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1939-1940: War's Just Good Business, Shortselling Czech Stock, Torturing Veterans' Kids, Crushing Dissent And The Hitler Project Boys Hedge Their Bets

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS, NAZI, FINANCE, BUSH, harriman, rockefeller, ford, morgan1939: UNITED STATES/NAZI GERMANY. Six months before World War Two begins, Joseph J. Larkin, vice-president in charge of European affairs of the Rockefellers' Chase National Bank, in collusion with Winthrop Williams Aldrich, president and chairman of the board of Chase National, devises a plan with the Nazi Schroeder Bank, a partner with the Rockefellers in Schroeder, Rockefeller and Company, to secure an additional $25 million for the Nazi war machine.

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS, NAZI, FINANCE, BUSH, harriman, rockefeller, ford, morgan1939: CZECHOSLOVAKIA. Jew hater, pro-Nazi adulterer, bootlegger, stock market swindler and long-time Mafia associate cum U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain, Joseph Kennedy cashes in on a bit of inside knowledge. With access to top secret intelligence information in his position as Ambassador, Kennedy learns that Hitler is about to invade Czechoslovakia. Kennedy short-sells Czech stock, the Germans invade, the Czech stock market collapses and Kennedy clears $500,000 to be stashed away with the rest of his criminal fortune. It's just good business....

1939: UNITED STATES. Three weeks after the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia, General Motors chairman, Alfred P. Sloan, defends the fact that GM is the Nazis’ leading supplier of military vehicles as “sound business” and “highly profitable”.

wendell johnson, stuttering, experiment1939: UNITED STATES. Another shining example of how the U.S. takes cares of its veterans and their families is acted out in Davenport, Iowa. Twenty-two children living at the Iowa Soldiers' Orphans' Home are the victims of an experiment to induce them to stutter. The experiment is designed by one of America's most prominent speech pathologists, Dr. Wendell Johnson of the University of Iowa, in order to test his theory on the causation of stuttering.

The orphans, divided about half and half between stutterers and non-stutterers, are subjected to intense pyschological pressure by Johnson. His theories prove correct and the stutterers get worse and the non-stutterers begin to stutter. The children's academic grades plummet, they become shy and non-communicative, some run away from the place which is supposed to shelter and care for them. Many are made stutterers for life.

The University of Iowa will proudly name its Speech and Hearing Center after Johnson but details of his Nazi-like experiments will remain largely suppressed until the mid-sixties. In 2001, the University of Iowa will apologize to Johnson's victims, calling the experiment "regrettable". In 2007, Johnson's surviving victims will receive one million dollars in settlement of a lawsuit.

auschwitz, farben, ig, bush, rockefeller, harriman, slave, labor, labour1939: POLAND. The government of Poland takes legal action against the Upper Silesian Coal and Steel Company, the gigantic complex at Oswieczim. Upper Silesian is owned by three of the major American figures behind the Hitler Project, Averell Harriman and George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush, great-grandfather and grandfather respectively of George "I'm A Lyin' Guy" Bush, in cahoots with German Hitler Project leaders Frederick Flick and Fritz Thyssen.

The bulk of the steel being produced at Oswieczim is being used to make weapons for the Nazis' planned conquest of Europe and the Soviet Union. The Polish government accuses the company of mismanagement, excessive borrowing, fictitious bookkeeping and gambling in securities, which, given the people involved, sounds like pretty much what you'd expect. Inevitably, the Nazis' favorite shyster, John Foster Dulles, does the fancy legal footwork for the boys. Warrants on charges of tax evasion are issued for the arrest of several company directors who promptly disappear.

Conveniently for Bush, Walker, Harriman, Flick and Thyssen, their protegé, Adolf Hitler, chooses this particular moment to invade Poland. Soon, thanks to the Wehrmacht and the Luftwaffe, all is once again right with the world. Not only has the independent Polish government ceased to exist, allowing Bush, Walker, Harriman and company to get back to the serious business of making lots of money but one of the great paybacks for their sixteen years of arming and financing Hitler comes to fruition, really cheap labor.

And it doesn't get any better than this: Bush, Walker, Harriman, Thyssen and Flick get their labor absolutely free of charge from a little camp next door to their steel mill in Oswieczim. In case you haven't figured it out by now, the German name for Oswieczim is Auschwitz.

joseph kennedy, joe kennedy, family, bootleg, nazi finance1939: GREAT BRITAIN. A few days after Britain declares war on Nazi Germany, bootlegger, Mafia associate, chronic adulterer, devout anti-Semitic coward, investor in Nazi industry and U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Joseph Kennedy holds a farewell dinner for his nine children before shipping them away to the U.S. where they will be safe from the bombs of his Nazi friends. At the dinner, Kennedy toasts the Nazis whom, he gloats, will "badly thrash the British."

ibm, computer, hollerith, holocaust, jews, socialists, tracking, franco, fascist, spain1939-1945: SPAIN. Fascist dictator Generalissimo Francisco Franco lacks the organizational skills to round up hundreds of thousands of political opponents for torture and extermination so International Holocaust Machines, sorry, International Business Machines, provides a good, sound Final Solution to Franco's problem. IBM President Thomas Watson arranges for IBM to provide Hollerith machines (early computers) and almost a million punch cards to Franco's murderous dictatorship and then arranges for the training of Franco's holocaust staff. With IBM's invaluable help, Franco kidnaps and exterminates more than two hundred thousand Spaniards.

hitler, thomas watson, ibm, holocaust, computer, award1939: GERMANY. Thomas Watson, head of International Business Machines (IBM), is awarded the Grand Cross of the Supreme Order of the German Eagle for his invaluable contributions to the Third Reich which consist mainly of providing information technology in the form of early punch card "computers" which will be used to organize the roundup and extermination of Jews and other "subhumans" by the Third Reich with maximum efficiency. It's just good business.....

I want to pay tribute (to the) great leader, Benito Mussolini. I have followed the details of his work very carefully since he assumed leadership.Evidence of his leadership can be seen on all sides. Mussolini is a pioneer. Italy is going to benefit greatly. Thomas Watson, Head of International Business Machines (IBM) speaking at a sales convention.
1939: GERMANY. The Ford Motor Company makes a personal present of 35,000 Reichsmarks to Adolf Hitler as a token of its undying affection for the Fuhrer on the occasion of his fiftieth birthday.

1939: SAUDI ARABIA. Chevron, one of the many incarnations of the Rockefeller/IG Farben owned Standard Oil, and the Texas Oil Company (Texaco) create a new oil company, Aramco, to pump Saudi oil for the Nazi war machine.

junkers, ju 88, wunderbomber, general motors, opel, gm1939: GERMANY. Two weeks after the Nazi invasion of Poland and the resultant declaration of war on Germany by Britain, General Motors’ James Mooney meets in Berlin with Adolf Hitler to arrange the conversion of the GM armaments factory in Russelsheim to the production of engines and other parts for the Nazis’ Junkers JU88 “Wunderbomber” to be used to bomb Britain into submission. Nazi award recipient Mooney later returns to the Third Reich to tour the converted plant with Luftwaffe chief, Hermann Goering.

lindbergh, st louis, nazi, medal, america first1939: UNITED STATES. William Randolph Hearst's pro-Nazi propaganda rag, Reader's Digest, publishes an article by Third Reich award recipient Charles Lindbergh entitled "Aviation, Geography and Race," written ostensibly to illustrate the senselessness of a war with Hitler. However, the article quickly deteriorates into a racist diatribe in which Lindbergh calls for air power as a "barrier between the teeming millions of Asia and the Grecian inheritance of Europe-one of those priceless possessions which permit the White race to live at all in a pressing sea of Yellow, Black and Brown."

Through almost four pages of racist claptrap, Lindbergh argues that aviation can be the savior of European culture if only the "great white nations" come together instead of tearing each other apart. We must build a "Western Wall of race and arms" to hold back "the infiltration of inferior blood" says the all-American hero. Zieg Heil mein Lindy!!

st louis, jew, refugee, nazi, german, passenger1939: UNITED. After they are refused entry into the U.S.-puppet dictatorship of Cuba, almost nine hundred Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany aboard the ship St. Louis are refused admission into the U.S. by the Roosevelt regime. Most end up back in Nazi Germany.

wehrmacht, soldier, nazi, german, ammuntion, dupont, remington1939: UNITED STATES. Britain buys large quantities of ammunition from Dupont-owned Remington Arms. In accordance with the terms of the cartel agreement between leading merchant of death Dupont and the Nazi chemical combine IG Farben, Remington supplies inferior ammunition lacking the key compound tetrazine to the British while the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe receive the real thing.

1939-45: GERMANY. Before and throughout World War Two, General Motors, Ford, International Telephone and Telegraph, General Electric, Standard Oil (Esso-Exxon/Exxon-Mobil) and many other U.S.-based multinationals, over two hundred corporations, operate subsidiaries in Germany with slave labor from concentration camps, many of which are operated by a partnership of the Rockefellers' Standard Oil and IG Farben.

auschwitz, slave, labor, labour, bush, harriman, rockefellerThe American-owned companies manufacture Panzer tanks and other military vehicles, warplane engines, navigational equipment for Luftwaffe bombers, radar, high explosives, aircraft aluminum, bomb parts and many other types of vital war material for the Nazis.

Ford, General Motors, Standard Oil, Dupont, Remington Arms, Alcoa and many others have joint ventures in Germany and cartel agreements with IG Farben, the notorious developer and manufacturer of the Zyklon B gas used in the extermination of the Jews and other "subhumans” and a vital contributor to the Nazis’ atomic bomb project.

As well as building radar for the Nazis, General Electric enters into a cartel agreement with Nazi armaments maker, Krupp, to restrict the production of tungsten carbide, a vital war material, in the United States.

IT&T obligingly creates the Nazi military’s communications system and provides vital bomb components for their friends in the Thousand Year Reich. The company produces thirty thousand fuses a month for shells to be used against American and Allied troops. During 1944 and 1945, IT&T supplies the Nazis with guidance components of the V1 and V2 rockets which devastate London.

london, blitz, nazi, bomb, it&t, ford, general motors, gm, sperry, dupontIT&T makes its South American subsidiaries available for Nazi spy operations. IT&T head Sosthenes Behn provides the necessary capital to German aircraft manufacturers building bombers for the Luftwaffe. Ultimately, IT&T owns 28% of Focke-Wulfe, one of the leading producers of Nazi warplanes.

IBM, logo, your final solutions provider, holocaust, computerInternational Business Machines (IBM) supplies early computers in the form of “information sorting machines” which allow the Nazis to track Jews and other “subhumans” for transportation and ultimate extermination.

The two largest and rapacious companies in the world, the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil (later Esso-Exxon, now re-born as Exxon-Mobil) and IG Farben (since disguised and reincarnated as the majority of today's major chemical and pharmaceutical companies worldwide), merge their businesses and become, in effect, a single monstrous cartel, Standard IG Corporation, to control world chemical and petroleum production.

Farben owns half of Standard and Standard owns half of Farben. The Rockefeller family owns a quarter of the whole package. It is a marriage born in hell with Nazi shysters John Foster and Allen Dulles eagerly serving, and receiving their fees of course, as midwives. Standard-Farben operate more than forty concentration camps in Germany and Nazi-occupied countries, including Auschwitz, to provide an endless stream of slave labor to the American corporations operating in Nazi Germany.

One of Standard-Farben’s most important joint ventures is the manufacture of synthetic fuels and rubber from coal, essential elements of the Nazi war plan. The process was discovered by Farben but could not have been fully developed in time for World War Two without the help of the Rockefellers' Standard Oil. The coal for the synthetic fuel is mined by concentration camp slave labor.

concentration camp, skeleton, rockefeller, harriman, bushStandard and Farben jointly own the IG Auschwitz synthetic fuel plant, also run with concentration camp slave labor. Above the gates of the Auschwitz concentration camp is a German slogan which translates as “Work Will Set You Free”, possibly a favorite saying of robber baron-repositioned-as-pseudo philanthropist John D. Rockefeller.

u-boat, sub, torpedo, standard oil, rockefeller, nazi, fuelStandard also supplies enormous amounts of "conventional" oil to the Nazis. Rockefeller vessels operating under the Panamanian flag run between Mexico and Tenerife in the Canary Islands, ostensibly to supply the Spanish refinery there but, in reality, supplying the Nazi U-boats attempting to starve Britain into submission.

Other U.S. corporations with major ties to the Nazis include Dupont, Remington Arms, Eastman Kodak, Chrysler, Bendix, Sperry Gyroscope, the Mellon family's Alcoa, the Rockefellers' Chase National Bank and International Harvester.

Ford’s plants supply the Nazis with thousands of engines for their warplanes but Henry Ford refuses to allow Ford to supply England with airplane engines.

General Motors manufactures the Nazis’ military trucks and Panzer tanks using concentration camp slave labor.

The profits of the American companies are kept, for the most part, inside Nazi Germany where they are used to finance the Nazi war effort. Standard Oil and other U.S. corporations make direct cash contributions to SS leader’s Heinrich Himmler’s “Circle of Friends”.
If the Nazis won, some of these "business realists" would have been impeccably Nazi. If the Nazis lost, the same businessmen were impeccably American. William Stephenson. Head of British Security Coordination
1939: UNITED STATES. Ford and General Motors, while converting their automobile factories in Germany to the production of armaments for the Nazi conquest of Europe, both refuse requests from the Roosevelt regime to step up military production at their plants in the United States.

1939-71: UNITED STATES. J. Edna Hoover orders the FBI to prepare a "Custodial Detention List" with dossiers on individuals who would be detained in the event of war. The list includes not only Nazi sympathizers, those ones outside the U.S. ruling class anyway, but alleged "commies" and individuals who have rubbed Hoover the wrong way.

A prominent name on the list is Harrison Salisbury, a reporter for the New York Times, who was subject to arrest and detention in the United States until 1971. In the late 1970s, Salisbury would discover that a neighbor had told the FBI that he had recording equipment at home, a dangerous thing for a reporter to have in the land of the free.

The file on Salisbury is no different from those which the FBI has assembled and still maintains on millions of other innocent Americans which contain unsupported allegations, conjecture and outright smears.

1939: UNITED STATES. Anti-Semitic agitators are arrested on charges of plotting to overthrow the government of the United States. They are quickly released and the charges dropped when it is discovered that the defendants have received both their inspiration and their weapons from a paid FBI informant.

clyde, tolson, j, edna, edgar, hoover, gay, couple, persecute1939: UNITED STATES. A true hawk to the very core of his being, J. Edgar Hoover makes special arrangements so that his lover, FBI Assistant Director Clyde Tolson, will be be exempted from any draft for World War Two, as he himself had evaded the draft in the First World War. But J. Edna does like a man in uniform and boyfriend Clydie looks dead butch in his uniform as a commander in the Naval Reserve, but that is as far as the playacting will go.

james, forrestal, secretary, navy, ig, faerben, standard, oil, nazi, tanker1939-42: UNITED STATES/GERMANY. IG Farben-Rockefellers' Standard Oil changes the registration of its tankers supplying oil to the Nazi war machine to Panama and U.S. Under-secretary of the Navy, James V. Forrestal, not coincidentally a vice-president of GAF, part of the Rockefeller-IG Farben cartel, obligingly grants immunity to search and seizure of the vessels by the U.S. Navy.

By amazing coincidence, Forrestal comes to the U.S. Navy from our old friends, Wall Street scam artists and Nazi finance specialists Dillon (Lapowski), Read, major contributors to the rise of Adolf Hitler via the Thyssen and IG Farben cartels. Dillon, Read is also a devoted supplier of finance to Italy's Fascist dictator, Il Duce, Benito Mussolini.

Forrestal became a full partner in Dillon, Read in 1923 and president in 1937, covering the entire period when the company was so very, very helpful to Hitler and Mussolini.

franco, spain, u.s., support, fascist, fascism1939-75: SPAIN. The U.S. provides arms and financial and diplomatic support to maintain the fascist dictatorship of Generalissimo Francisco Franco. Franco obligingly allows the U.S. to build military bases in his dictatorship which endure to this day. During Franco's almost four decades of oppression, over two hundred thousand Spaniards are murdered and countless others kidnapped and tortured. The poor get poorer and the rich get richer.

1939-ongoing: UNITED STATES. The U.S. begins a massive biological warfare program at Fort Detrick, Maryland. During World War II, the U.S. spends almost as much on Fort Detrick biowarfare as it does on the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb. While every conceivable biological warfare agent is worked on at Fort Detrick, the focus is on anthrax and botulinum toxin.

1940: UNITED STATES. Four hundred convicts in Chicago are infected with malaria in order to study the effects of new and experimental drugs to combat the disease. Nazi doctors later put on trial at Nuremberg will cite this American study as a precedent in defending their own actions during the Holocaust.

1940: UNITED STATES. The attempts of American miners to organize in order to receive a living wage and marginally safer working conditions, clearly a filthy anarchist/socialist/commie plot, have been systematically and violently repressed by the U.S. Army and various state militias on behalf of the Rockefellers, the Carnegies et al for a century.
coal, mine, mining, danger, labor, labour, unionMiners in the U.S. suffer an appalling accident and injury rate. In 1940 alone, it is reported that more than 1300 miners are killed in American mines and thousands more are injured and disabled for life without a penny of compensation. It is, of course, just good business....

1940: UNITED STATES. SS intelligence chief Reinhard Heydrich’s agent in New York, International Telephone and Telegraph's German chairman Gerhard Westrick, holds a gala party at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel to celebrate the string of Nazi conquests and occupations in Europe and the impending fall of Britain.

Westrick, as the German correspondent lawyer for Nazi shysters John Foster and Allen Dulles, is the lawyer representing numerous American corporations in their dealings with the Nazis. Among the guests feted by Westrick are General Motors’ James Mooney, Henry Ford offspring Edsel, Sosthenes Behn of IT&T, millionaire financier Ralph Beaver Strassberger, Eberhard Faber and representatives of Eastman Kodak, International Milk, Underwood and other companies.

The guest of honor is Torkild Rieber, Chairman of the Board of the Texas Oil Company (Texaco), who had smoothed Westrick’s path in the U.S. and provided fuel for the Nazi conquest of Europe. Rieber provides an office at Texaco headquarters in New York for Westrick, leases a house in Scarsdale for him and buys a Buick for the Nazi agent to tour around the country. Texaco also generously picks up the tab for the Nazis' gala celebration at the Waldorf.

1940: GREAT BRITAIN. After the fall of France, Britain stands alone against the seemingly unstoppable Nazis who have now conquered and occupied all of Europe and stand poised on the shores of the English Channel, preparing to invade and occupy Britain. Already, word of the death camps is leaking out.

Popular opinion in the United States, manufactured in the usual way by the mass media of Hearst and the others, and reinforced by the public statements of influential pro-Nazis such as Joseph Kennedy, Charles Lindbergh and Senator Burton Wheeler, is that the Nazis will quickly defeat Britain and occupy all of Europe, leading to a new era of prosperity for both Nazi Germany and America, with Britian reduced to the position of a have-not country. Sounds like a plan, don't it?

nazi, german, troops, warsaw, wehrmachtAside from a small circle of anti-Nazis around President Franklin Roosevelt and a few Americans outside politics, the people of the United States have been brainwashed by the corporate mass media into standing by and watching the Nazis enslave the world and bring about the New World Order on behalf of the American and German corporations, oil companies and banks which finance and arm them.

U-boats, fueled by the Rockefellers, Texaco and Crusader (Davis) Oil, sink millions of tons of British shipping in an attempt to starve the British out. To soften Britain up for invasion, the Nazis launch countless fighter raids to lure the Royal Air Force (RAF) into the sky and destroy it in what becomes known as the Battle of Britain. The Nazi fighters are fueled by Standard Oil and Texaco. Their engines are built by Ford. Their navigation systems are provided courtesy of Sosthenes Behn and IT&T. Henry Ford personally vetoes a Roosevelt government initiative to produce desperately needed engines for RAF Spitfires and Hurricanes with which Britain can oppose the Nazi fighters.

Tanks and military trucks built by General Motors and Ford assemble on the coast of France, preparing for the invasion and occupation of Britain once the RAF has been defeated and the skies are controlled by the Luftwaffe.

Arming the Nazis is really good business, providing hundreds of millions of dollars in profits to the ruling class and occasional rumors of peace are bad news.
A "peace scare" seized the New York Stock Exchange last night, causing considerable selling. Prices declined, especially in steel securities and the so-called "war securities". The News Chronicle, March 16, 1940
Pretty scary stuff, peace.

london, bomb, blitz, fire, standard, ford, it and t, sperryWhen, contrary to all expectations and the bleatings of Jew-hating bootlegger and Nazi investor Joseph Kennedy, the RAF defeats the Luftwaffe, the Nazis switch to bombing British cities in order to destroy civilian morale. Night after night, Nazi bombers built by IT&T, with engines built with slave labor by Ford and General Motors, navigation systems built by Sperry and IT&T and with fuel supplied by Texaco, Crusader and Standard Oil, bomb London. From September 7 to November 3, an average of two hundred German bombers attacks London every night. On a single night in October, 480 German bombers drop almost four hundred tons of high explosive and 70,000 incendiary bombs, the most massive bombing raid in history to that time.

1940-ongoing: UNITED STATES. That great democrat, Franklin Roosevelt, signs into law the Smith Act which makes it a crime in the United States to "knowingly or wilfully advocate, abet, advise, or teach the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence," or to "organize...any...assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any government in the United States by force or violence."

Apparently neither Roosevelt nor the drafters of the Smith Act had ever heard of America's Founding Fathers, many of whom regarded the overthrowing of government by force of arms as a sacred right of the American people. Neither had they heard of Abraham Lincoln who said, "This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it."

socialist, socialism, party, u.s., logo, smith act, repression, democracyHonest Abe and the Founding Fathers notwithstanding, the U.S. government uses the Smith Act in its ongoing suppression of political dissent in the United States and the repression of anyone who holds out an alternative to the capitalist system, most notably socialists and godless commies. The Smith Act had been proposed by Congressman Howard W. Smith of Virginia, a leader of the "anti-labor" bloc in Congress.

From 1941 to 1957, hundreds of socialists, communists and union activists are prosecuted under the Smith Act. In fact, very few of the accused actually advocated violent overthrow of the U.S. government at all. Many were prosecuted simply on such grounds as that "they organize as the Communist Party and willfully to advocate and teach the principles of Marxism-Leninism." Americans were also hauled into court accused of, gasp, conspiring to "publish and circulate....books, articles, magazines and newspapers advocating the principles of Marxism-Leninism."

Imagine that, organizing a political party not sanctioned by the ruling class or advocating economic principles not sanctioned by the ruling class. Off with their heads! Many of the victims of anti-democratic repression under the Smith act are given hefty prison sentences, up to five years, for their political and economic views.

socialist, socialism, party, u.s., logo, smith act, repression, democracy1940: UNITED STATES. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) exposes itself as a complete farce when it expels one of its charter members, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, because she is a member of the Communist Party. Can't be havin' no freedom of political choice in the world's greatest democracy.

1940s-1950s: UNITED STATES. Boys institutionalized at the Fernald School in Massachusetts are fed radioactive materials in cereal so researchers can record the effects on them. The parents, as well as the children, are told they are being fed a diet rich in iron. The "research" is sponsored by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.

torkild, rieber, texaco, abwehr, nazi, spy1940-1968: UNITED STATES. British intelligence exposes the Nazi dealings of Texaco chairman Torkild Rieber and his in-house Nazi, Gerhard Westrick. Westrick is expelled from the U.S. and Rieber is forced to resign from Texaco. But, within months, in classic style, Rieber is reborn as a red, white and blue anti-Nazi, all-American boy. Employed by his ruling class buddies, the Guggenheims, the registered Nazi spy goes to work "to beat the hell out of those Nazi bastards."

By March 1941, Rieber is back in the big time as president of the Guggenheim's Barber Oil, having barely missed a beat. He is still chairman of the board of Barber, one of the largest independent oil companies, when he dies peacefully, unprosecuted for treason or espionage, primly de-Nazified and very wealthy at the age of eighty six in 1968.

arbeit, macht, frei, work, makes, free, auschwitz, sign1940: POLAND. The Rockefellers and IG Farben kick off a new and highly profitable era in management-labor relations when they open the Auschwitz slave labor camp in Oswieczim, Poland. The unpaid guest workers, mainly Jews, Gypsies, socialists and other "subhumans", will be worked close to death and then, when incapable of working any more, be gassed and their bodies incinerated by the thousand.

The point of Auschwitz, beyond making lots of money for the Rockefellers and Farben and getting rid of some social and racial inferiors and political opponents, is to put a tiger in the Nazis' tank. In addition to providing slave labor for the Upper Silesian Coal and Steel Company, a project of Averell Harriman, George Herbert Walker, Prescott Bush, Frederick Flick and Fritz Thyssen, the slave laborers at Auschwitz produce two things essential to the Nazi blitzkrieg, synthetic rubber and gasoline synthesized from coal. It's just good business....

1940-ongoing: UNITED STATES. One of the guiding principles of the ruling class is always to play both sides in the profitable wars which they engineer. Aside from being doubly profitable, the strategy ensures that whoever wins, the elite will come out on top, their assets and power fully preserved and ready for the next money-making event.

young, nelson, rockefeller, ciaa, south, american, standard, oil, naziAt the same time as the Rockefeller family is supplying the Nazis with priceless fuel and assistance of a thousand other kinds via Standard Oil and other companies, young Nelson Rockefeller is seconded to the opposing team and becomes, theoretically, an agent of British Security Coordination in New York.

Later, as the Rockefellers continue to fuel and support the Nazis and operate Auschwitz in partnership with IG Farben, Nelson Rockefeller will sell President Franklin Roosevelt on the idea of the establishment of a largely Rockefeller-financed "Office of the Co-ordinator of Inter-American Affairs" (CIAA) in South America, supposedly with the noble goal of thwarting Nazi plotting there.

As coordinator of the CIAA, Rockefeller will acquire invaluable information about Latin America's untapped natural resources, especially oil, mineral and timber reserves. In fact, CIAA becomes a sort of in-house CIA for the Rockefeller family, gathering resource information and developing political and social networks which will facilitate a major economic takeover of much of South America, including major highways, dams, ranches and oil and mineral extraction.

After World War Two, the Rockefellers, ever philanthropic, will form the International Basic Economy Corporation (IBEC) which will become a key player in the opening of the Amazon rainforest to commercial exploitation, a process leading inevitably to military dictatorship, the genocide of native peoples, loss of biological diversity and unprecedented misery for the vast majority of Brazilians, but all this is nicely balanced by lots and lots of profit.

1940: GREAT BRITAIN. In line with the policy of the ruling class to be on both sides in every conflict, one of the leading lights of the Hitler Project, Averell Harriman, does a neat little flip-flop and is appointed by President Roosevelt to "expedite military aid" to Britain. Harriman will soon be followed in covering his assets by the number two man in the Hitler Project, Nazi shyster Allen Dulles.

mustard gas, burn, u.s., soldier, experiment1940s: UNITED STATES. About sixty thousand American troops are used as human guinea pigs when they are deliberately exposed to two chemical warfare agents, mustard gas and lewisite (blister gas) by the U.S. military. Most of the troops are not informed of the nature of the experiments and never receive medical follow up.

The troops are threatened with imprisonment if they discuss the experiments with anyone, including their families and their own doctors. For more than half a century the Pentagon lies about the chemical warfare testing, resulting in decades of suffering for U.S. troops whose health was damaged.

tyler kent, u.s., embassy, spy1940: GREAT BRITAIN. British police arrest Tyler Kent, a code clerk at the U.S. embassy in London, who has been passing to the Nazis the secret messages being transmitted between Roosevelt and Churchill. Kent is convicted of espionage and sentenced to a long jail term.

1940: UNITED STATES. Bootlegger, Mafia associate, Jew hater, source of capital for the Nazis and U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Joseph Kennedy carries his message of defeatism to the U.S., even testifying before a House and Senate Committee on Military Affairs that Nazi Germany cannot be beaten.
The Ambassador (Joseph Kennedy) then touched upon the Jewish question and stated that it was naturally of great importance to German-American relations. In this connection it was not so much the fact that we wanted to get rid of the Jews that was harmful to us,but rather the loud clamor with which we accomplished this purpose. He himself understood our Jewish policy completely; he was from Boston and there, in one golf club, and in other clubs, no Jews had been admitted for the past fifty years. Dispatch from the German ambassador to Great Britain, Herbert von Dirksen,to the Reich Ministry for Foreign Affairs, June 1938
moseley, anti, semitic, fascist, fascism1940: UNITED STATES. The FBI arrests eighteen members of a splinter group of the pro-Nazi "Christian" Front and charges them with attempting to overthrow the U.S. government. Their alleged aim was to rally thousands of Irish Catholic members of police forces and the National Guard to seize the White House and install Major General George Van Horn Moseley, a former commander of the U.S. Third Army and notorious anti-Semite, as military dictator of the U.S.

The group had been planning the coup for years and had secured the support of several high-ranking members of the U.S. Army and National Guard. Members of the group addressed their leader as "Fuhrer" and gave the Nazi salute. The plotters had been given thousands of rounds of ammunition, arms and explosives by an officer of the New York National Guard.