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1947: Thoughtcrime In America, Nazi Immigration, Subverting Democracy, No Nigras On The Freedom Train And Mickey Mouse Is A Commie Rat

1947: UNITED STATES. Hollywood rushes to do the bidding of the ruling class once again. America's most powerful propaganda instrument turns out an endless stream of movies designed to heighten the American public's terror of the mythical but very convenient enemy, communism. Audiences across America tremble at the sight of I Married A Communist, Red Planet Mars, The Red Menace, The Red Danube, I Was A Communist For The FBI and many more.

I have the greatest admiration for your propaganda. Propaganda in the West is carried out by experts who have had the best training in the world — in the field of advertising — and have mastered the techniques with exceptional proficiency. Yours are subtle and persuasive; ours are crude and obvious. I think that the fundamental difference between our worlds, with respect to propaganda, is quite simple. You tend to believe yours and we tend to disbelieve ours. Soviet correspondent after being based for five years in the U.S.

1947: UNITED STATES. The latest scare campaign and witch hunt in the land of the free begins in earnest in March 1947 when President Harry Truman signs Executive Order 9835 and launches an Inquisition to search out any "infiltration of disloyal persons" in the U.S. government.
The Federal Employee Loyalty Program is introduced to ensure that every employee of the government of the world's greatest democracy thinks only pure, capitalist thoughts. The government claims to be "entitled to discharge any employee for reasons which seem sufficient to the Government and without extending to such employee any hearing whatsoever." In the brave new United States, ideas are a crime and due process is nothing but a dream. Kind of makes you wonder who won the war.

Between the launch of the witch hunt and December 1952, some 6.6 million Americans are investigated by the loyalty Gestapo. Not a single case of espionage is uncovered. Five hundred federal employees are fired in dubious cases of "questionable loyalty" conducted with secret evidence, anonymous paid informers and in the complete absence of judge, jury and due process.

Truman expands the commie witch hunt, demanding that federal employees swear that they have never associated with any of seventy eight allegedly subversive organizations. Truman announces that "subversive elements must he removed from the employ of government", while placidly assuring his victims that the loyalty Gestapo exists "to safeguard their rights." What a relief!

A side-effect of the Truman witch hunt, not unintended, is the reinforcement of the pervasive American "commie under the bed" hysteria which will be used by the American ruling class to intimidate and manipulate the U.S. public, justify massive transfers of wealth to the merchants of death, justify countless invasions and engineered coups around the world and silence government critics for four decades until the tired old commie bogeyman is retired and replaced by the even more frightening Islamic terrorist bogeyman.
None are so hopelelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free. Goethe
1947: GERMANY. With a firm policy of never letting a good bit of concentration camp experimentation go to waste, the U.S. Army Air Force employs Nazi mad scientist Herman Becker-Freysing to write reports about the grotesque experiments he conducted on inmates at Dachau concentration camp. These included starving inmates and then force-feeding them seawater which had been chemically altered to make it "drinkable".

1947-1950s: UNITED STATES. Nazi shyster and Hitler Project kingpin Allen Dulles creates a money laundering front organization to provide cash to the imaginatively named International Rescue Committee (IRC) which is being used to import Nazi war criminals into the U.S. for domestic political purposes. Dulles' latest money laundering outfit is called, with typical creativity, the Crusade for Freedom (CFF) and is fronted by none other than B-movie actor, stool pigeon and conspicuous non-combatant, Ronald "Bloodbath" Reagan.

CIA director-to-be William Casey manages the Nazi immigration program on behalf of the State Department. Additional cash to get as many Nazis as possible into the U.S. is provided by, what a surprise, the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations. The Nazis imported into the U.S. by the IRC and the CFF will eventually coalesce into a wing of the Republican Party dedicated to getting out the ethnic vote.

1947: UNITED STATES. Nazi financier James V. Forrestal is made Secretary of "Defense" in the Truman regime which is dominated and controlled by the men who armed and financed Adolf Hitler, most significantly John Foster and Allen Dulles. Among Forrestal's most important pre-war accomplishments was his role as a partner and president of Nazi financiers Dillon, Read and Company. Dillon Read was one of the major forces in arranging finance for and orchestrating the establishment of the two cartels most crucial to Hitler's war effort, the Thyssen steel combine and IG Farben. Forrestal also sat on the board of directors of IG Farben's GAF Corporation.

1947-48: PUERTO RICO. Puerto Rican independence leader Pedro Albizu Campos is released after ten years in the American gulag and returns to Puerto Rico where he speaks passionately against the U.S. seizure and occupation of Puerto Rico and of the suffering and poverty it has caused Puerto Ricans. In order to silence Albizu Campos and other pro-democracy activists in Puerto Rico, the U.S.-puppet regime passes the Ley de la Mordaza, the gag law.

La Mordaza makes it illegal to advocate the overthrow of the puppet government. In practice, such things as pro-independence speeches, songs and poetry and even raising the Puerto Rican flag are treated as crimes. La Mordaza is immediately used to attack the Puerto Rico Nationalist Party (PNP) and eliminate its leadership. Albizu Campos is placed under intense police pressure. Police patrols follow him openly, occasionally in vehicles with mounted machine guns. Everyone he speaks to is visited by police and harassed.

In 1948, the PNP calls on the Puerto Rican people to boycott the U.S. stage-managed elections of a colonial governor. Almost half of the people find the courage to stay away from the polls.

1947-1970: ITALY. The U.S. subverts democracy in Italy by interfering in elections and applies economic coercion in order to ensure that the Italian government is in the hands of the right wing and Fascist forces which had been allied with the Nazis during World War Two. America's great fear is that if democracy is allowed to function in Italy, the government might end up in the hands of the left-wing, largely working class, Resistance which supports the Italian Communist Party and is favored to win the election. The U.S. buys votes, broadcasts lies, threatens and beats up opposition leaders, and infiltrates and disrupts their organizations.

In later years, much of the financing for the subversion of democracy in Italy will be provided via the fabulously benevolent Marshall Plan. Other money for the subversion of democracy will come from Nazi loot stolen by the United States under Operation Safehaven. Rather than returning the stolen cash, gold, art and other treasures to its rightful owners or their heirs, the U.S. uses it subvert democracy in Italy and throughout the rest of Europe.

The Holy Roman Church takes a break from facilitating the escape of Nazi war criminals from Europe and helps funnel the cash to the Fascists under the guidance of New York's Cardinal Francis Spellman, who serves as a liaison between the Dulles brothers and the Vatican.

Prior to the formation of the CIA, the conspiracy to subvert democracy in Italy is controlled directly from the New York offices of Sullivan and Cromwell, the Nazis' favorite law firm, by John Foster and Allen Dulles, the Nazis' favorite shysters.

The imaginatively-named Christian Democratic party, with thousands of Fascists lurking within, duly "wins" the 1947 election for the Dulles boys. The CIA, along with a number of American corporations, will continue to interfere in Italian elections for decades, pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into right wing and Fascist groups and mounting ongoing psychological warfare against the Italian people. The strategy effectively reduces Italian politics to chaos and ensures that there is no effective, democratically-elected government in Italy. America's successful subversion of democracy in Italy will serve as the model for the CIA in its covert warfare against other nations around the world.

1947-ongoing: PHILIPPINES. The U.S. subverts democracy by interfering in elections to ensure that the Philippine elite who had collaborated with the Japanese occupiers during World War Two are installed in power. The resulting U.S.-compliant regime is only too happy to allow the U.S. to use the Philippines for military bases and as a source of cheap labor.

1947: UNITED STATES. As part of the commie hysteria project, the U.S. Congress allocates $11 million for a "screening" apparatus to protect the identity of "patriotic" Americans spying and informing on their fellow inmates. The program encourages the anonymous fingering of disliked acquaintances and relatives as "commies". Stool pigeons who smear friends, colleagues, and loved ones as "commies" are rewarded by the government with jobs, federally-financed housing, expedited passports and tax exemptions. The anonymously accused are interrogated about the draft, where they stand on American foreign policy and, gasp, whether they entertain members of "other races" in their homes.
Although tyranny may successfully rule over foreign peoples, it can stay in power only if it destroys first of all the national institutions of its own people. Hannah Arendt
1947: UNITED STATES. Attorney General Thomas C. Clark and cross-dressing gay basher cum FBI Director J. "Edna" Hoover launch a nationwide propaganda campaign designed to maintain Americans' illusions of freedom while whatever few freedoms they really have are being further eroded, largely by Clark and Hoover. The classic centerpiece of the assault on the American mind is the "Freedom Train".

Clark, fully steeped in the paranoic delusions of the era, praises the concept of the Freedom Train as a means of preventing “foreign ideologies” from "infiltrating" the United States and of “aiding the country in its internal war against subversive elements ”. J. "Edna" gets off her knees long enough to begin compiling FBI files on Americans who dare to criticize the idea of the train or, horrors, seem less than enthusiastic about it.

The streamlined deception known as the Freedom Train is run for the "Justice" Department by the American Heritage Foundation (AHF) and that sounds like a fine, patriotic organization, don't it? But it should come as no surprise to regular MTWSFH readers that the AHF is, in fact, just the usual coven of robber barons' minions and unindicted Hitler Project co-conspirators. It is headed by none other than Rockefeller family member Winthrop W. Aldrich, chairman of the Nazis' favorite American bank, the Rockefellers' Chase National. Old Winthrop knows all about freedom. Under his firm, guiding hand, Chase National froze the accounts of its Jewish customers at the request of the Nazis and continued to act as banker for the Nazis throughout World War Two. An interesting sidelight of Winthrop's career is that he was very active in the Girl Scout movement.

The Freedom Train consists of a locomotive, the "Spirit of 1776", and seven cars resplendent in the good old red, white and blue. The staff of the U.S. National Archives prepares a list of historical documents "central to the concept of American freedom" to be carried on the train for display and this is where it gets really funny. The Hitler Project boys at the American Heritage Foundation decide that a few of the documents proposed by the Archives staff are a bit too damn free for the American public to see. Among the offending items are the Wagner Act of 1935, which, gasp, guarantees workers' rights to collective bargaining, and President Franklin Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms speech of 1941, listing freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from fear and freedom from want as the Allies’ aims in World War Two. We can't be havin' none of that in the land of the free now, can we?
Is this here freedom on the Freedom Train really freedom or a show again? Langston Hughes
Also given the boot from the Freedom Train by Winthrop and the Hitler Project boys is Roosevelt’s 1941 order establishing the Fair Employment Practices Commission, intended to ensure that all Americans have equal access to federally financed jobs regardless of the pigment in their skin. The icing on the cake comes when the American Heritage Foundation decides that the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, which granted theoretical civil and political rights to blacks after the Civil War, are a bit too free to be carried on the Freedom Train.
Freedom ain't freedom when a man ain't free. Langston Hughes
There are a few filthy commie punks who point out some of the ironies of the Freedom Train. Poet Langston Hughes notes that there are some contradictions between what the train supposedly symbolizes and the somewhat less glamorous reality of the real America, including the fact that the AHF refuses to guarantee that the traveling exhibition will not be racially segregated. Being a bit of a commie punk, Hughes pens a ditty pointing out the contradictions which is then recorded by fellow shit disturber Paul Robeson who performs it regularly.
Who is the engineer on the Freedom Train?
Can a coal-black man drive the Freedom Train?
Or am I still a porter on the Freedom Train?
Is there ballot boxes on the Freedom Train?
Do colored folks vote on the Freedom Train?
When it stops in Mississippi, will it be made plain
Everybody's got a right to board the Freedom Train?
Langston Hughes
The Freedom Train, minus the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments and other seditious bits and pieces, promulgates the officially-sanctioned illusory America over a period of two years, visiting every state and more than three hundred towns and cities. The propaganda campaign includes a recording, "The Freedom Train" by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters with content somewhat different from Langston Hughes' poem and, for the further delusion of the really dumbed-down, a four-part Captain Marvel comic book, "Captain Marvel and the Freedom Train."

At a week of "rededication" in Washington, the federal government orchestrates evangelistic rallies where thousands of born-again government employees, all presumably judged to be free of impure thoughts by Harry Truman's loyalty Gestapo, sing God Bless America and take a "freedom" pledge. Hallelujah!

According to the New Republic, "The powerful grassroots response to the Freedom Train revealed a deep popular hunger for “tangible evidence of American freedom.”

1947-53: UNITED STATES. The so-called Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) begins its assault on the constitutional rights of American citizens in Hollywood in an attempt to ensure that only "right" thinking individuals work in the most powerful propaganda instrument in the country. Among the alcoholics, paranoics and general headcases on the HUAC is Nazi war criminal escape facilitator and Mafia cash recipient Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon. Closeted homosexual gay basher and cross-dresser cum FBI Director J. "Edna" Hoover addresses the Committee and states that communism is being spread by "the diabolic machinations of sinister figures engaged in un-American activities." Old J. Edna sure had a way with words, didn't she?

Third-rate actor, Ronald "Bloodbath" Reagan, who, like most avid hawks, has never been anywhere near the warfare he is so eager to inflict on others, shows far more inclination to dive into the great stage-managed battle against the mythical evil of communism as a snitch and stool pigeon. Reagan becomes registered informer T-10 for the FBI. He patriotically delivers the names of colleagues in the Screen Actors Guild who might be harboring impure thoughts. At J. "Edna" Hoover's request, the heroic, freedom-loving Reagan will later reel off the names of "disloyal" actors and actresses at a secret session of the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Another FBI snitch, fascist cartoon mogul Walt Disney, apparently teetering on the edge of complete mental disintegration, tells the loonies on the Committee that "communists" at his studio are trying to use Mickey Mouse to spread "communist" propaganda. Gary Cooper and Robert Taylor willingly cooperate with the Committee's smear of their fellow actors. Ginger Rogers' mother, Lela, a long-time friend of J. "Edna" Hoover, tells the Committee that the movie None but the Lonely Heart is highly suspect because it contains an anti-capitalist line in which a son tells his mother, "You are not going to work here and squeeze pennies from people who are poorer than we are." The Committee agrees that the line is clearly subversive and un-American and concludes that Rogers is "one of the outstanding experts on Communism in the United States."

1940s-ongoing UNITED STATES. J. "Edna" Hoover's FBI, in its self-appointed role as the American Stasi, spies on and builds up massive files over decades on almost every public figure in the U.S. who fails to prove his or her "patriotism" by being less than overtly fascist. Among the thought criminals targeted by the FBI are Dashiell Hammett, Paul Robeson, Lillian Hellman, Pearl Buck, Thomas Mann, Sinclair Lewis, Helen Keller, Albert Einstein, John Lennon, Carl Sandburg, Irwin Shaw, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Benjamin Spock, Rex Stout, E.B. White, Georgia O'Keeffe, Dorothy Parker, Ernest Hemingway and tens of thousands more. Damn near everyone in the country except Walt Disney, SS Generalmajor Wernher Von Braun and Ronald "Bloodbath" Reagan, in fact.

John Steinbeck is targeted because, in the Grapes of Wrath, he "portrayed an extremely sordid and poverty-stricken side of American life", the truth being strictly verboten in the world's loudest demockracy. Hoover sends a four page warning letter about Jonas Salk, the discoverer of insulin, to the White House because Salk belongs to the American-Soviet Medical Society. Albert Einstein is watched continuously from 1940 on because he attends pacifist meetings and had outrageously opposed the fascists in the Spanish civil war. By the time of Einstein's death, the FBI file on him will have grown to thousands of pages.

Even being non-American isn't enough to prevent you being labeled "un-American". Britons prominent in the U.S. are targeted by the American Stasi, including the sculptor Henry Moore, writer Aldous Huxley and the man who topped Hoover's personal most hated list, Charlie Chaplin. The FBI and its predecessor Bureau of Investigation spied on and maintained files on Chaplin for half a century because Hoover claimed to be terrified that Chaplin's "communistic" movies would "infect the minds of the people."

Aside from his liberal leanings, Chaplin infuriated J. "Edna", because he was more famous than the megalomanic fellatio artist and cross dresser. Hoover's chance to persecute Chaplin came in 1942 when a mentally ill actress claimed that Chaplin was the father of her child and Hoover attempted to prosecute Chaplin under the Mann Act for "crossing state lines for immoral purposes". It was an ironic charge coming from an interstate fellatio artist and travelling transvestite. That attack ended when blood tests proved Chaplin could not be the father. Hoover continued to illegally hound, wiretap and spy on Chaplin until, in 1952 the actor was finally expelled from the world's loudest demockracy for being an "unsavory character".

Even after the expulsion, Hoover kept Chaplin on the "Security Index", the list of those persons in the land of the free who are to be rounded up and held in concentration camps in the event of a "national emergency". When Chaplin is invited to Hollywood in 1972 to receive a special Academy Award, Hoover lobbies against issuing a visa to the actor. Chaplin's FBI file will ultimately grow to almost two thousand pages. In 1975, three years after Hoover's long overdue and unlamented demise, a Congressional committee uncovers the fact that the FBI is still devoting almost twenty percent of its total resources to spying and maintaining dossiers on innocent people, the vast majority American citizens, in the manner attributed by the U.S. mass media to the KGB and the East German Stasi.

1947-54: UNITED STATES. President Truman issues his infamous Executive Order on loyalty requiring the Justice Department to draw up a list of "subversive" organizations. By 1954, the list includes hundreds of "subversive" groups threatening the very foundations of the greatest nation the world has ever known. Among these terrifying organizations are the Chopin Cultural Center, the Cervantes Fraternal Society, the Committee for the Negro in the Arts, the obviously commie Committee for the Protection of the Bill of Rights, the League of American Writers, Nature Friends of America, the clearly subversive Washington Bookshop Association and the always-to-be-feared Yugoslav Seaman's Club.

1947: URUGUAY. The U.S. deploys bombers and threatens the use of nuclear weapons to coerce the government of Uruguay into doing its bidding. Gotta keep them Spics in line.

1947: UNITED STATES. Paranoic cartoon mogul and FBI snitch Walt Disney, always keen to sanitize and misrepresent American history, releases his film Song of the South which portrays black slaves as having had a cosy, almost family-like relationship with their owners. Nationwide protests of the film's misrepresentation of reality are staged. Black cast members of Song of the South are barred from attending the premiere of the movie in Atlanta thanks to the city's official policy of apartheid.

1947-70s: GERMANY/UNITED STATES. Nazi V2 rocket scientist, mass murderer and unprosecuted war criminal, SS Generalmajor Herr Doktor Walter Dornberger is scheduled for indictment at the Nuremburg war crimes trials. The British prosecutor, Hartley Shawcross, says that Dornberger ought to hang. But Nazi war criminal, SS Generalmajor Herr Doktor Wernher von Braun, given a free pass for mass murder and crimes against humanity by the U.S. and beavering away on its rocket and missile program, insists that his new masters save his old friend Walter from the gallows.

The U.S. leans on Britain and Dornberger duly arrives in his new Homeland squeaky clean, fully sanitized and thoroughly de-Nazified. He works as an adviser on guided missiles for the United States Air Force. In 1950, SS Generalmajor Dornberger becomes a consultant to Bell Aircraft Company and plays a vital role in the U.S. Air Force-Nazi Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) project Dyna-Soar which will evolve into zat triumph of American ingenuity, ze space shuttle. Space Shuttle, SS......get it?
Once the rockets go up
Who cares where they come down?
That’s not my department
Says Wernher von Braun.
Tom Lehrer
1947: UNITED STATES. In the final appeal of the U.S. government's seizure of patents from the Rockefellers' Standard Oil for its partnership during wartime with Nazi chemical combine and concentration camp operator IG Farben, Judge Charles Clark says "Standard Oil can be considered an enemy national in view of its relationships with IG Farben after the United States and Germany had become active enemies." Try to guess how many people with the surname Rockefeller or Dulles are prosecuted for treason.

1947-ongoing: UNITED STATES. Immediately after its creation, one of the CIA's first acts is the launching of an illegal war against the citizens of the United States which it calls, ironically, Project Mockingbird. Mockingbird is designed to deceive and manipulate the American public by controlling the content of American newspapers, magazines, books, movies and the broadcast media. A secret CIA memo unearthed by the Church Committee in 1975 says that “newsmen are cheaper to buy than a callgirl”.

CIA documents reveal that more than four hundred American journalists were/are on the CIA payroll. Among senior mass media executives who were/are CIA assets are CBS president William Paley, CBS News President Sig Mickelson, who will later be president of the CIA propaganda fronts, Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, Time Magazine owner Henry Luce, New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger and James Copley of Copley News Service. The “liberal” New York Times will provide cover for CIA agents between 1950 and 1966.

Project Mockingbird is headed by Rockefeller cousin, Nazi shyster and Hitler Project organizer Allen Dulles with the help of Frank Wisner, Richard Helms and Philip Graham, a graduate of the U.S. Army Intelligence School and publisher of the "liberal" Washington Post. The Post itself becomes the CIA's premier media asset. Eventually, the CIA’s media assets will include ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, the Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Copley News Service and more. By the CIA’s own admission, at least twenty five major media organizations will become direct CIA assets. In reality, virtually the entire U.S. mass media apparatus is nothing more or less than a gigantic propaganda and disinformation machine masquerading as a free press.
Media manipulation in the U.S. today is more efficient than it was in Nazi Germany, because here we have the pretence that we are getting all the information we want. That misconception prevents people from even looking for the truth. Mark Crispin Miller
In the same way as the revolving door between the U.S. government and the arms industry, a revolving door operates between the CIA and the mass media. CIA Director Richard Helms was a United Press International correspondent, CIA Director William Casey was the major shareholder of the owner of the ABC television network, Capital Cities. Journalists Edward R. Murrow and Carl Rowan both worked as Directors of the CIA front U.S. Information Agency. NBC news anchor John Chancellor was a director of the CIA’s radio propaganda network, Voice of America. CBS Vice President Joseph H. Ream is a former deputy director of the National Security Agency (NSA).

Outside the U.S., the CIA has en extraordinary web of media assets with which to deceive, manipulate and misinform the people of the world. Among the more important CIA fronts are/were Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty (Cuba) and Radio Free Asia. Among the newspaper and magazine fronts are Prevves (France), Der Monat (Germany), El Mundo Nuevo (Latin America), Quiet and Thought (India), Argumenten (Sweden) and La Prensa (Nicaragua).

1947-present: PAKISTAN. Immediately upon the the partition of India and the formation of the nation of Pakistan the U.S. supplies over $400 million to arm and train the Pakistani military which then stages a coup under General Mohammed Ayub Khan in order to prevent Pakistan’s first democratic elections taking place. Khan is an employee of the U.S. State Department with a salary of $16,000 a year. A series of brutal military dictatorships is established which, with U.S. money and arms, and the occasional staged exercise in demockracy, endures to this day.

1947-present: ISRAEL. The United States’ most militarily sophisticated client state is almost entirely dependent on U.S. financing and is, therefore, largely an instrument of U.S. policy although observers sometimes question which is the tail and which is the dog. The founding of the state of Israel, on land occupied since the time of the Romans by the Palestinians, is accomplished largely through acts of terrorism carried out by the Stern Gang, Haganah and the Irgun, led by Menachem Begin, later repositioned as Prime Minister of Israel. In addition to its almost countless terrorist actions in the Middle East and brutal oppression of the Palestinian people, Israel is one of the world's leading merchants of death and, as a proxy of the U.S., is a major weapons supplier to many of the world's most brutal and repressive fascist regimes, including the Duvalier dictatorship in Haiti, the Nicaraguan Contra terrorists and the genocidal dictatorship of Guatemala.
First and foremost, terror is for us a part of the political war appropriate for the circumstances of today. Yitzhak Shamir, Prime Minister of Israel
1947-ongoing: WORLDWIDE. The U.S. in collaboration with Britain establishes a worldwide network to eavesdrop on all electrical forms of communication worldwide. The system is known as Echelon. The U.S. and Britain are soon joined by Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Later, other countries including Norway, Denmark, Germany and Turkey sign secret agreements with the United States to cooperate in the spying on their own citizens.

Echelon is run by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). In the pre-satellite era, the main targets of Echelon are radio broadcasts, telephone, telex and telegrams. Cable companies such as Nazi armaments maker IT&T, RCA and Western Union deliver paper copies and later magnetic tapes of their customers' cables directly to Echelon. Sure is great to be living in the Free World, ain't it?

1947-ongoing: FRANCE. The U.S. subverts democracy in France by interfering in elections and applies economic coercion in an attempt to ensure that the French government is in the hands of the fascists who had collaborated with the Nazis during World War Two rather than of the workers and socialists who had fought the Nazi occupation for six years and were attempting to achieve political power through legal, democratic means via the Communist Party.

In addition to ensuring a "business friendly" regime in France, the U.S. also wants to ensure that France successfully re-colonizes Indochina, including Vietnam, which is well on its way to winning its freedom from colonial oppression under Ho Chi Minh. The socialists are determined to give the Vietnamese their freedom and want to stop the flow of weapons to the forces attempting to keep the Vietnamese in servitude to the French ruling class.

CIA arms, money and disinformation enable Corsican criminal syndicates in Marseille to take control of labor unions from the Communist Party. The Corsican gangs break up strikes, burn down party offices and beat up and murder party members and strikers. Aside from funding the Corsican mafia, the U.S. funnels large amounts of money to the Socialist Party, the Communists’ chief rival, sends in American Federation of Labor (AFL) experts to subvert the Communist Party's union dominance and import scabs from Italy, sends in a psychological warfare (PsyOps) team to wage psychological warfare against the French people and uses the threat of a cutoff of food and other aid to seriously undermine the Communist Party's position. The subversion of democracy in France and the financing of terrorism against French workers by the Corsican mafia is funded in large part by the ever-benevolent Marshall Plan.

1947-ongoing: WESTERN EUROPE. The CIA, working with U.S.-compliant covert warfare agencies in Western Europe creates Operation Gladio. After the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is formed in 1949, it takes over responsibility for Gladio. Operatives recruited under Gladio, the so-called Gladiators, are responsible for numerous acts of terrorism throughout Europe for almost half a century, foremost of which is the bombing of the railway station in Bologna, Italy in 1980 in which eighty six people are murdered by the CIA's proxies.
With the help of the tame mass media, the European public is convinced that the CIA-sponsored terrorist acts are being carried out by evil commies and socialists. The idea is to keep the population perpetually in fear of a mythical Soviet invasion while, at the same time, discrediting leftist electoral candidates. If a left-leaning party were to come to power in any NATO country, it might pass legislation which would be a threat to U.S. military installations or operations and we can't be havin' none of that.

1947-ongoing: GERMANY/SOUTH AMERICA. Hitler Project organizer Allen Dulles, with the assistance of that trusty "refugee from Nazi persecution", Heinz "Henry" Kissinger, devises the Ratline by which, with the invaluable assistance of the Vatican, thousands of Nazi war criminals will escape prosecution for war crimes and be tucked away in Argentina. From there, they will go on to become torturers and assassins for various U.S.-installed and maintained South American dictatorships including those of Alfredo Stroessner of Paraguay, the military juntas of Brazil, Hugo Banzer of Bolivia, Pinochet of Chile and Videla of Argentina's infamous "dirty war".

1947: FRANCE. The U.S. subverts democracy in France when it coerces the French government do dismiss democratically-elected Communist cabinet ministers as a condition of receiving reconstruction loans. French Premier Paul Ramadier says, “A little of our independence is departing from us with each loan we obtain.”