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1913-1914: Destroying Democracy in Mexico and the Federal Reserve Scam

New+York+Slum1913: UNITED STATES. As the robber barons get richer and richer, nearly half the working population of the U.S. works long hours in appalling conditions, going home to filthy slums at night. A massive wave of strikes begins and American socialists demand the overthrow of capitalism. In Ohio, company guards gun down workers. Members of the Industrial Workers of the World are lynched and others jailed. Among the leading voices speaking out against the cruel exploitation of American workers is Helen Keller, although reading the santitized and censored version of her life marketed to Americans today, you would never know it.

Henry+Lane+Wilson1913: MEXICO. The U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Henry Lane Wilson, a corporate lawyer and close associate of the Rockefellers and Guggenheims, orchestrates a vitriolic propaganda campaign and the destabilization, overthrow and murder of the first democratically-elected President of Mexico, Francisco Madero.

In the U.S., the propaganda campaign against Madero is led by racist warmonger, yellow media baron and Nazi propagandist-to-be William Randolph Hearst, who had acquired seven million acres of land stolen from murdered Mexican peasants thanks to the U.S.-supported Diaz dictatorship. Under Madero, the seven million acres "owned" by Hearst would have eventually been returned to its rightful owners. In Mexico, the hate campaign is led by the fabulously named newspaper, El Imparcial, owned by, you only have one guess.....the Rockefellers.

Madero had won the Mexican Revolution, deposing the U.S. and British-supported dictator, Porfirio Diaz. Diaz had ruled brutally for thirty years and sold the country out to foreign interests, primarily American and British, while being allowed to steal a fortune for himself, his relatives and his cronies. His regime committed genocide on a grand scale, enslaved millions and stole hundreds of millions of acres of land from the native people, giving rise to the Revolution.

Francisco+Madero+MexicoFrancisco Madero won the first democratic election in Mexican history after he ousted Diaz. Madero was, from the point of view of the U.S. ruling class, that most dangerous of all God's creatures, a believer in genuine democracy who implemented a wide range of democratic reforms including true freedom of speech, true freedom of the press and genuine democratic elections.

Aside from taking the radical and dangerous step of implementing real democracy within shouting distance of the United States, which might give the huddled masses in the U.S. some naughty ideas, Madero’s greatest crime was imposing a three centavo (one and a half cent) per barrel tax on oil exports from Mexico, largely by Standard Oil (Exxon-Mobil) and the Texas Oil Company (Texaco), which infuriated the billionaire Rockefellers and their clubmates in the U.S. ruling class.

After Madero’s kidnapping, his wife pleads with Ambassador Wilson to spare her husband’s life. Wilson, who is in the midst of a party at the U.S. Embassy celebrating freedom, liberty and demockracy on the birthday of slaveowner, land speculator, mass murderer and ethnic cleanser, George Washington, refuses, exploring the heights of hypocrisy by saying it “would be improper” for him to intervene “in Mexico’s internal affairs.”

Zocalo+Overthrow+of+Francisco+Madero+MexicoAfter Madero’s cold-blooded murder and the torture and murder of his brother, Gustavo, the installation and recognition of the brutal Huerta dictatorship and its death squads is orchestrated by Ambassador Wilson. Thousands of Mexicans loyal to Madero are slaughtered in the coup which deprives Mexico of the only democratic government it has ever had, plunges the country back into revolution, and leads directly to the wholesale destruction of the country and the deaths of almost two million people, about one eighth of the entire Mexican population.

1913: UNITED STATES. The Pennsylvania House of Representatives records that just under a hundred and fifty children have been inoculated with syphilis in the state, "through the courtesy of the various hospitals". It is further recorded that fifteen children at St. Vincent's House in Philadelphia have had the infective agent for tuberculosis put in their eyes. Several of the children are permanently blinded. No charges are laid.

1913-ongoing: UNITED STATES. John D. Rockefeller decides to repackage his ruthless self as a great philanthropist and sets up a host of "charities", the best known being the Rockefeller Foundation. Aside from being a clever bit of propaganda, the tax-exempt foundations provide a way of multiplying the Rockefeller fortune completely free of taxation and then using the vast amounts of cash generated, at the taxpayers' expense, to control to a very great extent the direction and focus of science, education, politics, medicine, economics, law, mass media and a thousand other things in the United States and around the world so that everything comes out right, just the way old J.D. would have wanted it. And so it has come to pass.

Aldrich+Nelson1913-present: UNITED STATES. That secret meeting but not a conspiracy of bankers and Senator Nelson Aldrich on Jekyll Island in 1910 bears fruit when the so-called U.S. Federal Reserve Board is formed. The first act to establish the Federal Reserve is drafted by international banker Paul Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb and sponsored by Aldrich, maternal grandfather of Nelson and David Rockefeller.

The Aldrich act is voted down but, just before Christmas 1913, when most Congressmen are conveniently absent, the Owens-Glass Bill is quickly passed, establishing the privately owned company which operates under the deceptive name of the Federal Reserve.

A very nice, multi-trillion dollar Hanukkah and Christmas present for the boys in the back room. The bill is duly signed by Woodrow "Making The World Safe for Bankers" Wilson who had agreed to do so prior to his election in return for massive campaign contributions from the boys.

Contrary to a carefully cultivated popular misconception, the “Fed” is not an agency of the U.S. federal government but is a privately owned company owned entirely by major commercial banking interests largely controlled by a few ultra wealthy families, the usual gang of suspects, in fact.

federal+reserve+masons+all+seeing+eye+pyramidThe identities of the shareholders of the company which creates and controls the American money supply is, as is only reasonable, kept secret from the American public. And, just as reasonably, much of the Fed's financial activity is legally exempt from scutiny or audit by the General Accounting Office (GAO). After all, what right do ordinary Americans have to know anything about the private company which issues all U.S. money and, for all practical purposes, controls the U.S. economy.

Some commentators state that the original shareholders of the Federal Reserve company were the Rothschilds' bank in London, the Lazard Brothers' bank of Paris, the Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, the Warburg Bank of Hamburg, London and Amsterdam, the Lehman Brothers Bank of New York, the Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, the Rockefellers’ Chase Bank of New York and the Goldman, Sachs Bank of New York.

Give me control of the economics of a country
and I care not who makes her laws.
Mayer Amsel Rothschild

The Federal Reserve company "creates" all of the U.S. money supply. In the absence of gold or anything else of any value, trillions of dollars are simply invented out of thin air and deemed to exist although they have no more substance, value or real worth than Monopoly money. Printed currency represents only a very small part of the created money. Most of the invented money exists these days only as magnetic impulses on discs in computers, although we all still have to pay hundreds of billions of dollars in interest to the boys in the back room on it.

The imaginary "money" is lent at relatively low rates of interest by the Federal Reserve company to private banks who then lend the recently-invented "money" at higher rates of interest to governments, companies and individuals and they do it not once, not twice, but up to ten times over with the miracle of so-called fractional reserve banking. Yes, Virginia, they lend out the same non-existent money up to ten times over and charge interest every time they do it. And they rake in interest on every dollar of the invented money forever, decade after decade.

The Federal Reserve company kicks back most of the profit IT makes on the scam to the federal government which creates the useful illusion that everything is kosher but that's just smoke and mirrors. The real profit is made at the level of the banks who get the invented money cheap from the Fed and then lend it out to government, business and consumers ten times over. Not one cent of those billions or trillions is kicked back to anyone other than the people who own the banks.

It is a truly miraculous system and very, very profitable. If private individuals do exactly what the private banks of the "Fed" do, it is called counterfeiting.

In addition to making vast fortunes on the invented money, the Federal Reserve gives the boys in the back room almost complete control over the U.S. economy. By increasing or decreasing the money "supply" the boys can inflate or deflate the value of the invented dollars at will. The long term trend is inflation which basically makes the money earned by ordinary Americans ever more worthless.

If the American people
ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money,

first by inflation
and then by deflation,
the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them

will deprive the people of their property
until their children will wake up homeless

on the continent their fathers conquered.
Thomas Jefferson
Fascist slave owner and genocidal mass murderer
but nobody's fool.

Ludlow+Mine+Massacre+Colorado1914: UNITED STATES. Two companies of National Guardsmen, their pay underwritten by the Rockefellers who own the Colorado Fuel & Iron Corporation, with hired thugs of the Baldwin Felts Detective Agency launch an attack on a miners' tent colony, where one thousand men, women and children live. The Guardsmen pour machine-gun fire into the tents, then set them on fire. Among the twenty dead are eleven children and two women. None of the murderers or those who hired and paid them is punished.

John+D.+Rockefeller+hand+out+dime1914: UNITED STATES. It ain't easy being rich. Billionaire robber baron John D. Rockefeller gets a bit of bad press after the slaughter he paid for in Colorado. He hires propagandist Ivy Lee to spruce up his somewhat tarnished image. Lee comes up with the bright idea of having the murderous old bastard hand out dimes to poor folks lined up at his door.

God gave me my money....
John D Rockefeller

1914: UNITED STATES. With his usual impeccable timing, John D. Rockefeller saves up a few dimes himself so he can acquire the Remington Arms company just in time to make some serious money out of the First World War.

1914-99: PANAMA. The U.S. illegally annexes and occupies the Panama Canal Zone. The Panama Canal will eventually save the the U.S. and multinational corporations and the U.S. military tens of billions of dollars in fuel and time and earns the U.S. government further billions in transit fees.

USS+North+Dakota+in+Panama+CanalThe U.S. maintains no less than fourteen military bases in the occupied canal zone, including the world's largest and most notorious terrorist and torture training facility, the sweetly-named School of the Americas. The Panamanian bases are frequently used as staging points for the destabilization and/or invasion of nations throughout Central America and the Caribbean.

The government of Panama is paid a pittance annually in compensation, about $1.4 million by the 1980s. The U.S. finally relinquishes control of the Canal when it no longer has any strategic importance.

1914: UNITED STATES. Democratic President Woodrow Wilson's regime is a virtual board of directors of the oil, land, timber, banking and railroad interests which had secured his nomination and then bought and paid for his election. His closest advisor, many would say his Col+E.M.+Housepuppet master, is "Colonel" E.M. House, intimately connected with the Texas Oil Company (Texaco). His Secretary of the Treasury is his son-in-law William Gibbs McAdoo, a failed businessman who had been bailed out by the J.P. Morgan interests and who owed old J.P. a favor or two.

federal+reserve+newspaperHeavily backed by the banking robber barons, Wilson had agreed to sign a a bill creating the privately owned Federal Reserve company in exchange for campaign contributions.

Wilson was known for uttering the ludicrous propaganda slogan, “making the world safe for democracy”. In 1907, in a lecture at Columbia University, Wilson had unintentionally defined in advance what the phrase really means when he said, “Since the manufacturer insists on having the world as a market, the flag of his nation must follow him and the doors of nations which are closed against him must be battered down. Concessions obtained by financiers must be safeguarded by ministers of state even if the sovereignty of unwilling nations be outraged in the process.”

When they heard that, the boys in the back room knew that ole Woodrow was just the kind of presidential material they'd been looking for.

Wilson, portrayed in the standard fantasyland version of American history as a “liberal”, launched at least seven unprovoked and illegal invasions of other nations on behalf of the American ruling class for whom he worked, more than any other president in U.S. history including overt fascists such as Ronald "Bloodbath" Reagan and the Bushes.

The great "liberal" Wilson had appealed to black voters by promising them a "New Freedom". He duly received more black votes than any other Democratic candidate in history. But, one of his first acts as President was to order apartheid in work places, rest rooms and lunch rooms throughout the federal government. But, of course, an American president's primary function is to lie to the American people and ole Woodrow was pretty damn good at it.

1914-17: MEXICO. Mexico is the world’s third largest oil producer and the port of Tampico on Mexico’s Caribbean coast is the largest oil port in the world. So that the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil and the Texas Oil Company (Texaco) can continue to extract Mexican oil without payment of royalties and, even more importantly, to ensure that the Mexican Revolution fails, the U.S. scripts and stages what is perhaps the most absurd of the countless pretexts it has staged and manufactured over the years to cloak its unprovoked attacks on other nations on behalf of the U.S. ruling class.

U.S.+forces+preparing+to+invade+veracruz-1914-21A huge fleet of U.S. warships hovers threateningly off the Mexican coast. Sailors from the USS Dolphin, welcomed into the oil port of Tampico on shore leave, illegally enter a restricted area of the port. They are arrested by Mexican security patrols. Mexican officials, mindful of the USS Maine incident in Cuba, no doubt realize that they are being set up, quickly apologize and immediately release the offenders.

Not to be outplayed by mere Mexicans, the American admiral makes the insane demand of a twenty one gun salute to the American flag, knowing perfectly well that national pride will not allow the Mexicans to submit to such humiliation by the U.S.

After the Mexicans inevitably refuse, the U.S. uses the refusal as the pretext to begin the attack on Mexico it had begun planning four months earlier. U.S. battleships launch a full-scale bombardment, not of Tampico where the pretext incident had been staged, but of the port city of Veracruz almost two hundred miles away.

Veracruz+bombing+by+U.SThe United States achieves the dubious distinction of becoming the first country in the world to conduct terror bombing of a defenseless civilian population from airplanes, using Curtiss biplanes operating from Texas.

U.S.+invasion+of+VeracruzInvasion and occupation of Veracruz by U.S. Marines follows. More than four hundred Mexican civilians are murdered by the United States while attempting to repel the invaders with broomsticks, axes and shovels. Many more Mexicans are injured. There are too many corpses for the survivors to bury so they are cremated in the streets with gasoline. Buildings throughout the city of Veracruz are devastated.

Veracruz was very carefully chosen as America's target. While in occupation, the U.S. steals all customs revenue collected in Veracruz, Mexico’s largest commercial port, in order to bring about the downfall of the Huerta dictatorship. Huerta had been installed a year earlier following the murder of democratically-elected President Francisco Madero orchestrated by the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Henry Lane Wilson.

Like the murdered Madero, Huerta made the fatal mistake of proposing a tax on oil exported from Mexico by U.S. oil companies, primarily the Rockefellers' Standard Oil and the Texas Oil Company (Texaco), closely linked to Woodrow Wilson's puppet master, "Colonel" E.M. House.

FrederickFunstonInstalled as dictator of occupied Veracruz is our old friend, mass murderer, crusher of labor strikes and advocate of lynching American citizens for speaking out against war, Frederick Funston, now promoted to the heady rank of general for his murderous efforts on behalf of the ruling class.

By supplying U.S. ruling class favorite Venustiano Carranza with the vast quantities of weapons, ammunition, explosives and poison gas which arrive at Veracruz during the illegal occupation, while maintaining an arms embargo against popular revolutionary leaders Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa, the United States ensures that Carranza's reactionary forces will prevail and that the Mexican Revolution will fail.

As a result, the land and wealth of Mexico remain in the hands of a small number of wealthy white families and of the foreign business interests which had stolen Mexican land and resources with the connivance of the U.S.-supported Diaz dictatorship. Mexico will remain, throughout the twentieth century, a classic U.S.-compliant demockracy, in reality a single party dictatorship of the ruling familes, usually little more than a puppet of the U.S.

At least one U.S. Marine refuses the wear the Medal of Honor (sic) he is awarded for the slaughter of innocent civilians at Veracruz. The leader of the illegal invasion, U.S. Marine Corps Major-General Smedley Butler, later expresses his regret for his actions at Veracruz and in many other parts of the world as a hit man for U.S. corporate, banking and oil interests.

In the American mass media, the policy of the Wilson regime which led to the murderous attacks on Mexico and six other countries and to the deaths of millions on behalf of the U.S. ruling class is blithely referred to as “liberal interventionism”.

1914-34: HAITI. The U.S. invades Haiti six times during 1914 and 1915 in order to seize revenue from Haitian customs houses on behalf of U.S. banking interests, primarily the National City Bank of New York. Each time, “domestic unrest” is used as the pretext for the illegal U.S. invasions. When the newly-elected president of Haiti refuses to hand over Haiti’s railroads and banks to the New York bankers, U.S. Marines invade once more, break into the central bank in Port au Prince and steal $500,000.

US+invasion+of+Haiti+CaptureofFtRiviereThe invading Marines remain in illegal occupation of Haiti, viciously suppressing ongoing resistance, slaughtering thousands, and running the country as a virtual colony until 1934. Among the duties of the freedom-loving Marines is the enslavement of hundreds of thousands of black Haitians who are forced to build roads and railways to carry stolen Haitian resources to waiting U.S. ships.

The U.S. seizes Haiti’s gold deposits, re-writes the country’s constitution to allow foreign (read "American") corporate ownership of land and property and then forces their implementation, disbands the Haitian army and replaces it with a U.S.-trained and indoctrinated “police” force.

In U.S. propaganda, the illegal invasions and occupation of Haiti, the murder and enslavement of its people and the theft of its gold reserves and resources on behalf of the New York bankers was simply the act of an always benevolent United States “maintaining order during a period of chronic and threatened insurrection”.

1914: DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. In order to force the people of the Dominican Republic to repay cash given to prior U.S. puppet dictators, American naval vessels shell the Dominican capital of Santo Domingo murdering an unknown number of Dominicans.

1914-1917: WORLD WAR I. Entire countries are being laid waste, millions are being killed and millions more are being wounded, crippled for life, starved and emotionally damaged, but the members of the American ruling class, sitting in their comfy chairs safely on the sidelines, just get richer and richer and richer.

The merchants of death, as they will be called in later Senate hearings, finance the war and sell enormous quantities of munitions, vastly increasing their already enormous fortunes.

First+World+War+trench+SommeIn the classic fashion of the ruling class, they profit from both sides of the war. The more death and destruction they can facilitate, the more money they make. J.P. Morgan finances both the Allies and Germany in order to maximize his profits. Morgan's Guaranty Trust will be singled out by a post-war U.S. Senate committee as being a major financier of the German war effort.

Among the greatest beneficiaries of the mayhem are the Morgans, the Duponts and the Carnegies. Thanks to war sales, Carnegie/United States Steel's business quintupled and its profit margin increased to an astronomical 28%.

1914: UNITED STATES. There's plenty of money being made by the merchants of death from the Great War but they could make even more if the U.S. itself becomes a combatant nation. More importantly, it is vital to the interests of the ruling class that the U.S. be in a position to influence the armistice agreement carving up the world, when the war finally ends.

national+security+league+german+baby+killerThe ruling class duly founds the so-called National Security League in December 1914. While their hand picked boy Woodrow Wilson is speaking his lines about staying neutral, the League begins a major propaganda campaign to prepare the U.S. masses for America's eventual entry into the war. One its more creative bits of deception and fear mongering is the threat that Germany, if it defeats England, will then invade the U.S. The League describes peace and neutrality advocates as traitors and spies. The NSL advocates universal military training, conscription and the build-up of the U.S. Navy into the largest in the world.

And who is the National Security League really? A list of the people behind the NSL is, in fact, a list of most of America's leading robber barons and merchants of death: Guggenheim, Dupont, Carnegie and Morgan among others. Many of the less familiar names behind the NSL, such as the fabulously-named Henry Clay Prick, are simply minions of the ruling class. Old Henry Clay was the Carnegie's Prick.