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1941-1942: Lobotomizing Rosemary, Shock And Awe, Playing Both Sides Of The War And Concentration Camps In The Land Of The Free

Rosemary Kennedy, pre-lobotomy, joseph, nazi financier, bootleg1941-2005: UNITED STATES. Bootlegger, stock market swindler, Nazi investor, anti-Semitic coward and compulsive adulterer Joseph Kennedy finds his twenty three year old daughter, Rosemary, a bit of an embarrassment, especially after she trips while being presented to the King and Queen at Buckingham Palace while Kennedy is U.S. Ambassador to the U.K.

Kennedy ships Rosemary to a convent in Washington DC from which she periodically escapes. Kennedy solves that little problem by enlisting the man who lobotomized America, a quack named Walter Freeman, to perform a pre-frontal lobotomy on his difficult daughter. Under local anesthetic, Freeman drills a hole in Rosemary's skull and pokes around in her brain until she can no longer respond to questions. She is left unable to speak, incontinent and unable to wash or dress herself.

Rosemary Kennedy, pre-lobotomy, joseph, nazi financier, bootlegShe is held in a series of private institutions for over sixty years, with the exception of a brief period in the 1970s when she escapes from a "home" in the mid-west and wanders the streets of Chicago. During her six decades of captivity, no one from the Kennedy family visits her and the family actively promulgates the lie that Rosemary is suffering from retardation rather than from assault and mutilation organized by her father, Joseph Kennedy.

On Rosemary's death in 2005, the Kennedy family compounds Joseph Kennedy's crime against his daughter with sactimonious bullshit and more outright lying in a statement which says that Rosemary, left alone for six decades, her brain destroyed was, it turns out, "a lifelong jewel to every member of our family....her mental retardation was a continuing inspiration to each of us, and a powerful source of our family's commitment to do all we can to help all persons with disabilities live full and productive lives."

early, radar, lend-lease, britain, arms1941-2006: UNITED STATES/UNITED KINGDOM. Britain, standing alone against the Nazis, armed and fueled by Standard Oil (Exxon-Mobil), General Motors, Texaco, Dupont, Alcoa, Ford, IT&T and all the rest, appeals to Franklin Roosevelt for armaments. In return, Winston Churchill offers the secrets to some of the most important scientific developments of the twentieth century including radar, sonar, antibiotics, the jet engine and much of the original research on atomic power and the atomic bomb.

When the Lend-Lease Bill is introduced in Congress, it encounters considerable opposition. Outside Congress, bootlegger and former U.S. Ambassador to the U.K., Joseph Kennedy, and Third Reich award recipient Charles Lindbergh are among the most vocal opponents of supplying arms to Britain. Ultimately, the U.S. will transfer some $21 billion worth of war materials to Britain. In addition to giving the U.S. the scientific secrets, which had incalculable value, Britain will repay the entire cost of the arms over the following sixty five years, making the final payment in 2006.

1941-45: UNITED STATES. Using research provided by Britain and a host of European physicists, the U.S. launches the Manhattan Project to build an atomic bomb. Interestingly, one of the major corporate contributors to the Manhattan Project is none other than Nazi financier, Jew hater and eugenics proponent Irenee Dupont's Dupont Chemical. Dupont's partner in crime, IG Farben, is meanwhile busily at work in Germany working on the Nazi atomic bomb.

1941: UNITED STATES. Even after they have converted their military vehicle plant in Russelsheim, Germany to engine production for Nazi bombers, General Motors executives tell dissenting shareholders in the U.S. that it is impossible to convert GM assembly lines in the U.S. in order to manufacture airplane engines for the U.S. and Britain.

1941: UNITED STATES. Twenty four members of the United States Congress are discovered to have sold their free Congressional mailing privileges to the Nazi-front America First group financed by Vick Chemical Company owner H. Smith Richardson and headed by the chairman of Sears Roebuck, General Robert E. Wood.

senator, burton, wheeler, nazi, propaganda, america, firstMillions of pieces of Nazi propaganda are mailed at the taxpayers’ expense. Most notable among the Nazi stooges is Republican Senator Burton K. Wheeler, long a prominent figure in disseminating Nazi propaganda in the U.S. It is also discovered that Wheeler has acted as a conduit for top secret U.S. defense plans.

1941: NICARAGUA. The U.S. Legation in Managua reports that the Rockefellers' Standard Oil subsidaries are distributing Epoca, a pro-Nazi propaganda publication, in Nicaragua. The U.S. Consulate investigates and finds that Standard is, in fact, distributing pro-Nazi propaganda worldwide.

citizen kane, orson welles, movie, poster, william, randolph, hearst1941: UNITED STATES. Orson Welles creates the movie "Citizen Kane", transparently based on the life and manipulations of media mogul, propagandist, warmonger and Nazi mouthpiece William Randolph Hearst. Hearst uses the full weight of his media empire in an attempt to make the movie disappear and even enlists transvestite blackmailer cum FBI head J. Edna Hoover who institutes an FBI investigation which obediently labels Welles a “threat to the nation’s internal security”.

1941: JAPAN. On July 26, the U.S. freezes all Japanese assets in the U.S. On July 28, all Japanese assets in the Dutch East Indies are frozen and oil deals cancelled. The moves bring 75% of Japan's foreign trade to a standstill and cut off ninety percent of its oil supply leaving the Japanese with little choice but to go to war with the U.S.

1941: UNITED STATES. Third Reich award recipient Charles Lindbergh tells an audience of 7,500 in Des Moines, Iowa, that Jews are seeking to force America into the war.

1941: UNITED STATES. In ze spirit of scientific enquiry, Dr. William C. Black inoculates a twelve month old baby with herpes. The good doctor rejects criticism, saying that the child had been "offered as a volunteer."

u.s. navy, discrimination, jim crow, apartheid, segregation1941: HAWAII. Fifteen black sailors from the USS Philadelphia, stationed at Pearl Harbor, write a letter to the Pittsburch Courier exposing the abuse and discrimination they endure aboard ship under the official apartheid policy of the United States Navy. Free speech and opposition to apartheid being strictly verboten, all fifteen are discharged from the navy.

Regardless of any action the Naval authorities may take or whatever the consequences may be, we only know that it could not possibly surpass the mental cruelty inflicted upon us on this ship. Letter by black sailors on board USS Philadelphia to Pittsburgh Courier
1941:UNITED STATES. U.S. Army MPs board a bus in Fayetteville, North Carolina and begin beating black soldiers with nightsticks. Private Ned Turman grabs a pistol from one of the MPs, shooting and killing him. Turman is then killed by the MPs. Before the battle is over, two MPs and seven black soldiers are dead.

They say this is a war
For freedom over there
Say Mr FDR
How 'bout some freedom here?

whites only, sign, sojourner truth, housing, detroit, apartheid, segregation1941-42: UNITED STATES. The Detroit Housing Commission approves two sites for war industry housing projects and, in the spirit of apartheid, selects separate sites for whites and blacks. The site for black workers, ironically named Sojourner Truth after the black abolitionist and women's rights crusader, is completed by December 1941 but remains unoccupied due to white opposition led by two paragons of virtue, the Reverend Constantine Dziuk, a local minister of the Christian religion, and Congressman Rudolph Tenerowicz, formerly indicted for bribery and jailed on vice conspiracy charges. Just to make things interesting, the Federal Housing Administration announces that there will be no federal backing of mortgages in the surrounding neighborhoods if blacks occupy the Sojourner Truth homes.

riot, sojourner truth, detroit, apartheid, segregationBy January 1942, some black families have moved into the housing but within a few weeks, a cross is burning beside the project and a threatening crowd of two thousand whites, many armed, surrounds the area. In February, a few black families try to move into Sojourner Truth and are pelted with rocks by a white mob. Blacks from nearby neighborhoods arrive to defend the families. At the end of the day, almost two hundred and twenty black people have been arrested and three whites. Quelle surprise.

In April, more than a thousand city and state police and 1,600 members of the Michigan National Guard are mobilized to guard six black families who move into the Sojourner Truth housing. The overwhelming show of force demoralizes the racists and, with a continued police presence in the neighborhood, there are no further acts of violence.

1941: PANAMA. Ricardo Adolfo de la Guardia overthrows the democratically elected president of Panana, Arnulfo Arias, in a military coup, after obtaining permission to do so from the U.S. Ambassador.

1941: UNITED STATES. FBI head J. "Edna" Hoover disregards a report of vastly increased Japanese intelligence interest in the defenses at Pearl Harbor provided by British Intelligence.

1941: UNITED STATES/AUSTRALIA. Three days before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Australian intelligence tells the Roosevelt regime that a Japanese task force is moving toward Hawaii.

pearl harbor, attack, explosion, blow up1941: HAWAII. On December 7th the Japanese deliver some shock and awe to elements of the U.S. Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor in the U.S.-occupied colony of Hawaii, inflicting massive damage. 2400 are killed, 1300 wounded, 118 planes are destroyed and eleven ships are sunk. Controversy still surrounds the attack. Although no one has been able to prove definitively that Franklin Roosevelt himself knew of the attack in advance, at the very least there were grounds for anyone to anticipate the possibility and take appropriate defensive measures. British intelligence had, in fact, provided direct warnings of the planning of the attack to FBI Director J. Edna Hoover and other countries had provided similar warnings to the U.S. The U.S. was perfectly aware that a Japanese attack somewhere in the Pacific was imminent. War with Japan had been provoked and made inevitable by the U.S. cutting off Japan's vital oil supplies.

At the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. is decrypting about a thousand pages a day of coded Japanese traffic. Following the attack, the U.S. government will maintain that the traffic contained no indication of an impending attack. The government will, however, classify much of it secret and deny access to many of the intercepts to the string of enquiries which will "investigate" Pearl Harbor over the years. Much of the decrypted traffic is still classified more than six decades later.

During a naval inquiry in 1944, Captain Laurance Safford, the leading cryptologist responsible for decoding intercepted Japanese messages, will testify that on December 1st, the U.S. had "definite information from three independent sources that Japan was going to attack Britain and the United States" and that, on December 4, the U.S. received "definite information from two more independent sources that Japan would attack the United States and Britain, but would maintain peace with Russia." Early on December 6, the cryptologist will testify, "we received positive information that Japan would declare war against the United States, at a time to be specified thereafter. This information was positive and unmistakable and was made available to Military (US Army) Intelligence at this same time." Further testimony reveals that at 5AM Hawaiian time on December 7th, the U.S. received "positive information....that the Japanese declaration of war would be presented to the Secretary of State at 1PM Washington time."

pearl harbor, battleship rowThe disposition of the big ships on Battleship Row in Pearl Harbor could not have been better for the Japanese pilots if they had arranged it themselves. The U.S. Navy were keenly aware of the devastating success of carrier-borne aircraft against battleships in harbor. A few months earlier the British had destroyed almost the entire Italian battle fleet in a single action in the formerly secure harbor at Taranto, Italy, using planes carrying torpedoes modified for shallow water and bombs from aircraft carriers two hundred miles away.

In view of the Taranto attack, and the obvious lessons to be learned from it, and the fact that war with Japan was being provoked, it is hard to draw any conclusion other than that the American ships in Pearl Harbor were deliberately left like sitting ducks in order to make the Japanese attack the stunning success it was.

The capital ships sunk at Pearl Harbor were, for the most part, obsolete World War One era types and of rapidly diminishing military value. Only one of the battleships, the Nevada, was capable of moving under its own power. At the time of the attack, the ships were left completely vulnerable, with watertight doors and ammunition lockers open. The three modern aircraft carriers based at Pearl Harbor, the real power and future of the Pacific fleet, were safely at sea at the time of the attack.

In spite of all the warnings and the great likelihood of an attack anti-aircraft weapons were not manned, ammunition was locked down, anti-submarine measures were not implemented, combat air patrols were not flying and scouting aircraft were not in the air at first light. Newly available long-range patrol aircraft were not supplied to Pearl Harbor. Land based anti-aircraft guns were not manned or even in position and aircraft were lined up on the ground wingtip to wingtip, almost impossible for the Japanese to miss.

Immediately after the Japanese attack, the government of Britain and the Netherlands government-in-exile in Britain declare war on Japan even before the U.S. itself has done so. The U.S. then declares war on Japan but, contrary to popular myth in the U.S., not on Germany or Italy. Pro-Nazi and fascist sentiment in the United States, representing the all-powerful U.S. ruling class and sold to the U.S. public by the mass media of Hearst and others as “neutrality”, is still far too strong.

A few days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hitler, allowing his personal hatred and fear of Roosevelt to overcome his better judgment, makes one of his greatest errors and declares war on the United States. If Hitler had not declared war on the U.S., it is entirely possible that Roosevelt would never have been able to risk another coup attempt by challenging the power of the U.S. ruling class and that the U.S. would never have declared war on Germany.

Using armaments, fuel and cash supplied by the U.S. ruling class, the Nazis would have established the New World Order throughout Europe and the Soviet Union, destroying Britain as a competitor to U.S. and German-based multinationals, and seizing the incalculable bonanza of cheap or free slave labor, cheap resources and massive markets which Standard Oil, Texaco, GM, Ford, Chase Bank, Kodak, Chrysler, Sperry, International Harvester, IBM, IT&T, Dupont, General Electric and the others had expected to receive by financing the rise to power of the Nazis.

pearl harbor, anti-japanese, hate, campaign, propagandaA massive propaganda campaign on the so-called “Day of Infamy” resonates in the U.S. to this day. Most Americans remain wilfully blind to the fact that the sneak attack without declaration of war for which the Japanese are endlessly vilified is standard U.S. operating procedure and has been employed by the United States in hundreds of unprovoked attacks on completely innocent and defenseless countries around the world over the past two hundred years.

As days of infamy go, Pearl Harbor, an attack on a major military target, is pretty benign stuff compared to such true days of infamy as Hiroshima and Nagasaki in which hundreds of thousands of civilians are vaporized but, hey, we've got the Lord on our side so it's okay.
We face the delicate question of the diplomatic fencing to be done so as to be sure Japan is put into the wrong and makes the first bad move--overt move. U.S. Secretary of War Henry Stimson
anti-japanese-propaganda-poster-hate1941-1945: UNITED STATES. The richly racist soil of America makes it amazingly easily to launch a viciously racist hate campaign against everything Japanese, including Japanese Americans.
Kill Japs, kill Japs, kill more Japs. Admiral William Halsey
1941: UNITED STATES. Caving in under the threat of a mass demonstration by the March on Washington Movement led by A. Philip Randolph, Franklin Roosevelt signs Executive Order 8802 which establishes the Fair Employment Practices Commission (FEPC) and theoretically prohibits companies with government contracts discriminating on the basis of race or religion in their employment practices.

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Sosthenes Behn, chairman of International Telephone and Telegraph (IT&T), meets in Switzerland with Kurt von Schroeder of the Nazi Schroeder Bank and Gerhard Westrick, chairman of IT&T's German operations and formerly SS intelligence chief Reinhard Heydrich’s agent in New York. The meeting deals with maintaining direct American control of IT&T's German operations which are providing a large amount of essential war materials to the Nazis.

Behn tells Westrick to use his connections with Schroeder and the SS to resist any attempts by the German government to take control of IT&T assets in Germany. Even though the U.S. is at war with Germany, Behn guarantees that ITT will substantially increase its payments to the SS through Heinrich Himmler's Circle of Friends.

focke wulff, 190, it and t, sosthenes, behnEven after the U.S. is at war with Germany, International Telephone and Telegraph (IT&T) continues as one of the Nazis' leading suppliers of war materials. In addition to owning part of Focke-Wulff, the Nazi warplane maker, IT&T has contracts with the Nazi army, air force and navy to supply communications equipment, radar, fuses for artillery shells, specialized high frequency radio equipment and vital components of the V1 and V2 rockets which the Nazis will use against London.

1941: FRANCE. The day after Germany declares war on the U.S., all branches of American banks in Nazi-occupied France are ordered closed with two notable exceptions. They are, inevitably, the Rockefellers' Chase Bank and the Morgans' Morgan et Cie. Quelle surprise!

aluminum company of america, alcoa, aluminum, nazi, shortage, cartel, conspiracy, ig, farben, mellonaloca, aluminum company of american, logo, ig, farben, logo, cartel1941: UNITED STATES. Harold Ickes, U.S. Secretary of the Interior, says, "If America loses this war, it can thank the Aluminum Corporation of America.” Alcoa, controlled by the Mellon, Davis and Duke families and with a virtual monopoly position in the U.S. aluminum industry, has entered into an agreement with the Nazi chemical cartel IG Farben to control the world aluminum market. While Nazi Germany has access to unlimited aluminum via Alcoa to build up the Luftwaffe, as of 1941, the U.S. Army Air Force is short by 10,000 planes due to a world-wide aluminum “shortage” engineered by the Mellons, Davises and Dukes and their friends and business associates in IG Farben and the German Nazi Party.

The Mellons also offer assistance to their Nazi friends via their Massachusetts Investors Trust and First National Bank of Boston, owned jointly with the Rockefellers, and which, in turn, owns Boston Insurance a company whose board of directors is a rats' nest of well-known Nazis including Erwin Pallavincini and Benjamin Anchorena. Using Massachusetts Investors Trust and the First National Bank of Boston, the Mellons construct a web of some two hundred and thirty corporations with which to finance and arm the Nazis, a web so convoluted that much of it remains a mystery to this day.

ezra pound, fascist, propaganda, italy, broadcast, anti-semitic, treason1941: ITALY. American poet Ezra Pound, a devoted admirer of Il Duce, Benito Mussolini, begins broadcasting anti-Semitic and pro-Fascist propaganda over Rome Radio. Pound will make more than three hundred broadcasts for the Fascists. After the war, Pound will be prosecuted for treason, it apparently being worse to make broadcasts for the bad guys that to supply them with bombs, tanks, warplanes, fuel, Holocaust computers and radar. Pound is found mentally unfit to stand trial, although that finding seems at variance with reality. He spends twelve years in a mental hospital, returning to Italy where he dies in 1972.

1941-45: UNITED STATES/GERMANY. The City of Philadelphia, the "Cradle of Liberty", helps Nazism roll along a little more easily. Throughout World War Two, the American SKF factory in Philadelphia remains Germany's largest supplier of one of the most vital and irreplaceable items of war material, precision-engineered ball bearings. Without them, tanks, trucks, fighter planes, bombers, ships, artillery, armored cars, U-boats, railroad rolling stock and a thousand other types of war-vital machinery simply cannot operate. SKF not only effectively controls ball-bearing production but also controls iron mines, steel smelters and foundries. Sixty percent of total SKF production worldwide is allocated to the Nazis.

skf, swastika, logo, ball, bearings, nazi, germany, philadelphiaThe precision bearings made in Philadelphia are shipped to the Nazis via Panama. None other than Luftwaffe chief Hermann Goering's cousin, Hugo von Rosen, sits as a director on the board of American SKF throughout the war. And who should be sitting as a director of SKF right beside old Hermann's cousin? A great American patriot named William Batt who just happens to be Vice-chairman of the United States War Production Board.

For fifteen months after Pearl Harbor, the Curtiss-Wright aircraft company is unable to obtain sufficient ball-bearings from SKF, and comes close to shutting down production entirely. Large numbers of U.S. planes are grounded because SKF's production is going to the Nazis. Inventory records at the plant in Philadelphia are fraudulently altered and accounting records and correspondence are burned to make it to appear that production is only a fraction of the true figure. An SKF executive in the U.S. who blows the whistle is fired. When SKF does finally supply small numbers of bearings to U.S. factories, they are sometimes incomplete and therefore useless. Naturally, Batt and von Rosen are never punished for their treason.

Skill testing question for MTWSFH readers: Who is American SKF's lawyer?

Answer: If your answer is anything other than unindicted Nazi shyster and Hitler Project co-conspirator Allen Dulles, you obviously haven't been paying attention.

1941: NAZI GERMANY. The Coca Cola Company does very nicely in Nazi Germany, sponsoring the 1936 Berlin Olympics, advertising in Nazi publications and German military magazines. After the Nazis invade Czechoslovakia, Coke opens a bottling plant in the newly occupied territory. Like hundreds of other American-owned corporations, Coke uses slave labor supplied by the Nazis to improve the bottom line.

After Germany declares war on the U.S., Nazi Germany's supply of Coca Cola syrup dries up and the head of Coke's German operations devises Fanta, using locally available ingredients. By 1943, Coke is supplying three million cases of Fanta to the Third Reich. The rest, as they say, is history.

1942: UNITED STATES. The racial purity of the U.S. armed forces is furthered when all troops of Japanese descent are discharged or demoted to menial positions. Sure are glad we're fightin' for freedom and democracy here.

charles drew, blood bank, red cross, segregation, racist1942: UNITED STATES. The racial purity of the American blood supply is maintained when Dr. Charles Drew leaves his position as head of the wartime Red Cross blood bank because he opposes U.S. Army-mandated racial segregation of blood donations. Dr. Drew happens to be black and he also happens to be the developer of the U.S. blood bank system but, hey, we can't be havin' none of that nigra blood mixed up with the good Aryan stuff.

United States Congressman John Rankin of Mississippi covers all bases when he denounces "the crackpots, the communists and the parlor pinks of this country" who want to change the blood bank system so that labelling of blood "will not show whether it is Negro blood or white blood. That seems to be one of the schemes of these fellow travellers to try to mongrelize this nation." Don't it make you proud?

The American Red Cross will maintain ze racial purity of its blood bank until 1950 when it discovers that all blood is red.

1942: UNITED STATES. After white MPs interfere in the arrest of a black soldier by black MPs, seven hundred blacks, including five hundred U.S. Army soldiers, battle three hundred police in Alexandria, Louisiana. Twenty eight black soldiers are shot and hundreds are arrested.

1942: UNITED STATES. The leadership of the Zionist movement moves to the U.S. At a conference in New York City, the Zionists demand the seizure of all of Palestine for the creation of a Jewish state with unlimited Jewish immigration. All God's children need lebensraum, lebensraum.

1942-44: UNITED STATES. After Germany declares war on the U.S., it sends U-boats to attack American shipping. During the first six months of 1942, almost four hundred ships are sunk off the U.S. east coast and thousands of sailors are killed. Americans in coastal cities can see ships blazing offshore and find debris and bodies washed up on the beaches. The U.S. military is completely unprepared for U-boat warfare, so Britain sends vessels and crew to help defend American merchant shipping.

tanker, torpedo, u-boat, east coast, lightsUnbelievably, while all this slaughter is going on, casinos, resorts, other businesses and city governments along the east coast from Miami to Atlantic City refuse to turn off their lights and advertising signs, saying it would damage their tourist business. For the U-boats, it's a turkey shoot, lining up the brightly outlined silhouettes of merchant ships against the glow of the cities on the coast. But business, of course, comes first.

1942: UNITED STATES. Police officers beat and then shoot to death a black U.S. Army sergeant, Thomas Foster, who had intervened when the police were beating another black soldier. No charges are laid.

1942: UNITED STATES. General Motors' James W. Mooney, recipient of the Grand Cross of the Supreme Order of the German Eagle from Adolf Hitler for his “distinguished service to the Reich” for his stellar work manufacturing military trucks, tanks and warplane engines for the Nazis, is appointed Assistant of Defense Liaison Work by the U.S. governmment. Well, he sure as hell has a lot of experience in the weapons biz....

standard oil, logo, ig farben, swastika, rockefeller, nazi germany, cartel1942: UNITED STATES. U.S. Assistant Attorney General Thurman Arnold confronts officials of the Rockefellers' Standard Oil with the fact that Standard's partnership and cartel agreements with the Nazis are contrary to the interests of the United States, providing essential war materials to the Nazis while simultaneously denying them to the U.S. The government suggests a fine of $1.5 million and a consent decree whereby Standard will turn over to the government for the duration of the war the patents which are part of Standard's conspiracy with IG Farben to control world chemical and petroleum markets.

Standard Oil President and Bush family associate William Farish rejects the plea bargain on the spot. He pointedly reminds the government of the United States that Standard Oil is providing a "high percentage" of the fuel being used by the U.S. military, and threatens the government with cutting off its oil supplies in time of war. The Dulles brothers aso make it known that if any Rockefellers are prosecuted, the oil on which the U.S. military runs will dry up and the U.S. war effort will collapse.

The treasonable threat by Farish and the Dulles brothers to sabotage the U.S. war effort succeeds and no Rockefellers are ever prosecuted and no Dulles brothers, who had engineered the marriage of Standard and Farben in the first place, are executed for treason. Instead, they and others like them will live lives of fabulous wealth and privilege and be promoted to the most exalted ranks of the U.S. government, exerting de facto control over the United States for generations.
The Dulles brothers were traitors. Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg
Treason doth never prosper.
What's the reason?
When it prospers,
None dare call it treason.

The Government of the United States of America is finally reduced to asking Standard Oil what fine it would condescend to pay as "punishment" for its ongoing role in arming and unleashing the Nazis on the world and betraying the United States. Standard agrees to a pay few thousand dollars in fines divided up among ten defendants. Farish himself pleads "no contest" to charges of criminal conspiracy with the Nazis and pays a fine of $1,000, or a quarter of one week's salary.

Through Standard Oil, the Rockefellers will continue to provide the Nazis with fuel and vital chemicals throughout World War Two and continue to operate Auschwitz and forty other concentration camps in partnership with IG Farben.

internment, japanese-american, concentration camp1942-45: UNITED STATES. That pathetic old fraud, the U.S. Constitution is once again demonstrated to be nothing more than one more link in the endless chain of illusions, delusions and deceptions which constitutes the myth of "America".

concentration camp, japanese-american, world war twoExecutive Order 9066 purports to give the U.S. Army the power, without warrants, indictments or hearings, to arrest every person of Japanese-American descent on the U.S. West Coast. 120,000 men, women and children are arrested on the basis solely of race and transported to ten concentration camps in the interior of the U.S. where they are imprisoned behind barbed wire and machine gun towers for the duration of the war.

In March, the private company operating under the name of the Federal Reserve begins stealing the land, farms, businesses, fishing boats and other assets of American citizens of Japanese descent. In a classic piece of U.S. government bullshit, the War Relocation Authority is generously formed to "assist" the Japanese-Americans being driven from their homes.

japanese-american, children, victim, concentration camp, internmentThree quarters of the victims are American-born and American citizens. The other quarter are Japanese immigrants to the U.S. who have been denied the possibility of becoming Americans under America's racist citizenship laws. In 1944, the ever-vigilant U.S. Supreme Court, apparently never having heard of the U.S. Constitution, upholds the supposed legality of the concentration camps in the infamous Korematsu decision in which the Court grants the regime du jour essentially unlimited powers to arrest, hold without trial and keep in concentration camps people who are are charmingly called "aliens" and American citizens on the purported grounds of military necessity.

At war's end, the concentration camps are opened and the inmates are eventually allowed to return to their "homes," or rather to their hometowns, since most of them have had all their possessions stolen since being imprisoned. In 1948, the federal government offers to compensate the victims for the property stolen from them by the U.S. government. The rate of proposed compensation is ten cents on the dollar and will be paid only if the victims can show documented proof of their loss.

And the whole concentration camp program is run by none other than Hitler Project kingpin, Rockefeller proxy and advisor to Benito Mussolini John J. McCloy. When asked about the constitutionality of rounding up American citizens and shipping them off to concentration camps, McCloy responds in an uncharacteristic display of honesty, "Why the Constitution is just a scrap of paper to me." And who should be working with McCloy on the concentration camp project but a young fellow who will reappear alongside him twenty one years later to carry out the Warren Commission cover-up of the assassination of John F. Kennedy; none other than Earl Warren.

1942: UNITED STATES. Despite the urgent need for wartime labor, blacks are still discriminated against by employers in the U.S. A spokesman for a major West Coast aviation plant says, "The Negro will be considered only as janitors and in other similar capacities. Regardless of their training as aircraft workers, we will not employ them." The U.S. federal government takes no steps to enforce the orders of the Fair Employment Practices Commission which is supposed to end such discrimination.

1942: UNITED STATES. The Senate Special Committee Investigating the National Defense Program holds a hearing at which Thurman Arnold, chief of the Antitrust Division, puts into the record documents outlining the cartel agreement between the Rockefellers' Standard Oil and IG Farben which make it clear that the Rockefellers will work with the Nazis whether their own government is at war with the Third Reich or not. After the hearing, committee chairman, Harry S. Truman, characterizes the arrangements as treasonable.
For the people, wars do not pay. The only cause of armed conflict is the greed of autocrats.
Ludwig von Mises
1942: UNITED STATES. On October 20, ten months after the United States enters the Second World War, the U.S. Alien Property Custodian issues Vesting Order 248 under the Trading With the Enemy Act, seizing all assets of the Union Banking Corporation of New York, which is being operated as a front for "enemy nationals." According to a federal government investigation, Union Banking is not a bank at all, but a front operation, laundering money for Germany's powerful Thyssen family, instrumental in financing Hitler's rise to power and supplying the Nazi regime with much of the steel it needs to prosecute the war. The majority of the shares in Union Banking Corporation are held by the Harrimans in trust for the Rockefellers.

prescott bush, union bank, nazi, finance, trading with the enemyOne of the partners of the Union Banking Corporation, the man who oversaw all investments on behalf of the Nazi-affiliated owners, is Prescott Bush, father of George H.W. "Bailout" Bush and grandfather of George W. "I'm A Lyin' Guy" Bush. Through the connections of his father-in-law, George Herbert Walker, described by a U.S. Justice Department investigator as "one of Hitler's most powerful financial supporters in the United States", Prescott Bush specializes in managing the investments of a number of German companies, most with extensive Nazi ties. Walker is, of course, the great-grandfather of George W. "I'm A Lyin' Guy" Bush. The apple don't fall far from the tree, do it?

The Nazi fronts Bush manages include the North American operations of the Hamburg-Amerika Line controlled by the Harriman family, directly linked to a network set up by IG Farben to smuggle Nazi agents, money and propaganda into the United States and American weapons, supplied by Remington Arms, into Germany for the takeover of that country by the Nazis.

george herbert walker, hamburg-america, hamburg-amerika, lineAccording to a 1934 Congressional investigation, the Hamburg-Amerika line "subsidized a wide range of pro-Nazi propaganda efforts both in Germany and the United States." Both Walker and Bush were directors of a holding company, the Harriman Fifteen Corporation, which directly financed the line.

The U.S. mass media scores a journalistic tour de force by reporting the story without once mentioning the names Bush, Harriman or Rockefeller. In line with its policy of printing only the "news" which serves the purposes and interests of the ruling class, the New York Times carries nothing more than a tiny item reporting that the Union Banking Corporation of 39 Broadway, New York, has "received authority" to "change its principal place of business" to 120 Broadway. It is certainly a unique and exceedingly creative way of reporting that the Nazi assets controlled by Prescott Bush and the Harriman family have been seized by the U.S. government under the Trading With the Enemy Act. 120 Broadway happens to be the address of the U.S. Alien Property Custodian.

Bush has been financing the rise and war preparations of the Nazis and hiding assets in the U.S. for them since 1923. Unlike the completely innocent Americans of Japanese descent languishing in American concentration camps, the well-connected Nazi financier Bush continues to live a life of freedom and luxury and his son and grandson will be propelled into the presidency by his Nazi profits.

new york times, mock banner, censorship, news control, disinformation1942: UNITED STATES. The New York Times breaks its "Let's Not Be Beastly To The Nazis" policy and runs one of the first articles in the U.S. on the horrors of the Holocaust with the headline, "1,000,000 Jews Slain by the Nazis, Report Says". The item is six paragraphs long and is buried on page seven. The New York Times is owned by the Sulzberger family who happen to be Jewish. How many people do you have to kill to make page one?

erwin rommel, desert fox, bonner fellers, code1942: NORTH AFRICA. German General Erwin Rommel hands the British a string of catastrophic defeats in the North African desert, which earns them derision in some quarters in the U.S. Rommel finally takes the vital port of Tobruk and becomes a legend as the "Desert Fox". It almost seems that Rommel can read the minds of the dull, plodding British, cleverly anticipating their every move.

It is later revealed that Colonel Bonner Fellers, the U.S. Military Attaché in Cairo, has been radioing complete details of all British operational plans, times of convoy sailings and details of commando raids and troop dispositions to Washington every day in a code which the Italians and Germans have long since broken.

In retrospect, Rommel was not quite the cunning fox he was portrayed to be, he simply read every detail of British plans at breakfast each morning. As soon as the flow of information to Rommel is stopped, the Wehrmacht's fortunes in Africa change and the British re-take Tobruk.

1942: UNITED STATES. The Fair Employment Practices Commission calls on ten American corporations benefitting from millions of dollars in federal government contracts to stop racial discrimination in employment. Among the freedom loving companies are Nazi armaments maker General Motors, Studebaker, Stewart-Warner, Allis-Chalmers and the appropriately-named Heil Company which is owned by the governor of Wisconsin. All ten companies routinely discriminate against blacks and Jews.

protest, democratic, national convention, military, segregation, jim crow, apartheid1942: UNITED STATES. Systemic racism in the U.S. military leads to another riot when a black soldier in Phoenix, Arizona resists arrest and MPs round up about one hundred and fifty black soldiers who had no connection with the incident. After a shot is fired, a full scale riot is underway complete with large caliber automatic weapons fire. Phoenix police and MPs cordon off twenty eight blocks of the city and attempt to "flush out" black soldiers with machine guns.

Three soldiers are killed and eleven wounded. One hundred and eight black soldiers are arrested.

arkansas, japanese-american, concentration camp, internment1942: UNITED STATES. The presence of German and Italian prisoners of war in camps in Arkansas provokes no reaction and state cotton farmers are only too happy to use the enemy prisoners as free labor. However, when the federal government places seventeen thousand Japanese-Americans in concentration camps deep in Arkansas swamp country, the racist hackles rise. State governor Homer Adkins believes that the federal government is "planting an alien race in Arkansas" and, in the interests of maintaining racial purity in the Aryan stronghold of Arkansas, insists that the Japanese-Americans not be permitted to leave the concentration camps for any reason, including work as farm labor even though many are, in fact, skilled farmers and farm laborers. In 1943, Adkins signs a bill prohibiting Japanese-Americans from owning property in the state.

Sure do love all that freedom we're fightin' for there Homer.

In November, the U.S. government seizes the assets of three more Nazi front companies whose investments are handled by Prescott Bush, grandfather of George W. "I'm A Lyin' Guy" Bush. The companies are the Holland-American Trading Corporation, the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation and the Silesian-American Corporation.

bush, auschwitz, prescott bush, harriman, rockefeller, standard oil, ig farbenEvidence reveals that the bulk of Prescott Bush's financial empire is being operated on behalf of the Nazis. The Silesian-American Corporation is, in fact, connected to Auschwitz, located in the Silesian coal fields in Poland. The infamous concentration camp provides slave labor to Bush, Harriman and Rockefeller-connected steel, synthetic oil and synthetic rubber plants.

Prescott Bush attempts to whitewash his role in financing and arming the Nazis behind a façade of pseudo-patriotism. He becomes a conspicuous public booster of the United Services Organization (USO) and chairman of the National War Fund while secretly maintaining many of his Nazi connections, some until at least 1951.

henry stimson, secretary of war, nazi, cartel1942: UNITED STATES. Ruling class minion cum Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson, sends a memorandum to President Franklin Roosevelt recommending that investigations into the cartel agreements between major American corporations and the Nazis, which are still operating even though the U.S. is at war with Germany, should be ended because the resulting lawsuits would "unavoidably consume the time of executives and employees of those corporations which are engaged in war work."

You'll notice Stimson doesn't say which side the war work is for. Both, as it turns out. Roosevelt agrees on the condition that statutes of limitation will be extended to make postwar prosecutions of treasonous American corporate executives possible. Let's not hold our breath waiting for that to happen.

1942: UNITED STATES. Secretary of War Henry Stimson makes a notorious speech to the graduating class at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, a private prep school for the sons of the ruling class and its minions. Among them are George H.W. "Bailout" Bush and Godfrey "Rocky" Rockefeller. The war, Stimson tells the sons of the men who had armed and financed the Nazis and set them loose on the world, will be long and they, the precious sons of the elite, should go on to college thereby remaining immune to the draft.

withrop aldrich, nazi, finance, hitler, chase, bank, rockefeller1942: UNITED STATES. Rockefeller family member Winthrop Aldrich, Chairman of Chase National Bank as it financed the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany and simultaneously participated with the Nazis in the theft of Jewish wealth, is made Ambassador to Great Britain. He succeeds an equally honorable man, Mafia associate, bootlegger, Jew hater, stock market swindler and Nazi sympathizer Joseph Kennedy who is terrified by the Nazi bombing of London, where he is known derisively as "Jittery Joe", and whose quest to extort exclusive liquor distribution agreements from the embattled British has been thwarted.
From his whole personality, I believe that he (Joseph Kennedy) would get along very well with the Fuhrer. Dispatch from the German ambassador to Great Britain, Herbert von Dirksen, to the Reich Ministry for Foreign Affairs, October 1938
1942: UNITED STATES. As his father's and grandfather's decades of arming and financing the Nazis is uncovered, eighteen year old George H.W. Bush joins the U.S. armed forces as the first step in the whitewash of the family's role in spawning and installing the Nazis and muddying the Nazi origins of much of the Bush family fortune.

george h.w. bush, bailout, pilot, underageBut of course, a Bush cannot be expected to take his place alongside the millions of other young men being conscripted into the infantry or onto the decks of warships. Bush comes from a family who are devoted long time minions of the ruling class and will become a Naval aviator rather than common cannon fodder. The only problem is that the law does not permit him do so since he does not have the mandatory two years of college.

But, if your name is Bush, laws are made to be broken and if the Secretary of War, Henry Stimson, just happens to be the president of your prep school and if the Assistant Secretary of War for Air, Robert Lovett, just happens to be your father's partner in one of the leading banks financing the Nazis, then you become a naval aviator no matter what the law says.

1942: UNITED STATES. Manufacturers of products containing asbestos continue to expose their customers and workers to the dangerous substance in spite of growing evidence of its very great health risks. The attitude of asbestos executives to the workers being killed by the thousand in their factories is summed up by the conversation between Johns-Manville president Lewis Brown and his brother, related in testimony by an employee of another asbestos company, Unarco: “I’ll never forget, I turned to Mr. Brown, one of the Browns made this crack (that Unarco managers were a bunch of fools for notifying employees who had asbestosis) and I said, ‘Mr. Brown, do you mean to tell me you would let them work until they dropped dead?’ He said, ‘Yes. We save a lot of money that way.'” It's just business.

1942: UNITED STATES. Edward Cohn, a biochemist at Harvard, injects sixty-four prisoners in Massachussetts with beef blood in experiments conducted for the U.S. Navy. This Mengele-like experiment seems pretty audacious in the United States where it is strictly verboten to mix "black" blood and "white" blood in the Red Cross blood bank.

allen dulles, nazi, finance, sullivan and cromwell, oss, office of strategic services1942-ongoing: UNITED STATES. Rockefeller cousin cum Nazi shyster Allen Dulles, a major organizer of finance of the Hitler Project for over two decades, looks to the future and joins Roosevelt's new intelligence agency, the Office of the Coordinator of Information (COI), the predecessor to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and, ultimately, the CIA. The COI's primary mission is to collect information to be used against the Nazis and their collaborators, most of whom are Dulles' clients.

How Dulles who, after Averell Harriman, was probably the most important figure in organizing and financing the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi war machine and who had, only a few months earlier, threatened to cut off America's supplies of oil in time of war, could possibly be appointed to the COI rather than being executed for treason, beggars the imagination.

However, what Dulles may not have known at the time was that the COI office he is given in Rockefeller Center is bugged by British Security Coordination which is located in the same building. Franklin Roosevelt, fully aware of Dulles' treason, approved his appointment because he wanted Dulles where the British wiretappers could record his conversations and wanted to give Dulles enough rope to hang himself. And, of course, Dulles does indeed continue to work with his Nazi clients.

Roosevelt hopes to be able to bring treason charges against not only Dulles but also against Henry Ford and other prominent members of the ruling class. Large areas of the New York financial district, several floors of Rockefeller Center, part of the RCA Building, two prominent clubs and various shipping firms are all bugged by British Security Coordination with the intercepts going to a special section of the U.S. Treasury Department.

The COI soon becomes the OSS and our favorite Nazi shyster is named to head the OSS office in Berne, Switzerland where he is ostensibly collecting intelligence to be used against the Nazis but, in fact, quickly establishes contacts with senior Nazis in the German military and begins preparing the implementation of the plan under which thousands of major Nazi war criminals will escape prosecution for war crimes in post-war Europe and will, instead, be incorporated into U.S. intelligence agencies, the U.S. military, American media and academia where they will carry on ze good fight to bring about the New World Order on behalf of the Rockefellers and their clubmates. Other Nazi war criminals will find cozy new homes as assassins and torturers in U.S.-installed and maintained fascist dictatorships throughout South America and the Middle East.

ss, general, obergruppenfuhrer, karl wolff, allen dulles, operation sunriseDulles calls his little plan Operation Sunrise. Dulles' co-conspirator on the German side is SS Obergruppenfuhrer Karl Wolff, head of the Gestapo in Italy, formerly SS chief Heinrich Himmler's right hand man and a personal confidante of Adolf Hitler. In the post-war years, Wolff's cozy relationship with Dulles will spare him from the dock at Nuremberg but, when it is later revealed that he "dispatched at least" 300,000 Jews to be "exterminated" at the Treblinka death camp, a feat which would doubtlessly have endeared him to the virulently anti-Semitic Dulles, he is tried and handed a token sentence.

it and t, nazi, swastika, logo1942: SPAIN. Nazi arms supplier cum International Telephone and Telegraph chairman Sosthenes Behn meets in Madrid with the chairman of IT&T's Nazi German operations to plan the enhancement of IT&T's links with the Gestapo and the improvement of the whole Nazi system of communications, which is supplied by IT&T. There is also the production of radio and radar parts, fuses for artillery shells and the Luftwaffe's Focke-Wulff bombers to look after. It's just business....

opel, general motors, gm, russelsheim, nazi, germany, junkers, wunderbomber, coa, bomb1942-45: GERMANY. After Hitler declares war on the U.S., the RAF takes responsibility for the night-time bombing of German cities and the U.S. Army Air Force takes responsibility for the precision daylight bombing of industrial and military targets. The U.S. Army Air Force is under the control of Secretary of War Henry Stimson, who had intervened with Roosevelt to block prosecution of the Rockefellers et al for financing and arming the Nazis and who will later advocate an “easy” peace with Nazi Germany.

Rockefeller lawyer and former advisor to Italian Fascist Dictator Benito Mussolini, John McCloy is named assistant secretary in charge of intelligence. Harriman functionary Robert Lovett, a partner and friend of Nazi financier Prescott Bush at the Nazis’ favorite bank, Brown Brothers, Harriman, is named assistant secretary of war for air.

The Committee of Operations Analysts (COA) is established by McCloy and Lovett to control the targeting of U.S. Army Air Force bombing. Prominent on the Committee are Guido Perera, a lawyer with Nazi stooge Senator Burton K. Wheeler’s law firm and with close connections to the Mellons and Rockefellers, the two largest American suppliers of war material to the Nazis who just happen to own some of the most obvious and important military targets in Nazi Germany. Also prominently featured on the COA is Arthur Roseborough of the New York law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell, the leader in negotiating cartel and other arrangements between Nazi and U.S. corporations. If nothing else, old Artie sure knows where the targets are located.

Mellon-connected Perera is instrumental in a decision not to attack the German generating facilities which provide the massive amounts of electricity needed by Mellon-owned Alcoa to provide aluminum for Nazi fighter and bomber production. Other war plants either very lightly targeted or not targeted at all include the Standard Oil-IG Farben synthetic fuel plants which, if destroyed, would bring the Nazi war effort to a halt almost overnight. By the end of the war, the Rockefeller/Farben-owned fuel plants have miraculously experienced only fifteen percent damage.

ford, plant, werke, cologne, koln, nazi, committee of operations analysts, coaThe big Ford-Farben Nazi war plants in Cologne also have a remarkable immunity to bombing even though almost every building in Cologne is ultimately reduced to ashes around them. The Ford-Farben magic is so powerful and so readily apparent that German civilians use the plants, prime military targets one would have assumed, as air raid shelters. General Electric’s Nazi radar factory at Koppelsdorf is also miraculously immune to COA-targeted bombing.

Henry Ford’s Nazi warplane engine factory at Poissy in Vichy France is, however, less fortunate. In March 1942, Britain’s Bomber Command targets the plant independently of the COA and heavily damages it. Photos of the burning rubble appear in U.S. newspapers but the U.S. mass media “forget” to report the interesting fact that the Nazi warplane factory in the photos is owned and operated by one of their biggest advertisers, the red, white and blue Ford Motor Company of dear old Dearborn, Michigan. The Nazi collaborationist Vichy French government pays thirty eight million francs in compensation for the damage to Third Reich medal recipient Henry Ford, a fact which the U.S. mass media also “forget” to report to their readers.

By the end of the war in Europe, more than 80% of the homes of the ordinary people of Germany have been destroyed by bombing. Damage to corporate property, however, including industrial, fuel production and military manufacturing sites, much of it owned by American companies, is minimal. In fact, industrial production in Germany is down by only 20% by 1945 and most of that reduction is due to transportation problems caused by RAF bombing of railway lines and marshalling yards.

In 1967, the Government of the United States of America will pay millions of dollars to some the American corporations which made weapons for the Nazis to compensate them for what little bomb damage the U.S. did inflict on their Nazi armaments factories. General Motors will receive $33 million, IT&T will receive $27. Poor old Ford will receive only $1 million. You cannot make this shit up.

ig farben, headquarters, standard oil, rockefeller, cartel, coa, bombAs though by Divine intervention, the massive headquarters building in Frankfurt of the Rockefellers partner in Auschwitz and other businesses, IG Farben, is completely untouched by five years of war and, when Allied forces reach the city in 1945, the pristine structure is used by them as a command center.

For almost two and a half years, the Soviet Union alone takes the full brunt of the Nazi onslaught. Stalin’s repeated assertions that his capitalist allies are doing less than their best to defeat Germany in order to maximize Nazi damage to the Soviet Union seem, in light of later revelations about the COA, to have been only too true. The might of the Wehrmacht and the Luftwaffe, fully armed and fueled by the war plants, many of them American-owned and operated, which the USAAF is missing at the COA’s direction, is thrown against the Soviet Union. The country is devastated and it is now known that at least fifty million people in the Soviet Union were killed.

When Allied planners begin to consider an invasion of Europe, the decision is made to switch from the COA’s suspiciously selective bombing of military and industrial targets to the massive terror bombing of German cities, such as Dresden. Well, it should bring the German people to their knees, if not Standard Oil-IG Farben, General Motors, Alcoa, General Electric, Sperry, RCA, IT&T and Ford.

The leading advocate of terror-bombing civilians, a war crime, is none other than the same Robert Lovett who had helped to establish the COA and who was instrumental in financing and arming the Nazis via the Brown Brothers, Harriman bank.

1942: GREAT BRITAIN. David K.E. Bruce, a member of the Mellon family, Nazi Germany's primary aluminum supplier via Alcoa, is named head of the London branch of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Bruce had been an employee of Prescott Bush at the Nazi finance house, W.A. Harriman and Company.

1942-46: UNITED STATES. During U.S. participation in World War Two, wages are frozen while corporate profits rocket to stratospheric levels. During the war, there are fourteen thousand strikes, involving 6,770,000 workers, more than in any comparable period in American history. In 1944 alone, a million workers go on strike in the mines, steel mills and in the vehicle and transportation equipment industries. When the war ends, the strikes continue in record numbers with three million workers on strike in the first half of 1946.