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1943-1944: GM Builds Jet Engines For The Nazis, Apartheid In The Workplace, Beating Up Hispanics And The Hitler Project, Plan B

Messerschmitt-me262-general-motors-jet-engine-nazi-germany-GM-logo-swastika-opel1943: GERMANY. Nazi armaments maker General Motors tools up its Opel weapons plant in Russelsheim, Germany to produce jet engines and landing gear for the Nazis' revolutionary jet fighter/bomber, the Messerschmit ME 262, the world's first jet aircraft. One of the major factors limiting the impact of the startlingly advanced ME 262 is repeated failures of the GM-designed and built landing gear. Had the ME 262 become operational on a wider scale a little earlier than it did, it would have given Germany unquestioned air superiority and may well have altered the outcome of World War Two. Sometimes, lousy quality control at General Motors is a good thing.

detroit-race-riot-1943-racism1943: UNITED STATES. In spite of the Fair Employment Practices Commission (FEPC), racial discrimination is still endemic throughout U.S. industry. Southern blacks, moving north to fill jobs created by a labor shortage in the war industries, find that only the most menial, unskilled jobs are open to them and, sometimes, not even those.

This exacerbates racial tension in Detroit which explodes one day in Belle Isle Park and spreads to downtown with looting, cars being overturned and burned, and attacks on individuals. White mobs form and attack black neighborhoods and drag blacks from cars and streetcars in order to beat them.

detroit-1943-race-riot-black-man-white-mob-racismPolice are clearly on the side of white rioters and do little to prevent attacks on blacks, preferring to beat, shoot and arrest blacks. Police use machine guns and tear gas against blacks but not against whites. Seventeen blacks are shot to death by police, no whites are.

Eventually, four thousand federal troops are sent in with armored cars to restore order. Thirty four people are dead, twenty five of them black. Amost seven hundred are injured. Almost seven hundred people are injured and two thousand arrested, most of them black.

1943: UNITED STATES. Black workers at shipyards receiving federal contracts in Mobile, Alabama are violently attacked by white workers. Twenty thousand whites walk off the job in wartime to protest the promotion of twelve black workers to welders. The Fair Employment Practices Commission backs down from an order to hire and promote blacks and whites equally and, instead, approves a formalized system of apartheid in American shipyards

1943: SWITZERLAND. Ford and General Motors are both discovered to be repairing Nazi military vehicles in Switzerland. Nice to know they stand behind their products.

Dachau-nazi-cold-water-experiment-cincinatti1943: UNITED STATES. A medical experiment is performed on sixteen mentally disabled people in which they are held in refrigerated cabinets below freezing temperature for one hundred and twenty hours. The experiment is performed at Dachau Concentration Camp. No, sorry, got confused there for a minute. It's performed at the University of Cincinnati Hospital.

christian-front-boston-anti-semitic-jewish-hate1943: UNITED STATES. Bands of Irish Catholic youths, incited by the deceptively-named Christian Front led by a minister of the Christian religion, wage a campaign of terror against Jews in Boston for more than a year. The thugs go "Jew hunting", beating Jews on the streets, sometimes using brass knuckles. They vandalize Jewish homes and businesses and desecrate synagogues.

Neither Boston police nor the resident representatives of the Pope and the Lord God Almighty make any serious efforts to stop the violence. Jewish victims who go to the police are often beaten again by the police themselves. Throughout much of World War Two, the "Christian" Front freely distributes anti-Semitic hate literature in Boston.

Jim-crow-segregation-fepc-black-discrimination-employment1943: UNITED STATES. Racism is endemic in Beaumont, Texas where black workers are systematically discriminated against in the local shipyards. The local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan is on the verge of holding a convention which is expected to draw up to twenty thousand KKK members to Beaumont from across the South. Two weeks prior to the KKK convention, a white woman makes the classic accusation of rape against a black man. A mob of almost four thousand people surrounds City Hall where the accused man is being held. The mob then splits into groups and, armed with guns, hammers and axes, begins attacking black residents of Beaumont and vandalizing and looting black owned businesses and homes.

The Texas National Guard is called in and martial law is declared and maintained for five days. Roadblocks are established to prevent whites in the surrounding area joining the pogrom. At least four people are killed and more than two hundred arrested.

los+angeles-zoot-suit-riot-19431943: UNITED STATES. A group of white sailors on leave in Los Angeles clashes with young Hispanic men. One of the sailors is injured. Thousands of sailors then roam Los Angeles streets attacking young Hispanics, identified by their "zoot suits". Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are dragged from theaters and streetcars and severely beaten. Inevitably, the police arrest hundreds of the zoot suiters for "disturbing the peace". In the interests of racial equality, the sailors also attack blacks and Filipinos. A total of nine sailors is arrested. Eight are released and one is given a token fine.

zoot-suit-riot-los-angelesThe local mass media do their usual bit by blaming the violence on the victims and praising the racist attacks, saying that the mass assaults are having a "cleansing effect" and will help rid Los Angeles of "hoodlums". The violence ends only when military authorities finally intervene, declaring Los Angeles off limits to all military personnel.

bari-italy-john-harvey-mustard-gas-coverup1943: ITALY. Luftwaffe JU88 bombers, with engines provided courtesy of General Motors, attack Allied merchant ships in the harbor at Bari, Italy. An American ship, the John Harvey, explodes. Unknown to all but a small number of her officers and crew, she is carrying more than five hundred tons of mustard gas which is released over the town of Bari, killing hundreds of residents and horrifically injuring hundreds more. More than three hundred sailors and soldiers are injured, of whom almost a hundred will die. The incident will be covered up in the usual way for decades.

tiburcio-carias-andino-dictator-honduras1943: HONDURAS. In its ceaseless efforts to bring liberty to the world and to promote freedom of the press, the United States, through its ambassador to Honduras, threatens the editor of the newspaper El Cronista because the paper is running items critical of the U.S. puppet dictator of Honduras, Tiburcio Carias Andino. Shortly after the warning from the American amabassor, the newspaper is shut down by the Honduran dictatorship.

1943: NAZI GERMANY/UNITED STATES. The Economic Warfare Section of the U.S. Department of Justice issues a report by Harold J. Carter which refers to International Business Machines (IBM) as an "international monster..." and "in a class with Nazis..."

The report deals with IBM's war against competition and against the American people, not to mention European Jews who are being rounded up for extermination with IBM technology.

This (World War) is a conflict of warlike nationalistic states, each having certain interests. Yet, we frequently find these interests clashing diametrically with the opposing interests of international corporate structures, more huge and powerful than nations. These corporate entities are manned not by staffs of citizens of any nation, but by citizens of the world looking solely to the corporate interest and pledging loyalty thereto. We see revealed (in) this clash, this dichotomy of culture between our nation and an international corporation whose interests do not coincide... Report of Harold J. Carter, Economic Warfare Section, U.S. Department of Justice, 1943
The report details how IBM took the inventions of a U.S. government employee, Dr. Hermann Hollerith, inventions which were aguably in the public domain, and cloaked them in countless patents in order to destroy competition by limiting supply and controlling price.

1943: CORSICA. The island of Corsica manages to get through four years of war without being bombed until one fateful day in 1943. As the Nazis begin evacuating their occupation troops from the town of Bastia, Corsican partisans engage them in battle. When the last German has been killed or driven out and Bastia is in the hands of the resistance, the U.S. bombs the town causing significant damage and killing an unknown number of civilians.

Stalingrad_battle_for_the_factory1943-ongoing: UNITED STATES. After twenty years of devoted work by Averell Harriman, Allen Dulles, John Foster Dulles, Prescott Bush and the rest of the Hitler Project team to make the world safe (and profitable) for Nazism and Standard Oil, their boy Adolf, having already failed to invade Britain, is brought grinding to a halt in Leningrad and Stalingrad. By 1943, it has become obvious that the Nazis are not going to be able to defeat the Soviet Union, occupy the country, exterminate half the population, reduce the survivors to slave laborers and then preside over the theft of Soviet oil, gas, manganese, titanium and other resources by the usual gang of suspects. Damn.

stalingrad-hitler-project-stoppedAnd if the Nazi military machine cannot defeat the Soviet Union, the main raison d'être of the Hitler Project, to put half of the world under the Nazi jackboot for the greater profit of the Rockefellers, Fords, Duponts, Mellons, Morgans and their clubmates by direct military force, just ain't gonna happen. Time for Plan B: snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

Rockefeller minion and Nazi shyster cum OSS agent Allen Dulles does his bit in Berne, Switzerland setting up the escape routes by which about ten thousand top Nazi mass murderers and war criminals will evade prosecution to live and fight another day on behalf of the ruling class. Meanwhile, the folks back home are busy working on the key element of Plan B, mind control. The Rockefellers and the boys form yet another of America's endless legion of fascist "think tanks" and propaganda mills, the American Enterprise Insitute (AEI).

The AEI is based on the American Enterprise Association (AEA), formed a few years earlier in New York by the president of the cancerous Johns Manville corporation, Lewis H. Brown. In a land teeming with murderous corporate bastards, Lewis stands out as a particularly psychopathic specimen.

According to its own propaganda, the AEI is a "private, nonpartisan, not-for-profit institution dedicated to research and education on issues of government, politics, economics, and social welfare". The same propaganda claims that the AEI is "dedicated to preserving and strengthening the foundations of freedom—-limited government, private enterprise, vital cultural and political institutions, and a strong foreign policy and national defense," Well, ain't that just swell? In reality, of course, the AEI is a major propaganda and thought control arm of the ruling clas dedicated to advancing the financial interests, racist agenda and social and political control of the ruling class in the United States and around the world.

The money to finance the AEI's agenda comes, it would seem, from the usual suspects but, in reality, a very large proportion of it is picked from the pockets of those select Americans who actually pay taxes since the donations to the AEI are tax deductible.

Over the next sixty years, AEI "fellows" will infect American government, academia and the media, flooding all channels of communication with the AEI's neofascist, racist philosophy.

george-bailout-bush-naval-pilot1944: PACIFIC OCEAN. President-to-be George H.W. Bush, for whom countless strings have been pulled to improperly secure him a spot as a U.S. Navy aviator, pioneers the use of pilotless aircraft and earns his nickname "Bailout" when he parachutes safely from his U.S. Navy bomber leaving his two crew members to crash into the Pacific Ocean.

george-barbara-bush-wedding1944-46: UNITED STATES. Bailout Bush's war is, mercifully for American bomber crews, a short one. By Christmas Eve 1944, he is safely back in the bosom of the ruling class. As working class conscripts fight and die in Europe and the Pacific, Bailout is enjoying a round of glamorous pre-nuptial events in Connecticut. As the blood flows, Bailout and his new wife, Barbara, are the stars of a glamorous reception for three hundred at a swank country club.

The newlyweds honeymoon at The Cloisters, a five-star hotel on Sea Island, Georgia, with swimming, tennis and golf. In the fall, Bailout and Barbara move to New Haven and Bush enters Yale University, whether on his own merits or as the beneficiary of a "heritage" admission, by which the children of "old boys" and large cash donors are admitted in spite of their dismal academic records and low levels of ability, is not known.

It couldn't have done any harm that Bailout's daddy, Nazi financier Prescott Bush was a Yale trustee in charge of "developmental" fundraising for the university. The happy couple live across the street from Yale President Charles Seymour. Bush benefits from a special arrangement for veterans, by which Yale allows him to obtain a degree after attending classes for only two and a half years. How Bush did academically at Yale, we will never know. In the always paramount interests of national security, or maybe just because we're not supposed to know how poorly he did, Bush's academic records are top secret.

1944: UNITED STATES. There having been a few minor glitches in the Hitler Project, such as Britain and the Soviet Union remaining undefeated, the ruling class decides to go about installing the New World Order in another way. At Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, the stage is set for achieving the dream of unlimited access to the world's oil and minerals, markets and cheap or slave labor without the help of old Adolf

Of course there will still be invasions, occupations, blitzkriegs, puppet dictatorships, mass murder, torture and genocide, to be carried out by the CIA and the Pentagon, but powerful new weapons are invented at Bretton Woods; the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Completely controlled by the United States, the World Bank and the IMF, will become the front line weapons in the war against the majority of the world's population by the U.S. ruling class, controlling them through debt and maintaining the vast majority of the world in hopeless poverty while their resources, land, markets and labor are stolen for the further profit of the ruling class.

At the Bretton Woods Conference, the British representative, noted economist John Maynard Keynes, who clearly did not understand the real agenda, proposes a tax on creditor nations designed to prevent the poorest nations from falling into perpetual debt. Britain is warned by the U.S. that, if it persists in such absurd ideas, its desperately needed war loans will be cut off.

The World Bank and the IMF are duly established and proceed to rape and pillage the developing world on behalf of the U.S. ruling class. World Bank-sponsored development projects, such as pipelines and dams, destroy local culture and environment while providing infrastructure free of charge for the further profit of American-based multinational corporations. IMF mandated financial measures force the abandonment of health, education and social programs and allow public assets such as water systems to be be acquired by American-based multinationals for a fraction of their true worth.

The net effect of all this is that, contrary to the carefully nurtured myth, developing nations have transferred far more wealth to the United States than the U.S. has transferred to developing nations. And that, of course, is the whole idea.

Nothing illustrates the fraudulent nature of the World Bank so much as the individuals who are appointed by the United States to lead this touchy feely "development" organization. Among these luminaries are Rockefeller proxy, Nazi financier and concentration camp maven John J. McCloy, mass murderer and war criminal Robert McNamara and mass murderer and war criminal Paul Wolfowitz.

philadelphia-transit-strike-apartheid-discrimination1944: UNITED STATES. White streetcar workers in Philadelphia strike to protest the promotion of black employees to the positions of motormen and conductors after the company is ordered to do so by the Fair Employment Practices Commission. The strike completely shuts down the city's streetcar system and prevents almost three quarters of Philadelphia's workers from getting to their jobs in local industries which provide essential war materials to both the United States and to Nazi Germany, via the local SKF bearing plant. Franklin Roosevelt orders the U.S. Army to take over the transit system and the strike collapses.

d-day-landing1944: FRANCE. As U.S. troops go ashore on D Day alongside British and Commonwealth troops, little do they know that the airplanes bombing and machine gunning them have been built by fine, upstanding American corporations such as Ford, IT&T and Alcoa. Little do they know that the armored vehicles attacking them are made by General Motors and Chrysler. Assuredly, they will never be told that the communication system the Nazis are using to coordinate the attacks against them has been provided by the all-American patriots at IT&T. As they move into Germany and liberate concentration camps, little will they suspect that many are operated by a partnership of IG Farben and the Rockefellers' Standard Oil and that the inmates have been rounded up using information technology provided by IBM.

The newspapers they will read every day after the war will never tell them that the fuel which powered the Nazi planes and armored vehicles had been provided by a consortium of IG Farben and America's first family, the Rockefellers. They will never learn that the great evil they are fighting was, for all practical purposes, created, armed, put in place and set loose first on Germany and then on the rest of the world by the wealthy and powerful of their own country.

jorge-ubico-guatemala-dictator-united-fruit-rockefeller1944: GUATEMALA. The U.S.-supported dictatorship of General Jorge Ubico is finally overthrown. Ubico is a puppet of United Fruit who had sold Guatemala out to the Rockefellers. Thanks to Ubico's efforts, the Rockefellers now claim ownership of forty percent of the best farmland in Guatemala as well as the railroad network and the electrical and telegraph systems and they control the country's only port.

private-eddie-slovik1944-1945: FRANCE. U.S. Army Private Eddie Slovik asks to be reassigned from the front lines to the rear and is refused. He deserts and then voluntarily surrenders stating that he will run away again if sent into combat. He is court martialed, convicted of desertion and sentenced to death. He is executed by firing squad.

In America, providing arms, fuel and finance to the Nazis and even spying for them gets you medals, high government positions and a spot in Arlington National Cemetery. Refusing to kill people gets you executed. It's a funny old world.

It-and-t-international-telephone-and-telegraph-nazi-sosthenes-behn1944: GERMANY. Speaking of which, on the day Paris is liberated, registered Nazi spy Sosthenes Behn, head of America's International Telephone and Telegraph (IT&T) which has supplied war materials including war planes and vital communications systems to the Nazis throughout World War Two, drives down the Champs-Elysees resplendent in his uniform as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Unites States Army.

Like many other treasonous Americans who are Nazi spies, weapons suppliers and members of the Hitler Project team, Behn has been miraculously reinvented as a patriotic American and has been appointed "special communications expert for the Army of Occupation."

Behn's right-hand man in Europe is Kenneth Stockton, who had served as joint chairman of IT&T's Nazi German operations alongside staunch Nazi Gerhard Westrick throughout the war. For his new role, Nazi weapons supplier Stockton is nicely togged out in the uniform of a three-star brigadier general.

Of course, Behn uses his position with the U.S. Army to ensure that none of the IT&T employees in Europe who had so diligently supplied the Nazi war machine with communications systems, warplanes and munitions, will suffer any inconvience for their stellar work on behalf of the Nazis. When Germany falls, Behn will commandeer U.S. Army vehicles, urgently needed for military purposes, to remove machinery from IT&T factories and aircraft plants in what will become the Soviet zone and move them into the American zone.

thomas-mckittrick-bis-bank-international-settlement-nazi-gold1944: SWITZERLAND. As young Americans are dying on Italian beachheads, Thomas Harrington McKittrick, the American president of the Nazi-controlled Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, arrives to preside over BIS's fourth annual meeting. Thirteen of the bank's seventeen directors are controlled by the Axis powers and one is Walther Funk, the Third Reich's Minister of Economics. With his German, Japanese, Italian, British and American staff, McKittrick will discuss the almost four hundred million dollars in gold which the IBS is holding for the use of Nazi leaders after the war ends, gold which has been looted from the national banks of Austria, Holland, Belgium and Czechoslovakia and melted down from the dental fillings and jewellery of murdered Jews.
The policy of the bank can only be to remain entirely outside all matters of politics. Thomas Harrington McKittrick
1944: UNITED STATES. As part of the Manhattan Project, researchers inject 4.7 micrograms of plutonium into U.S. Army soldiers at the Oak Ridge nuclear weapons facility near Knoxville, Tennessee.

1944: UNITED STATES. Postal officials in the land of the free force the removal of Voltaire’s Candide from a catalog of books for sale. Well, at least they didn't burn it.

Maximiliano-Hernandez-Martinez-dictator-el-salvador1944: EL SALVADOR. The U.S. supported and maintained dictator and mass murderer Maximiliano Hernández Martínez, is finally toppled. When the interim government is overthrown five months later in a coup carried out by the Martinez's former chief of police, the U.S., in the interests of fostering democracy around the world, immediately recognizes the new dictatorship.

1944: UNITED STATES. The U.S. Navy uses human beings to test gas masks and clothing by locking them into a gas chamber and exposing them to mustard gas and lewisite.

1944: EUROPE: The same group of American fascists who had financed, armed and installed Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, including Allen Dulles, Whitney Shephardson, John Foster Dulles, William Draper, John J. McCloy and Averell Harriman, develops a scheme to purge the wartime and postwar U.S. intelligence services and postwar German occupation authority of anti-Nazis. Within days of the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, large numbers of European-based Office of Strategic Services (OSS) officers, including the entire command structure of the Italian OSS theater, is summarily fired.

De-classified OSS documents will later reveal that a meeting had taken place in the south of France, between Allen Dulles, Shephardson and others, to draft the purge list of anti-Nazis, prior to Roosevelt's death. Later, the same anti-Nazis will be blackballed from ever serving in U.S. intelligence, and will be the victims of media disinformation campaigns and other dirty tricks. Their crime: their opposition to the Dulles brothers' treason, which which will soon enable leading Nazis including Hjalmar Schacht, Otto Skorzeny, Licio Gelli, Klaus Barbie and countless others to escape prosecution for war crimes and to carry on their good work on behalf of the U.S. ruling class and its client dictatorships.

1944-1946: UNITED STATES. On behalf of the U.S. military, Dr. Alf Alving of the Rockefeller-funded University of Chicago Medical School, infects four hundred prisoners at the Stateville Penitentiary with malaria and then experiments with various cures on them. Nazi defendants at the Nuremburg trials will cite Alving's experiments on prisoners as being ethically identical to their own experiments on concentration camp inmates.

1944: UNITED STATES. On Franklin Roosevelt's death, Vice-president Harry S. Truman assumes the presidency. As with so many American politicians, the FBI has illegally created a massive secret file on Truman and he is vulnerable to pressure and blackmail. As Hoover well knew, Truman had risen to the Senate and ultimately to the presidency thanks to the machinations of Missouri political boss Tom Pendergast who used his connections to the Mafia to enforce his rule.

william-stephenson-intrepid-bsc-british-security-coordination-dulles-treason1944: UNITED STATES. Within a month of Franklin Roosevelt's death, British Security Coordination (BSC) under William Stevenson (Intrepid), which had run a highly successful covert war against the Nazis and the American corporations which had financed and armed them since 1939, is summarily evicted from the U.S. Perhaps not coincidentally, BSC was also active in collecting information on the treason of such luminaries as Allen Dulles.

american-troops-with-italian-civilians-italy1944-48: ITALY. Prior to the end of World War II, as the Allies advance northwards through Italy, they simply return to power the local fascists who had supported Mussolini. However, in northern Italy, a strong resistance to the German occupation which followed the Italian surrender has developed. When Allied troops arrive, the economy is functioning in the hands of the workers who have liberated the area from the Germans. However, the U.S. says the workers are operating industry "inefficiently", by hiring too many workers; people who would otherwise starve. We can't be havin' none of that so the U.S. begins a program to restore the fascists to power in the north as it had already done in the south.

In 1947, at its first meeting, the Nazi Security Council, oops sorry, the National Security Council, well aware that the Italian workers party will win upcoming elections hands down, decides to withhold U.S. food aid and exert all possible pressure to ensure that the fascists will win. In the Council's first report, NSC1, it lays out the course of action the U.S. will take if democracy is allowed to function in Italy and the workers do win the election. The U.S. will declare a national emergency, the U.S. 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean will be put on alert and the U.S. will arm and finance fascist paramilitaries to overthrow the democratically-elected government of Italy.

Sure is wonderful to have have freedom and democracy restored by the forces of good, ain't it?