Thursday, August 21, 2008

1927-1928: Sterilizing Americans, Slaughtering Miners, Making Your Boyfriend FBI Assistant Director, Invading China And Dive Bombing Nicaraguans

eugenics record office1927-1981: UNITED STATES. The U.S. Supreme Court, ever vigilant in the defense of the rights of American citizens and of the U.S. Constitution, puts its stamp of approval on the quest of eugenics proponents for a master race. The Court upholds the Virginia eugenics law in the case of Buck v. Bell. The decision, written by that great champion of human rights, Oliver Wendell Holmes, opens the floodgates to the forced sterilization of American citizens designated as "unfit" under the definitions created by the ruling class via such institutions as the American Eugenics Society.

carrie buck eugenicsCarrie Buck had been forcibly sterilized at the Virginia Colony Home for the Mentally Infirm. Amazingly enough, Buck was white. Although her mother was mentally handicapped, Buck was mentally normal. Under the Virginia eugenics law, which will form the basis of eugenics legislation in the Third Reich, Buck was declared capable of having a "less than normal child" and was, therefore, subject to forcible sterilization by the freedom loving Commonwealth of Virginia.

Virginia is only one of seventeen American states which have laws purporting to legalize the forcible sterilization of its citizens. The Virginia eugenics law will remain in effect until 1981.

1927: UNITED STATES. John D. Rockefeller continues his business strategy of murdering uppity workers when six miners, picketing in a strike called by the Industrial Workers of the World, are massacred with machine guns at Rockefeller's mine in Columbine, Colorado.

j. edna edgar hoover fbi1927-72: UNITED STATES. Fraud artist, unindicted criminal, conspicuous non-combatant and and homosexual transvestite cum FBI Director J. Edna Hoover hires cute little Clydie Tolson as an FBI agent-in-training.

Within a year, J. Edna is insisting that her new squeeze be included on White House invitation lists. By 1930, Clydie is miraculously promoted all the way from agent-in-training to Assistant Director of the FBI, J. Edna's right hand man, as it were. Tolson will remain in that position and be the gay-bashing Hoover's lover until J. Edna's long overdue death in 1972.

Although Hoover's homosexuality is well-known in certain circles, his much propagandized and completely fictitious public persona is dead butch and, as part of the cover up and because he is a nasty old queen, Hoover persecutes homosexuals and other "sex deviates" relentlessly.

transvestite cross dresser hoover j. edna edgar fbiJ. Edna makes rather ironic public statements about hunting for "sex deviates in government service" and orders FBI agents to "penetrate" homosexual rights groups across the U.S., collecting the names of members, photographing demonstrations and recording speeches.

The FBI's criminal spying on American citizens attempting to practice their theoretical rights of free speech and freedom of assembly will go on for at least twenty three years.

Hoover repeatedly uses homosexuality, real or fictitious, as a smear tactic against those who dare to speak out against his endless abuse of power or in order to discredit people of whom he disapproves. In addition, the threat of exposure for real or imagined homosexuality is a powerful blackmail tool in Hoover's arsenal although doubtless there are other things in his arsenal.

Hoover will misuse his position as FBI Director for half a century to persecute, oppress and blackmail homosexuals and to blackmail heterosexuals with the threat of being smeared as homosexual.

Among Hoover's victims-to-be are Franklin Roosevelt's Undersecretary of State, Sumner Welles, who will be entrapped in an engineered homosexual liaison and forced to resign. Hoover will also use the homosexual smear tactic in attempts to discredit Martin Luther King, Adlai Stevenson and three of Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon's gang of criminal thugs, for whom it is hard to feel sorry.

j edgar edna hoover fbi clyde tolson stork clubBut the darkest side to Hoover's hidden homosexuality and predilection for wearing ladies' clothing is that it lays him wide open, no pun intended, to blackmail. The Mafia, CIA Director, Nazi shyster and Rockefeller minion Allen Dulles and others are quick to take advantage.

A photograph of the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation performing fellatio on the Assistant Director of the FBI allegedly ends up in the hands of Mafia kingpin Meyer Lanksy. Possession of the photo ensures complete freedom of operation for the Mafia in the United States during almost forty years of Hoover's tenure. Hoover will repeatedly stymie and block investigations into the mob and claim that the Mafia simply does not exist.

No one who is a sex deviate
will ever be appointed to the FBI.

J. Edna Hoover
Homosexual transvestite and FBI Director

I regret to say that we of the FBI
are powerless to act
in cases of oral-genital intimacy

unless it has, in some way,
obstructed interstate commerce.
J. Edna Hoover
omosexual transvestite and FBI Director

J. Edna gave great Hoover.
Clydie Tolson
J. Edna's main squeeze and Assistant FBI Director

That old cocksucker....
Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon
(Ed: This might have been just about the only thing Tricky Dick ever said which wasn't a lie.)

curtiss dive bomber u.s. navy1927: NICARAGUA. Pre-empting Hitler's Luftwaffe, the U.S. becomes the first nation on Earth to use dive bombers, attacking Nicaraguan peasants at Ocotal who had risen up against the American troops occupying their country. After dive bombing the town of Ocotal, the valiant flyers then strafe the peasants with machine guns as they run for safety. America massacres more than three hundred defenseless civilians with this exciting new innovation in delivering freedom and democracy to the world's oppressed peoples.

u.s. marines iwo jima flag1927-34: CHINA. U.S. Marines invade and occupy many parts of China to ensure that it remains open to the depredations of American corporations, most notably the Rockefellers' Standard Oil.

augusto cesar sandino nicaragua1928: NICARAGUA. The U.S. military seizes control of the Nicaraguan army and begins a demonization program and hunt for the freedom fighter Augusto Nicolás Calderón Sandino who is preaching to virtually enslaved mine workers about social inequality and the need for change. Can't be havin' no talk about freedom and equality this close to the U.S. of A. Someone might get ideas.

1928: SOVIET UNION. In the interests of promoting communism, er, capitalism, well, who cares? In the interests of making a shitload of money, Harriman and Company becomes the chief organizer of a huge engineering program to modernize Soviet heavy industry. Averell Harriman furnishes securities for all the Soviet purchases in the United States and, of course, makes a fortune in the process, pimping for the commie rats.

Hang on here, Averell, aren't we relentlessly persecuting alleged commies throughout the land of the free? Oh, I forgot, this is about a billionaire making more money, so that's OK.

1928: GERMANY. Henry Ford merges his German assets with Nazi chemical cartel IG Farben.