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1945: Bullshit At Nuremberg, Kissinger Joins The Boys, Experiment In Hiroshima, Installing Fascists And It's Not A War Crime When We Do It

dresden firestorm fire bomb corpses-bodies-war-crime. 1945: GERMANY. Britain and the United States commit one of the most gruesome war crimes of the Second World War when they firebomb the German city of Dresden, crammed with hundreds of thousands of refugees. The few legitimate military targets in or near Dresden, including a vital railway bridge, are not targeted. The bombing creates a firestorm, literally a holocaust, which destroys thirteen square miles of the historical core of the city and kills at least twenty five thousand civilians. Some estimates of the dead exceed 250,000. The truth about the firebombing of Dresden has been suppressed and distorted since it happened. The official history of the U.S. Army Air Force in World War Two doesn't even mention it. Since the Germans obviously knew all about the atrocity, it seems that the object, as usual, was to keep Americans ignorant.

bomb-dresden-firestorm-holocaust-war-crimeThe morning following the two initial attacks, a third bombing is carried out by American B17 Flying Fortresses accompanied by Mustang fighters. American fighter pilots machine gun crowds of injured and terrorized refugees as they try to flee along the banks of the Elbe River and even machine gun the animals in the Dresden zoo. Sixty of the B17s on the third raid bomb Prague, Czechoslovakia, sixty miles from Dresden, by mistake. More than seven hundred Czech civilians are killed and more than a thousand are injured.

karl-wolff-cia-oss-allen-dulles1945: ITALY. Nazi shyster and Hitler Project kingpin Allen Dulles, in his new job as Office of Strategic Services (OSS) operative, arranges for the OSS to rescue his good buddy, SS Obergruppenfuhrer Karl Wolff, head of the Gestapo in Italy and SS head Heinrich Himmler's right hand man, who has been captured by Italian partisans. Obergruppenfuhrer Wolff had been on his way to meet Dulles in Bern, Switzerland to negotiate the terms of Operation Sunrise under which thousands of Nazi war criminals and mass murderers will escape prosecution for war crimes and become employees of the government of the United States.

slave-hold-ship-black-world-war-two-segregation1945: UNITED STATES. American soldiers are segregated by race as they are transported by troopship to Europe in order to fight for freedom, liberty and all that good stuff. Black soldiers are stowed down in the depths of the ships just like their ancestors were on the trip over from Africa.

1945: EUROPE. As the war in Europe draws to a close and the Nazi-occupied countries of Europe are "liberated" by the Allies, the United States attempts to ensure that, in each country, the local Fascists and Nazis, often the local business owners, who have collaborated with the Germans, including those who have rounded up Jews and other "undesirables" for mass extermination, take power. On the other hand, America's former allies, the partisans and resistance fighters, who are usually ordinary workers and often socialists and communists, who have fought a heroic battle against the Nazis and Fascists for six long years, are systematically excluded from power in their own countries, often through naked violence, as in Greece.

reinhard-gehlen-allen-dulles-oss-cia-war-crime-criminal-nazi1945-ongoing: GERMANY/UNITED STATES. On September 20th, President Harry Truman signs an order which will disband the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). In a single stroke, the order gets rid of any remaining anti-Nazis in U.S. intelligence. It simultaneously clears the way for Nazi shyster and Rockefeller cousin and proxy Allen Dulles to create an entirely new covert warfare agency. The new agency incorporates the organization of Nazi war criminal, torturer and mass murderer Generalmajor Reinhard Gehlen to carry on the war for Soviet oil, minerals, labor and markets under the guise of the "Cold War". Using over $200 million of taxpayers' money, Gehlen continues the Nazi war of sabotage, terrorism and subversion against the Soviet Union on behalf of theAmerican ruling class.

soviet-prisoner-german-extermination-campGehlen had been one of Adolf Hitler's top "intelligence" chiefs. He oversaw a vast network which derived much of its information from one of the most terrible atrocities of the Second World War, the torture and murder of three to four million Soviet prisoners. Understandably, Gehlen and his gang of thugs maneuvered to make sure they were incorporated into U.S. intelligence to carry on ze good fight for IG Farben, Standard Oil and the boys rather than be captured by advancing Soviet troops and be put on trial for mass murder and war crimes. Instead of hanging in Nuremburg as he so richly deserved, Gehlen is, instead, treated like a king at Fort Hunt, Virginia.

Through Gehlen, the government of the United States also employs the non-German Nazis who had run the murderous Nazi puppet regimes in almost every country in Eastern Europe as well as a host of former Waffen SS thugs and Gestapo. Early recruits are Emil Augsburg, intimately involved in planning the "Final Solution", and Dr. Franz Six, who had been part of the mobile killing squads, which killed Jews, intellectuals, socialists and Soviet partisans. Gehlen's other recruits include Willi Krichbaum, senior Gestapo leader for southeastern Europe and the Gestapo chiefs of Paris and Kiel, Germany.

In 1947, the Dulles/Gehlen partnership is given formal existence as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which will continue under the leadership of Allen Dulles until 1961 when President John F. Kennedy makes the fatal mistake of firing him and saying he will "smash the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind." Not a smart move.

As hard as it may be to believe that the United States government would tell a fib, it lies relentlessly about its rescue of the Nazi mass murderers and the pivotal role of Gehlen in the genesis of the CIA. Journalists who uncover the truth are, of course, labelled "conspiracy theorists" and their work is obligingly suppressed by the U.S. mass media. Documents belatedly released under the Freedom of Information Act in 2000 fully confirm Gehlen's role in the genesis of the CIA but, clearly, even more unsavory truths remain hidden in the tens of millions of U.S. government documents which are unaccountably classified sixty years after the end of World War Two.

After getting the CIA up and running, the mass murderer Gehlen will be installed as intelligence chief of West Germany by his American masters in 1955.

He's on our side and that's all that matters. Nazi shyster cum CIA Director Allen Dulles

eisenhower-inspect-stolen-art-nazi-world-war-two-II1945-ongoing: GERMANY. The U.S. violates the agreement it made with Britain and the Soviet Union in February at the Yalta Conference when, only two months later, its troops enter the Soviet zone of occupation and steal one hundred tons of gold and silver bullion from the Reichsbank reserves in Thuringia as well as priceless collections of Soviet art and documents which had been looted by German troops.

Pressured by the Soviet Union, the U.S. will return tens of thousands of crates of stolen Soviet art in 1946-48. The gold, which should have been used to pay partial reparations for war damage to the Soviet Union is, of course, never returned by the U.S. The Soviet Union insistes that the U.S. is still holding stolen Soviet art, a claim which, predictably, the U.S. dismisses as "Stalinist propaganda".

Readers will shocked to learn that the U.S. government is later proven to be lying when, in 1972, an independent researcher uncovers documents in the Bonn (West Germany) archives proving that the U.S. retained stolen Soviet art and then passed at least some of it back to the Germans who had stolen it from the Soviet Union in the first place. Although most of the remaining stolen art is never found, a priceless collection of Russian icons is ultimately returned to the Soviet Union by the Kuntshalle museum in Recklinghausen, Germany.

1945-2004: GERMANY. In the closing days of World War Two, U.S. Army officers plunder a train of twenty four cars filled with gold, silver, valuable paintings and carpets and other items stolen from Hungarian Jews by the Nazis. The cargo on the train is estimated to be worth between fifty and one hundred and twenty million dollars. The theft is kept secret by the highly principled U.S. government and uncovered only in 1999, prompting a lawsuit on behalf of thirty thousand victims and surviving family members.

In 2004, avoiding a trial which might reveal unsavory truths, the U.S. Justice Department will settle with the claimants, although the details are not made public in order to keep the American public well and truly in the dark.

George-dorsey-veteran-lynch-monroe-georgia-19461945-50: UNITED STATES. As black soldiers return to the U.S. from Europe, they run into exactly the same hatred and racism as returning black American soldiers did after World War One. In some places in the South, to make sure that returning black soldiers don't get too damn uppity with all these crazy ideas about freedom, they are tortured and lynched. Among the victims is George Dorsey, a decorated veteran who had been awarded the Good Conduct Medal, the American Defense Service Medal and the Bronze Star. Dorsey is lynched in Monroe, Georgia with his wife and another black couple.

1945-1946: GERMANY. William Draper, a partner in the New York investment firm of Dillon, Read and Company, is appointed head of the Economics Division of the U.S. Control Commission in occupied Germany. He is given the job of taking apart the Nazi corporate cartels which, in partnership with American corporations and financiers, had installed, financed and armed Adolf Hitler for the takeover of Germany and the attempted takeover of half the world.

WILLIAM-DRAPER-DILLON-READ-NAZI-FINANCEIt is a subject about which Draper is extraordinarily well informed since he has spent fifteen years of his life, and has grown very, very wealthy, financing and assembling the Nazi cartels in the first place. Dillon, Read was largely reponsible for financing the rebirth of the German armaments industry in the period between the two world wars. Draper's company set up, financed and had directors on the board of Fritz Thyssen's German Steel Trust which was Hitler's biggest German corporate contributor and which provided almost half of Germany's steel and a third of its explosives throughout World War Two.

Draper's role in unleashing the Nazis on the world goes beyond merely financing them and arranging their cartels. Like many other members of the Hitler Project, including the Harrimans, Prescott Bush and the Dulles brothers, Draper is a key figure in the American eugenics movement, the engine which drove the Nazis' master race delusions.

Instead of being prosecuted for his role in creating the Nazi monster, Draper is given the power to decide who will keep their assets, who will lose them and, for all practical purposes who will or will not be prosecuted for war crimes. It is hardly suprising that Draper ensures that most of the backers of the Hitler Project retain their assets. An example of Draper's efforts of behalf of his erstwhile Nazi friends and clients is the fate of the Rockefellers' partner in numerous Nazi businesses, including Auschwitz, IG Farben. Far from being dismembered and destroyed, the so-called "daughters" of IG Farben, which include Bayer, BASF and Hoechst among many other corporations, today completely dominate the world chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Following Farben in importance to the Nazis were the steel and weapons makers, Krupp and Thyssen. Thanks to the efforts of Nazi financier William Draper, they too are doing just fine today, merged in very happy marriage as one of the world's largest steel producers and owning, in total, some 670 companies around the world. The star spangled elements of the Nazi cartels such as the Rockefellers' Standard Oil (Exxon-Mobil), General Electric, IT&T, Ford, General Motors, IBM, Dupont and Alcoa, carry on without missing a beat.

But ensuring that his former clients in the Third Reich do not suffer too much isn't Draper's greatest accomplishment. He is, amongst many other things, an amateur magician, a card-carrying member of the Society of American Magicians, and he puts his gift of deception to good use. He and his colleagues evolve the truly magical idea that the ordinary German people are solely responsible for, and collectively guilty of, the rise of Adolf Hitler and for the Nazi crimes which followed.

The reality is, of course, that ordinary Germans were the first victims of the Hitler Project organized by Draper and his clubmates in New York and their corporate clients in Germany. Germans were propagandized and terrorized into submission to the Nazis, opposition politicians were assassinated, their country was hijacked and they were conscripted into Nazi armies to kill and die for the New World Order. It was ordinary Germans whose country was utterly devastated by bombing, the civilian targets anyway. Millions of carpenters, farmers, factory workers, school children, shopkeepers, teachers, housewives and old people who wanted nothing more than to be left alone to live their lives, had their homes, farms and businesses destroyed, their lives snuffed out or shattered.

These ordinary German people, in the Draper-invented lie, are responsible for the horrors of Nazism. Not the Harrimans, not the Bushes, not the Duponts, not the Warburgs, not the Morgan interests, not the Dulles brothers, not the Rockefellers, not General Motors, not John J. McCloy, not Henry Ford, not IBM, not Dupont and certainly not Sosthenes Behn and IT&T. Not even Krupp, Thyssen or IG Farben. And, not even that dependable old Nazi financier and stalwart of the Hitler Project, William Draper himself.

The people who financed Hitler, who provided hundreds of thousands of weapons to the SS and the SA so that they could terrorize the German population into submission and murder all political opponents bear no responsibility. The people who financed and organized massive pro-Nazi propaganda campaigns inside Germany, bear no responsibility. The people who funded and provided the impetus for the eugenics movement in Germany which led to the gas chambers, bear no responsibility. The people who made the panzers,aircraft aluminum, bombs, armor plate and radar, and made a fortune doing it, bear no responsibility. The people who provided the fuel and manufactured the dive bombers bear no responsibility. The people who built and operated the concentration camps bear no responsibility. The people who used slave labor bear no responsibility. The people who were developing the Nazi atomic bomb bear no responsibility. The people who made billions of dollars financing and arming Hitler and made more billions "defeating" him and then made more even billions "rebuilding" Europe bear no responsibilty. After all, that's just good business.

And there is another group who, it seems, bear no responsibility, the Jewish financiers who labored mightily for decades, and increased their fortunes, building the Third Reich into a formidable war machine. Among them are the Warburg family which was instrumental in creating the three most important Nazi cartels, IG Farben, Krupp and Thyssen and who arranged finance for the acquisition of the Hamburg Amerika steamship line which was instrumental in the takeover of Germany by the Nazis. Members of the Warburg family sat on the board of directors of IG Farben alongside their Nazi clients. Other Jewish-owned businesses which played vital roles in the Hitler Project include the New York investment houses of Kuhn-Loeb, Hallgarten and Company and Goldman-Sachs. And William Draper's own WASPish-sounding Nazi finance house of Dillon, Read, had been founded by Clarence Dillon who was of Jewish descent and had been born Clarence Lapowski.

Draper's great deception, the creation of the myth of the collective guilt of the ordinary German people for the horrors of Nazism, is still in full force and effect to this day. Germany is awash in memorials to the Jewish and Soviet victims of Nazism. There is virtually no recognition of non-Jewish German dead including the almost 600,000 civilians killed by Allied bombing. Since the end of the war, some sixty billion dollars has been paid by the German people in compensation to some of the victims of Nazism. That money has not come from the Bushes or the Harrimans or the Dulles brothers. It has not come from the Rockefellers or the Fords or the Duponts. It has not come from the Warburgs or even from William Draper. It has come, inevitably, from ordinary Germany taxpayers who, it seems, just can't be punished enough for "their" collective crime.

1945-49: EUROPE. As about ten thousand top Nazi war criminals and mass murderers are being safely spirited out of Europe by Heinz "Henry" Kissinger, Allen Dulles and their co-conspirators to be incorporated into various U.S. government agencies and U.S. puppet dictatorships around the world, ordinary German soldiers, mainly conscripts, are being herded into concentration camps and subjected to starvation and mistreatment by the U.S.

A month before the end of the war, General Dwight Eisenhower issues special orders regarding the treatment of German prisoners and specifies that "prison enclosures are to provide no shelter or other comforts."

german-prisoners-of-war-Sinzig-eisenhower-concentration-camp-defEisenhower or, more likely, his tame shysters, also come up with the bright idea of designating German prisoners as "Disarmed Enemy Forces" or DEFs, instead of prisoners of war. This sleazy little deception, the predecessor to the "Enemy Combatant" ploy of the George "I'm A Lyin' Guy" Bush regime, is intended to provide a mask of legitmacy to Eisenhower's gross mistreatment of millions of German prisoners of war. It is based, appropriately enough, on the position adopted by Adolf Hitler after the Nazi defeats of Poland and Yugoslavia: that the defeated nation(s) no longer existed and therefore their troops were not covered by the Geneva Convention.

When Generals George Patton and Omar Bradley release German prisoners of war so they can find their way home through the ruins of Germany, Eisenhower countermands their orders to ensure that are held as "Disarmed Enemy Forces" in his concentration camps.

Eisenhower prevents the International Red Cross from providing aid to the German prisoners held by the U.S. or inspecting the camps. When Eisenhower finally allows the Red Cross to enter one of the camps with small quantities of food in February 1946, Red Cross personnel discover that the German prisoners of war are being kept in appalling conditions in gross violation of the Geneva Convention.

Estimates of the numbers of German prisoners who died of exposure, disease and starvation in the concentration camps range from tens of thousands to over a million. Given the suppression of the truth about the camps for the past half century, the truth will probably never be known. In 1989, Canadian author James Bacque, will publish Other Losses which details the treatment of German prisoners of war by the U.S. and estimates that almost a million died of disease, malnutrition and exposure while in American custody. Although, his estimate of the number killed has been challenged, his revelations of the brutal mistreatment of German POWs by the U.S. are not. Even apologists for Eisenhower, while disputing Bacque's figure of almost a million dead, admit that mortality in American-run camps was four times as high as in British camps. The German Red Cross still lists 1,300,000 German prisoners of the Allies as "missing".

When they caught me throwing C-Rations over the fence, they threatened me with imprisonment. One Captain told me that he would shoot me if he saw me again tossing food to the Germans. Some of the men were really only boys thirteen years of age. Some of the prisoners were old men drafted by Hitler in his last ditch stand. I understand that the average weight of the prisoners at Andernach was ninety pounds. I may now be heard when I relate the horrible atrocity I witnessed as a prison guard for one of Ike's death camps along the Rhine. Martin Brech PFC, Guard at the U.S. Army's Andernach Concentration Camp

The German prisoners were properly designated as prisoners of war in 1946, but many were illegally kept as forced labor for years afterwards in violation of the Hague Conventions.

hiroshima atomic nuclear bomb body burned war crime1945: JAPAN. On August 6th, the U.S. commits the most murderous war crime in history when it becomes the first and only country ever to use the atomic bomb in warfare at Hiroshima, Japan. The U.S. had broken the Japanese diplomatic code and knew first hand that Japan was on the verge of military collapse. Shortly before Hiroshima, the U.S. had killed 80,000 civilians in a single night in the fire-bombing of Tokyo. The country was utterly devastated and, with its oil supplies cut off, militarily finished.

The Hiroshima bombing results in the immediate deaths of 150,000 people, almost all of them civilians plus twelve U.S. Navy flyers in the Hiroshima city jail. Another 300,000 Japanese will die lingering, horrible deaths from radiation burns and as a result of radiation poisoning. Fully documented offers of surrender by Japan are deliberately ignored, over the objections of many prominent Allied and U.S. military figures and many of the scientists who had developed the bomb. Dropping the bomb achieved no legitimate military purpose but served to test the bomb’s effectiveness, to make a threatening demonstration of U.S. military might against its own ally, the Soviet Union, and ensured that Japan was occupied by the U.S. and not by the Soviet Union which was bound by agreement to enter the war against Japan two days after Hiroshima and would likely have occupied all or part of the country if the the U.S. hadn't dropped the bomb.

hiroshima-burn-victim-war-crime1945: JAPAN. A week after Hiroshima, an atomic bomb is dropped by the U.S. on Nagasaki resulting in the instantaneous deaths of 140,000 people. The total death toll of the two bombs is now over one million, almost all civilians. In addition to being a war crime, although they don't count when we commit them, the atomic bombing of Nagasaki was a “scientific” experiment to determine the differences in yield and effect between the two types of nuclear bomb which had been developed: the uranium 235 bomb dropped on Hiroshima versus the plutonium type dropped on Nagasaki. The deceptively-named U.S. Department of Energy still lists the nuclear annihilation of the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as "tests".

1945: UNITED STATES. The U.S. Army and Navy run "Operation Overcast" which enables as many as three hundred and fifty Nazi war criminals to escape prosecution in Europe so they can be recruited into American military intelligence units and continue ze good work for ze boys in ze back room.

Ford-motor-swastika-nazi-arms-arsenal-nazism1945: GERMANY. Following an investigation of Ford Motor Company’s role in arming the Nazis before and throughout World War Two, a U.S. Army report characterizes Ford as “the arsenal of Nazism”.

1945: JAPAN. The U.S. installs as puppet Prime Minister, Prince Higashikuni, a member of the formerly maligned Japanese imperial family. Higashikuni, who will only remain in the job for two months, is a classic American choice for the job: a mass murderer and war criminal who had ordered the bombing of Chinese cities including Shanghai and Chongqing. He also authorized the use of poison gas against the Chinese.

1945: UNITED STATES/GERMANY/HUNGARY. The U.S. Treasury Department accuses Nazi shyster Allen Dulles of laundering funds from the Nazi run Bank of Hungary into Switzerland. Similar charges are leveled against Hans Bernd Giesevius, who had worked for Dulles at the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) while he was an agent at the Reichsbank. The U.S. State Department takes responsibility for the investigation and, quelle surprise, it is quickly dropped.

General-electric-swastika-nazi-armaments1945: UNITED STATES. Charles E. Wilson, the president of Nazi radar supplier General Electric Corporation, is so delighted with the massive corporate profits generated by World War Two that he suggests a continuing alliance between business and the military for "a permanent war economy" a wish which will be granted in spades. Like many other major U.S. corporations, General Electric has made a fortune happily arming both the Allies and the Nazis, although when it came to vital tungsten carbide from General Electric, the Nazis always came first.

1945-1960s: SOVIET UNION. Old Adolf having been stopped by the filthy commies, the U.S. ruling class steps up Plan B. Hundreds of right wing Russian exiles are organized, trained and armed, latterly by the CIA, then infiltrated into the Soviet Union in order to set up espionage rings, to stir up armed political struggle and to carry out acts of terrorism including assassination and sabotage of trains, bridges, factories, power plants and other infrastructure.

The CIA conducts a massive psychological war against the unsuspecting people of the "free" world highlighted by the covert publishing of well over a thousand anti-Soviet books in English, a number by well-known authors,with content designed by CIA psychological warfare specialists. The books are distributed throughout the world in hundreds of languages.

farm-nuclear-war-fallout-cold-war-propaganda-poster1945-1991: UNITED STATES. For almost half a century, the CIA and other intelligence agencies, the Pentagon and virtually every U.S. administration will deliberately overstate and distort the economic strength, military capabilities and global intentions of the Soviet Union. The psychological warfare operation is directed primarily against the people of the United States who are maintained in a state of constant fear of the Soviet bogeyman and are, therefore, willing to endure a massive transfer of wealth from those low and middle income Americans who actually pay taxes to the U.S. weapons industry. The commie bogeyman also serves as a convenient excuse for gross violations of the theoretical rights and freedoms of American citizens by their government.

The CIA manufactures phantom Soviet military production capacity, phantom economic figures and phantom international conspiracies as part of its pyschological warfare operation against Americans. The Pentagon manufactures phantom Soviet army divisions and invasion plans. There is a phantom "Bomber Gap", a phantom "Missile Gap", a phantom "Anti-ballistic Missile Gap", a phantom "Spending Gap" and, in the final gasp of absurdity, a phantom "Laser Gap".

anti-soviet-red-scare-propaganda-air-raid-drill-school-desk-cold-warThe psychological warfare operation is used not only to justify the relentless "Cold War" against the Soviet Union but also as the pretext to justify countless invasions, coups, occupations, mass murders, assassinations and genocides by the U.S. against an almost endless list of nations and people around the world in order to ensure that their resources, their markets and their labor can be shamelessly and ruthlessly exploited by the U.S. ruling class. The tail-wagging U.S. mass media almost wet themselves in their rush to keep Americans scared silly during the period.

A study of U.S. "Cold War" archives by the Los Angeles Times in 1991 concludes that U.S. officials "exaggerated Soviet capabilities and intentions to such an extent that it is surprising anyone took them seriously." What the LA Times fails to say is that without the eager wholesale complicity of the U.S. mass media , including the LA Times, no one would have taken such nonsense seriously.

1945-1956: UNITED STATES. The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) begins Program "F", the most extensive American study of the health effects on humans of fluoride, a key component of atomic bomb production. Residents of Newburgh, New York are exposed to fluoride in their drinking water for a period of eleven years and their blood and tissue samples are covertly gathered and analyzed. Fluoride, the study finds, has marked adverse effects on the central nervous system but much of the information is suppressed in the name of national security due to the fear that lawsuits by workers contaminated by fluoride will undermine full-scale production of atomic bombs. Fluoride, it turns out, is the most dangerous aspect of nuclear weapons production.

1945-53: PHILIPPINES. As World War Two winds down, the United States and the evil Japanese make common cause against the Philippine resistance movement. During the Japanese occupation, the Philippine elite had eagerly collaborated with the Japanese occupiers as they had with the American occupiers before them. The only real opposition to the Japanese has come from the Huk resistance movement, led by Luis Poblete Taruc.

At war's end, the United States does in the Philippines what it has done in virtually every Axis-occupied country in the world and installs or maintains in power the local fascists who had collaborated with the enemy while attempting to destroy those people who had opposed them. The leader of the Huk resistance to the Japanese, Luis Poblete Taruc, surrenders to the U.S. puppet government and is promptly arrested, tried and sentenced to twelve years in prison for his efforts. Meanwhile the Filipino elite go on their merry way selling out their country to the U.S. ruling class.

The CIA continually subverts democracy in the Philippines by grossly interfering in elections and installs a further series of U.S. puppet dictators as "president", culminating in the long and repressive dictatorship of torturer, mass murderer and master thief Ferdinand Marcos.

denazification-hearing-cover-up-operation-paperclip-dulles-oss-kissinger1945-present: UNITED STATES. President Harry Truman, approves the importation of German military scientists into the U.S. provided that they are not members of the Nazi party, are not supporters of militarism and are not war criminals. Harry just doesn't seem to realize that he is dealing with Allen Dulles and the boys. U.S. Army Intelligence and what will become the CIA disobey Truman's directive and, using thousands of faked travel papers provided by the Holy Roman Church, organize the escape from war crimes prosecution in Europe of thousands of major Nazi war criminals and mass murderers who are nicely “de-Nazified” for public consumption by being given fictitious non-Nazi backgrounds and are then recruited into the U.S. State Department, U.S. intelligence agencies, the U.S. Army, what will become the U.S. Air Force and NASA and various other U.S. government agencies.

Other Nazis are quietly incorporated into American academic life, into the ubiquitous right wing "think tanks" and foundations which dominate American policy making and the creation of presidential candidates for both parties, into the mass media, into U.S. biological and chemical warfare agencies and other military organizations. By 1955, almost eight hundred of the Nazis will have been reborn as red, white and blue American citizens.

The main plan to orchestrate the escape of the Nazi war criminals from Europe is designated Operation Paperclip. In U.S. government circles, being an accessory after the fact to mass murder by helping Nazi war criminals and mass murderers escape prosecution so they can do their dirty work for the U.S. is called the "military evacuation of scientists".

heinz-henry-kissinger-fritz-kraemer-operation-paperclip-nazi-war-criminalAn individual deeply involved in Operation Paperclip is one Heinz Kissinger, who had entered the U.S. from Germany in 1938, presenting as a Jewish refugee fleeing Nazi persecution. As a private named Henry Kissinger in the U.S. Army, his peculiar talents are quickly spotted by an expatriate Prussian lurking in the U.S. Army, Fritz Kraemer, who will become the shadowy figure behind U.S. militarism for decades to come.

After a stint as virtual dictator of several occupied German towns, a remarkable role for a private, Kissinger becomes principal assistant to General Alexander Bollings, the “godfather” of Project Paperclip, and then works for U.S. Army Counter-Intelligence at the European Command Intelligence School in Oberammergau, Germany. There, Herr Kissinger trains agents to hunt down Nazi war criminals and mass murderers, not to be tried for their war crimes, but to recruit them in order to to employ their well-honed skills directly on behalf of the United States of America. We will be hearing much more of Herr Kissinger.

Operation Paperclip, the merger of the OSS and the Gehlen Organization into the CIA and the other U.S. operations to block the prosecution of Nazi war criminals and incorporate them into its own agencies or the agencies of various U.S. puppet dictatorships, is nothing more or less than the implementation of the Nazis' Plan Odessa. Odessa provided for the escape from war crimes prosecution of Hitler's henchmen and their repositioning around the world in the event of a German defeat. The reborn Nazis would then continue to pursue the goals of the owners of the multinational corporations, including IG Farben, Standard Oil, Krupp, General Motors, Ford, IT&T and Dupont which financed the rise and arming of the Nazis in first place.

project-paperclip-cia-nazi-war-criminal-allen-dullesMost prominent among the thousands of Nazi war criminals rescued from the gallows and employed by the United States are Gehlen, Walter Rudolph, Walter Rauff, developer of the Nazi gas chamber, Walter Emil Schreiber, Otto Skorzeny, Emil Augsburg whose specialty was the mass murder of Polish Jews and other “undesirables”, “Angel of Death” Joseph Mengele, Hitler’s top biological warfare specialist Erich Traub, SS V1 and V2 rocket scientist Werner von Braun, Adolph Eichmann’s right hand man Alois Brunner and four of Eichmann's closest associates, and Klaus Barbie, the notorious “Butcher of Lyon”. The rabidly anti-Semitic Allen Dulles is instrumental in directly protecting from prosecution his personal favorite, SS mass murderer Jospeph Mengele and Guido Zimmer, a leading figure in the deportation and murder of Italian Jews.

A favored group of Amerinazis is the "radiation experimenters" who will take the results of their concentration camp studies to what will become the CIA to develop torture techniques and weapons using radiation. Among this select group are Boris Rajewski, Gerhard Schubert, Hermann Daenzer, Wolfgang Luther, Dieter Strang and Arthur Demnitz.

Also evading the hangman courtesy of the government of the United States is Dr. Hubertus Strughold who had conducted grotesque “high altitude” experiments on inmates in Dachau, subjecting his victims to ever-decreasing air pressure until their bodies virtually exploded. In his brave new Homeland, Strughold will be repositioned as the cuddly “father of American space medicine".

A true Renaissance man, Strughold also conducted sadistic experiments on concentration camp inmates with mind-altering drugs. In the interests of furthering Nazi science, the CIA will use Strughold’s experimental results as the foundation for its barbaric and criminal experimentation with hallucinogens, truth serums and mind control, including the programming of "lone assassins", on thousands of unwitting Americans and Canadians under its project MKUltra.

After the French discover that the government of the United States has rescued and employed Barbie, a mass murderer of Jewish children, Kissinger's outfit quickly spirits Barbie and Nazi concentration camp doctor Joseph Mengele to the Vatican-run "ratline" where Croatian Nazi priests and others operate a virtual travel agency for Nazi war criminals escaping to South America. In South America, Barbie and Mengele work on CIA projects advising and assisting the death squads of U.S.-armed and maintained dictatorships.

The U.S. arranges for the escape to South America and the Middle East of thousands of other Nazi war criminals who will become central to the ”security” services and death squads of U.S.-installed and maintained puppet dictatorships.

Near the end of the war in Europe, more than $2 billion in gold disappears from the Reichsbank and is widely believed to have been carried by U-boat to South America to finance the activities of the Nazi escapees.

Until documents released under the Freedom of Information Act in the 1980s and in 2000 confirmed the details of Operation Paperclip, the U.S. government repeatedly lied, hard as that may be to believe, about its involvement in sabotaging the prosecution of Nazi war criminals and recruiting them into U.S. government service.

For more than half a century, the U.S. mass media will studiously avoid any examination of the recruitment of thousands of Nazi war criminals and their incorporation into the highest levels of U.S. government agencies. Those in the independent and non-American media who do report the truth are, as usual, dismissed as "conspiracy theorists". An accurate expose of Operation Paperclip published in 1992 by author Linda Hunt will be almost completely ignored by the U.S. mass media.

As of 2004, almost sixty years after the fact, there are still millions of OSS and CIA documents relating to the incorporation of the Nazis into the U.S. government, the CIA, NASA, the American military, the American media and academia which remain unaccountably classified. Self-evidently, the documents contain truths about the pivotal role of Nazis in the activities of the United States and its agencies even more damning that those which have already been unearthed.

1945: UNITED STATES. The World Commerce Corporaton is formed just after the end of the war in Europe, to rebuild "trade" between Germany and South America, a continent which is now pretty densely populated with escaped Nazi war criminals thanks to Nazi shyster Allen Dulles, Heinz "Henry" Kissinger and the U.S. government. By amazing coincidence, one of the attorneys involved in setting up this new money laundering apparatus is none other than Allen Dulles.

1945-49: OCCUPIED GERMANY. The plan for the "Trial of European War Criminals", the Nuremberg trials, is drafted by Secretary of War and Rockefeller proxy Henry L. Stimson. Stimson's role is interesting since, in 1942, he had blocked investigations into the cartel agreements between some of the Nuremberg defendants and American corporations.

nuremburg+nuremberg defendants-nuremburg-trialsAlthough presented as the fountainhead of various high and mighty principles, Nuremburg is, in fact a sham, a coverup and a legal travesty. The "laws" under which the defendants are charged have been invented by a handful of individuals after the alleged crimes had been committed. Associate U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas says that the Allies are guilty of "substituting power for principle" at Nuremberg.

I thought at the time and still think that the Nuremberg trials were unprincipled. Law was created ex post facto to suit the passion and clamor of the time. William O. Douglas

The Chief Justice of the United States, Harlan Fiske Stone, calls the Nuremberg trials a fraud.

(Chief American prosecutor Robert H.) Jackson is away conducting his high-grade lynching party in Nuremberg. I don't mind what he does to the Nazis, but I hate to see the pretense that he is running a court and proceeding according to common law. This is a little too sanctimonious a fraud to meet my old-fashioned ideas. Harlan Fiske Stone

The handful of Nazis prosecuted at the Nuremburg show trials represent a very tiny percentage of the guilty. A few prominent Nazi leaders are executed and a few are sentenced to lengthy jail terms but most are released after serving only parts of their sentences on the orders of Rockefeller front man and Nazi lawyer John McCloy. Nuremberg serves the useful purpose of creating the illusion that the bad guys have been found and punished so that the big time villains can get on with the unfinished business of the Hitler Project.

There are thousands of individuals responsible for the nightmare of Nazism who never appear at Nuremburg. Among these are the thousands of murderers, concentration camp experimenters, torturers and war criminals being spirited away to work for the U.S. government and its South American dictatorships by Allen Dulles and Heinz "Henry" Kissinger.

Also absent from the dock at Nuremburg, since this show is only for "European" war criminals, are the most important players in the Hitler Project including Allen and John Foster Dulles, Averell Harriman, Prescott Bush, John McCloy, William Draper and others. Also absent are the those who financed and armed Hitler before and throughout World War Two including the executives and owners of General Motors, Ford, Alcoa, Standard Oil, Texaco, Dupont, IT&T and many other American corporations. Those in the American eugenics movement who provided the inspiration and financing for the Nazi's "master race" delusion, are likewise missing.

I had no reason to be anti-Semitic until someone made me read the American book, The International Jew, (by Henry Ford) at the impressionable age of seventeen. You have no idea what a great influence this book had on the thinking of German youth. Baldur von Schirach, Hitler Youth Leader, convicted at Nuremberg

Happily acquitted at Nuremberg is Hjalmar Schacht, head of the Reichsbank and one of the Dulles brothers closest co-conspirators in setting up the financing of the Third Reich. Gustav Krupp is excused from the travails of Nuremberg on the grounds of ill health.

Sixteen Nazi physicians are convicted of conducting inhuman experiments. Needless to say, luminaries such Joseph Mengele and Erich Traub can't make it to Nuremberg to stand trial because they are busy working for the government of the United States. The defense offered by some of the medical accused at Nuremberg, that they were simply doing exactly what American experimenters had done to black and mentally handicapped people in the U.S. in the preceding few years, is conveniently ignored and seven are sentenced to death.

In 1949, Nazi shyster and Rockefeller front man John M. McCloy, in his position as Military Governor of the U.S. Zone in Germany, will get busy pardoning and commuting the sentences of his erstwhile clients and friends including Nazi industrialists Alfried Krupp and Friedrich Flick. McCloy will drastically reduce the sentences of seventy-four of one hundred and four defendants and commute the death sentences of ten others. German co-conspirators of the Rockefellers and the Dulles brothers in IG Farben are released after only a few years of soft time thanks to the intervention of their good friend, Nazi shyster Allen Dulles.

In the end, probably the only honest thing to come out of the Nuremberg farce was, ironically, the statement by one of the defendants, Hermann Goering:

Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don’t want war, neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter, in Germany. That is understood.

But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship or a parliament or a communist dictatorship.
Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy.

All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.
Hermann Goering

1945: UNITED STATES. The U.S. government's Manhattan Project arranges for the injection of plutonium and uranium into patients at Billings Hospital at the University of Chicago, at the University of California Hospital in San Francisco and at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York. Only one of the approximately twenty victims gives even uninformed consent and most have no idea at all that they are being injected with plutonium or uranium. A follow up experiment in 1973 on some of the survivors will be conducted without informed consent and the victims will not even be told that they had been injected with plutonium in 1945. None of the experimenters will be put on trial at Nuremberg.

In 1996, Clinton regime Energy Secretary Hazel O’Leary, in announcing a settlement of $4.8 million to be paid to the families of twelve of the victims, will explore the heights of hypocrisy when she says that the U.S. government is "grateful" to the victims for "the tough lessons they have taught us about trust, responsibility, and accountability between the government and the people." Bullshit worthy of conspicuous non-combatant, sexual abuser and liar William "Slick Willy" Clinton himself.

ho-chi-minh-viet-nam-japanese-occupation1945-54: VIETNAM. Vietnam had been a French colony before World War Two. During the War, the Vietnamese (led by Ho Chi Minh and backed by the U.S.) had fought tenaciously against the Japanese while the French colonial occupiers of Vietnam collaborated actively with the Japanese. Two million Vietnamese starved to death under French rule while Japanese troops were fed.

After the surrender of Japan, the Vietnamese declare their independence and make Hanoi their capital. They naively hope for U.S. support for democratic rule in Vietnam and, in an even greater show of naivety, base their new constitution on the U.S. Constitution. But Ho and the boys have some silly ideas, for example that the resources of Vietnam should be used for the benefit of the Vietnamese rather than of the Michelin Tire Company and the Rockefellers. Silly Ho. The U.S. quite reasonably allows the French to re-establish colonial rule in the southern part of the country and to set up a puppet dictatorship with Bao Dai as "emperor".

MEXICO: 1945. At a conference in Chapultepec, Mexico, the U.S. calls for an "Economic Charter of the Americas" designed to eliminate what it calls "the scourge of economic nationalism in all its forms." The proposed charter would crush "the philosophy of the New Nationalism (which) embraces policies designed to bring about a broader distribution of wealth and to raise the standard of living of the masses." Lord knows, we can't be havin' none of that.

A State Department political adviser explains to reporters the utterly insane idea of the Latin Americans who "are convinced that the first beneficiaries of the development of a country's resources should be the people of that country." Where do they get these ideas?

1945-47: UNITED STATES. Ooops! In his capacity with U.S. intelligence, Nazi shyster Allen Dulles "loses" the Nazi Party records of Karl Blessing, former Reichsbank officer and head of the Nazi oil cartel, Kontinentale AG. By amazing coincicence, Kontinentale is in partnership with Dulles's principal Nazi client, I.G. Farben, which is in partnership with the Rockefellers' Standard Oil. Like the Standard-Farben cartel, Kontinentale used slave labor during World War Two and was responsible for countless crimes against humanity.

allen-dulles-oss-cia-bern-opeeration-paperclip-nazi-war-criminalDulles not only "loses" Blessing's party records but plants a false non-Nazi biography of Blessing in the always cooperative "liberal" and, coincidentally, Jewish-owned, New York Times. Dulles personally vouches for Blessing as a staunch anti-Nazi in order to protect oil interests in the Middle East.

Richard-tricky-dick-nixon-navy-dulles-blessing-kontinentaleDulles' coverup of Blessing's Nazi past would be a complete success but for the fact that U.S. Naval Intelligence turns up additional records on Blessing and Kontinentale AG. And who should be assigned to review the records but a young naval officer, one Lieutenant Commander Richard Milhous Nixon? Allen Dulles makes a deal with the notoriously honest Nixon to make the Navy files on Blessing disappear. A grateful Dulles then arranges for lots of cash for Nixon's first Congressional election campaign and a fully compromised "Tricky Dick" Nixon, beholden to Allen Dulles and the boys, is unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

1945-1960s: CHINA. A revolution in China, led by Mao Tse Tung, has enormous popular support. The revolutionary Red Army which had fought against the Japanese occupying China now begins a campaign to oust the corrupt military dictatorship of Chiang Kai-shek which is filled with officials who had collaborated with the Japanese. The U.S. State Department's own White Paper on China admits that Chiang Kai-shek has little support but, in an attempt to keep their fascist boy Chiang in power, the U.S. provides $2 billion to the dictatorship between 1945 and 1949.

marines-land-china-chiang-maoWhile the ruins of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still cooling down, the U.S. teams up with the Japanese to fight the Chinese Red Army. The U.S. invades China with fifty thousand marines and fifty thousand other troops and "advisers" to prop up the Chiang dictatorship. There are numerous reports of atrocities committed by American forces. American planes are placed at Chiang's disposal to carry the dictatorship's troops.

By the beginning of 1949, Mao Tse Tsung's forces have captured Peking and the war is over. Chiang flees to the offshore island of Taiwan and establishes a vicious fascist dictatorship there, maintained in power by the U.S. The people of Taiwan will soon be slaving away in sweatshops for American corporations. Thousands of Chiang's troops take refuge in northern Burma, where the CIA merges them with recruits from elsewhere in Asia and arms and trains them for terrorist raids into China, often personally directed by CIA "advisers".

king-idris-senoussi-dictator-libya1945-69: LIBYA. More than a million Libyans are killed opposing the Fascist Italian colonizers of Libya. At the end of World War Two, as the Italians are driven from North Africa, the U.S. installs the Senoussi family dictatorship under King Idris. A grateful Idris permits the U.S. to construct massive military bases in Libya. When large reserves of oil are discovered, the Senoussi family is only too happy to let the multinational oil companies steal the majority of the wealth while, in the usual arrangement, the dictatorship and its cronies are permitted to steal a smaller amount as their payoff. As always, the vast majority of the population endures hopeless poverty.

1945-75: UNITED STATES. The Stasi, sorry the FBI, organizes a massive and illegal spying program on United States Supreme Court justices which lasts at least until 1975. As files uncovered later will reveal, at least twelve justices are spied on including Earl Warren, William Douglas and Felix Frankfurter. Decades later, some twenty thousand pages of files, including illegal wiretap transcripts will be released. Many more pages are still being withheld from release in the always convenient interests "of national defense or foreign policy".

Aside from the illegality of the spying and wiretapping, the accumulated files put the justices at grave risk of blackmail and coercion by J. Edna Hoover and others, which may well have been the whole idea. At this point, there is no way to determine how many Supreme Court decisions may have been made under duress or what effect the files may have had on Earl Warren's less than sparkling performance on the Warren Commission.

1945-ongoing: UNITED STATES. After World War Two ends, the Nazi shell game set up by the Dulles brothers' works exactly as designed. German assets owned by Nazis via "neutral" Dutch banks are reclaimed. In 1951, Hitler Project functionary Prescott Bush gets his Union Bank shares back from the U.S. Government. They had been seized in 1942 under the Trading With The Enemy Act. Bush and his father-in-law, Nazi front man George Herbert Walker, each end up with Union Bank shares worth about $1.5 million for their efforts on behalf of the Reich, a nice chunk of change in 1951.

But the the big bucks in the Nazi front Union Bank go to the Rockefellers via their "trustee" Roland "Bunny" Harriman. The U.S. Government hands over almost four thousand shares, worth about three billion dollars in 1951.

lindbergh-charles-stamp-darien-restrictive-covenant1945: UNITED STATES. Even with old Adolf stymied, American icon Charles Lindbergh remains convinced that ze master race must rule ze world. In a speech to Washington's Aero Club on December 17th, he proposes his own alternative to the United Nations. It will be a worldwide organization possessing overwhelming military might and guided by, in what seems like a bit of a contradiction, "Christian" ethical principles. It will, of course, be controlled by certified honkies. Obviously, all races are not equal in ability, Lindbergh tells his rapt audience. The world must be governed by "westerners" who have developed modern science, aviation and the unparalleled blessings of the atomic bomb. Just to show he's a lovin' guy, Lindbergh condemns the war crimes trials at Nuremberg for their spirit of "vengeance" against the Nazis.

After the war, Lindbergh moves to Darien, Connecticut, a racially pure enclave in the world's greatest democracy which uses defacto real estate covenants to bar Jews and blacks from owning homes. It is not known if the the inferior races are allowed to enter this Valhalla of old fascist flyers in order to cut the grass and clean the pools.

1945-ongoing: UNITED STATES. Adolf Hitler's top biological warfare expert, Rockefeller-trained Herr Doktor Erich Traub, doesn't have time to make it to Nuremberg to stand trial for crimes against humanity. He's too busy carrying on ze good fight at his cozy new home at the U.S. Naval Medical Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland where he conducts experiments to determine the lethal doses of more than forty strains of highly contagious viruses for his new masters. For purely defensive purposes you understand.