wanted no tariff barriers which would increase the cost of manufactured goods imported into the South from Europe which would inevitably lead to other countries putting rataliatory tariffs on the agricultural products exported from the South.

The "emancipation" of the slaves was a tactic which had the effect of destroying the power base which the southern ruling class derived from slavery and "freeing" millions of slaves who then became available as a cheap labor for northern factories and mills. They augmented the huge number of poor whites, men and women, adults and children, who labored in atrocious conditions for long hours for pitiful pay.

Abraham Lincoln is yet another American icon, a largely fictional creation, who doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. The "Great Emancipator" opposed integration and intermarriage, did not think that freed slaves should be given full legal and voting rights, and forcefully advocated both before and during the Civil War that all blacks should be deported to Africa or the West Indies.

We cannot attain the ideal union
our Fathers dreamed,

with millions of an alien, inferior race among us,
whose assimilation is neither possible or desirable.
Abraham Lincoln

atlanta-burningLincoln’s armies committed countless war crimes and atrocities, burning and looting civilian property, destroying entire cities and laying waste vast areas of countryside. Lincoln imposed a fascist regime within the Union states, making a farce of the Constitution. His regime arrested thousands of critics of his war policies, including dozens of newspaper editors and publishers. Under Lincoln, the writ of habeas corpus, a fundamental characteristic of a democratic society, was revoked, and mail and press censorship was imposed.

Only after the Confederate states refused Lincoln’s offer to leave the slaves in chains if they stopped fighting did he issue the Emancipation Proclamation which purported to free slaves in states not under Union control. Slaves in states controlled by Lincoln remained in slavery.

We show our sympathy with slavery
by emancipating slaves
where we cannot reach them
and holding them in bondage
where we can set them free

William Seward
Lincoln's Secretary of State

Ulysses Grant1862: UNITED STATES. Union General Ulysses S. Grant issues orders banning travel by Jews and ordering railroads not to allow Jews on board trains.

1862: UNITED STATES. John R. Baylor, genocide artist cum governor of Arizona, orders Captain Helms, the commander of the Arizona Guards, to “use all means to persuade the Apaches or any tribe to come in for the purpose of making peace and, when you get them together, kill all the grown Indians and take the children prisoner and sell them to defray the expense of killing the Indians.”

The Sioux Indians of Minnesota
must be exterminated
or driven forever
beyond the borders of the state.
Minnesota Governor Alexander Ramsey

1862: UNITED STATES. Minnesota Governor Alexander Ramsey posts a reward for the scalps of Dakota Indian people. The bounty eventually reaches $200 per scalp.

1862: UNITED STATES. Union general Ulysses S. Grant issues "General Order Number 11," expelling all Jews from conquered territory within twenty four hours. Henry Halleck, the Union general-in-chief, wires Grant in support of his action, saying that neither he nor President Lincoln were opposed "to your expelling traitors and Jew peddlars.”

1862-65: UNITED STATES. During the Civil War, the U.S. gets into the concentration camp biz in a big way with both sides keeping prisoners in huge concentration camps under horrific conditions. The most notorious camp is run by the Confederates in Andersonville, Georgia. More than 45,000 Union soldiers are imprisoned there during little more than a year of the war. Almost 13,000 die from gangrene, dysentery and diarrhea. A second camp in Macon, Georgia, designed to hold 10,000 prisoners, is crammed with more than 32,000 by the end of the war. Prisoners are dressed in rags, or nothing at all when their rags fall apart. The prisoners live in their own sewage, due to insufficient latrine capacity.

andersonville concentration campIn Union camps, prisoners are also dressed in rags or are naked, and news reports of the day describe Confederate inmates eating rats and dogs in order to survive. In Elmira, New York, a concentration camp meant for 5,000 prisoners holds nearly 10,000. Union prison guards sell tickets to local gawkers, who apparently enjoy the site of men dressed in rags dying from starvation, smallpox and a host of other deadly diseases.

1863: UNITED STATES. The two men who are probably the greediest, most ruthless and most successful war profiteers in history, John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan, pay three hundred dollars each to evade military service in the Union Army during the Civil War, the Texas Air National Guard not having been created yet.

1863-ongoing: UNITED STATES.
John D. Rockefeller, son of liar, con-man, bigamist and seller of fake cancer cures, William Avery Rockefeller (nee Roggenfelder), begins his career as a war profiteer during the Civil War in which he has, appropriately enough, evaded service. Selling bootleg liquor from a man who will later be a major investor in Standard Oil to Union soldiers, Rockefeller accumulates a small fortune and invests the profits in the new oil industry.

Often described, with good reason, as the most ruthless American in history, Rockefeller has, by 1880, built an empire which refines 95% of America's oil and has driven, by collusion and conspiracy with the railroad-owning Harriman family among others, most competitors out of business. If there's anything the Rockefellers hate, it's true free enterprise and competition and Rockefeller's primary business strategy is to destroy all competition. By 1900, the Standard Oil Trust controls almost two thirds of the world's oil supply.

Competition is a sin.
John D. Rockefeller

1863: JAPAN. A U.S. warship fires on Japanese merchant shipping.

new york riot1863: UNITED STATES. Abraham Lincoln introduces conscription to provide troops for the Civil War. Men between the ages of eighteen and thirty five are subject to three years of forced service in the U.S.military except, of course, for the wealthy and the sons of the wealthy. The great Lincoln makes provision for the wealthy to buy their way out of the draft for $300, exactly as they could during the Revolutionary War. Opponents of the draft of the poor begin to describe the Civil War as "the rich man's war and the poor man's fight."

An anti-conscription riot occurs in Buffalo, New York followed by a major riot and rampage of killing in New York City. Workers vent their rage on blacks, who they see as taking their jobs and as the cause of the Civil War. Blacks are tortured and beaten. One victim is attacked by a large crowd, beaten with clubs, hung from a tree and then burned alive. A black orphanage is attacked by a mob and a nine-year-old girl clubbed to death.

The exact toll is unknown but is estimated to be at least one hundred dead (mainly blacks) and three hundred injured. Fifty buildings were burned to the ground.

shoshoni teepees tipis1863: UNITED STATES. After defeating Shosone warriors in an uneven battle at the Bear River in Idaho, U.S. troops rape and molest the surviving women of the encampment. Many children are shot and killed. In some cases, American soldiers are seen to hold the feet of infants and "beat their brains out on any hard substance they could find." Indian women who refuse to submit to rape by the federal troops are shot and killed. A local resident, Alexander Stalker, notes that many soldiers pulled out their pistols and shot several Shoshone people at point blank range. The soldiers deliberately burn almost everything they can get their hands on, especially the buildings in which the Shoshone had been sleeping, killing everyone inside.

1863: UNITED STATES. The Rocky Mountain News in Denver runs an editorial calling for the ethnic cleansing of native Americans in Colorado, a territory recently stolen from Mexico. The editorial is succinctly headlined, “Exterminate Them”.

1863: UNITED STATES. In another shining example of Truth, Justice Or The American Way, the U.S. Congress unilaterally declares all treaties with the Dakota Indian nation null and void which makes stealing their land a whole lot easier.

1864: JAPAN. U.S. and British warships make repeated threatening entries into Japanese waters to compel the Japanese to allow use of their territorial waters by the U.S. and Britain.

sand creek massacre1864: UNITED STATES. Eight hundred U.S. Army troops commanded by ex-Methodist minister Colonel John M. Chivington, who is apparently an avid reader of the Rocky Mountain News, attack a band of unarmed Cheyenne on Sand Creek in the Colorado Territory recently stolen by the U.S. from Mexico.

Native+American+genocide+INdian+fighters+poster+1864The Cheyenne had previously surrendered their weapons at Fort Lyon. In conducting their jihad, the soldiers slaughter the defenseless one hundred and fifty men, women and children. In accordance with Colonel Chivington's orders to "kill and scalp all, big and little," many of the victims are mutilated. Clusters of women are shot trying to surrender. Heroic soldiers cut the vaginas from the corpses of Indian women and hack their unborn children from their bodies. Children are shot and clubbed to death. Chivington and his men will later display their victims' scalps and other body parts in the Apollo Theater and in various saloons in Denver. According to later Congressional testimony, Indian leader White Antelope's scrotum was cut off, later to be used as a tobacco pouch.god

I have come to kill Indians
and believe it is right and honorable
to use any means under God's heaven
to kill Indians.
John M. Chivington
U.S. Army Colonel and man of God

1864-1945: UNITED STATES. We've been told au nauseum that the Civil War ended slavery, but, to a large extent, it was just repackaged. For almost a century following the end of the Civil War, there are so many laws in the south limiting the freedom of blacks that it is almost impossible for a black person not to be a criminal. Vagrancy and changing jobs without the consent of the previous employer are the charges which most often lead to blacks being jailed.

A form of slavery, reserved almost exclusively for black prisoners, is incarceration in forced labor camps operated by state and local governments, farmers and businessmen. Among the corporations which use slave labor provided by the southern penal system is J.P. Morgan's United States Steel.