Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1952: The Ike Project, Torturing Albizu Campos, Murdering For Bananas And J. Edna And Clydie Go On Vacation

1952-60: UNITED STATES. The team which had been so successful in installing der Führer in Germany, decides it will install der President in the U.S. Once again, ruling class bum boy Prescott Bush is there to help things along as are Nazi lawyer John Foster Dulles and C. Douglas Dillon of Dillon, Read and Company, financiers and organizers of the Thyssen Nazi steel trust among other enlightened enterprises. The perfect candidate for the latest project is General Dwight D. "Ike" Eisenhower who doubtless appealed to the boys in the back room as a result of his operation of the "Eisenhower Death Camps" in which more than a million German POWs are thought to have been exterminated by starvation, exposure and abuse in the years immediately after World War Two.

When the Dillons invite Ike to dinner it is to introduce him to Wall Street bankers and lawyers. The managers of the Ike Project believe, correctly, that Ike will not interfere with even the dirtiest of their covert action programs. Bland, pleasant Harriman errand boy and front man, Prescott Bush is positioned as a "friend" to Eisenhower, to be perceived by him as an early backer of his presidency. Also involved in the Ike Project is Clint Murchison, a mob-connected Texas oil multi-millionaire who funds much of the anti-Semitic press in the U.S. as well as Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party and provides a fortune in "no-lose" investment income (otherwise known as bribes) to FBI Director J. "Edna" Hoover.

In gratitude, perhaps, for the profitable investment "tips", Hoover and the FBI get into the act during the election campaign, orchestrating a smear campaign against Democratic candidate Adlai Stevenson with the stock allegations that he is a "commie" and a homosexual, a classic ploy of the homosexual, cross-dressing Hoover. The FBI file on Stevenson is marked "Stevenson, Adlai Ewing-Governor of Illinois-Sex Deviate".

Eisenhower is duly elected and immediately starts doling out oil leases on government land to his friends and supporters.

If our nation is ever taken over,
it will be taken over from within.
James Madison

1952-1959: CUBA. Would-be Cuban strongman Fulgencio Batista has been languishing in the land of the free, like so many American puppet dictators-in-waiting. He runs for election in 1952 but, facing defeat, spearheads a U.S.-sponsored coup which overthrows the democratically-elected government of Carlos Prio Socorras. The Batista dictatorship is brutal, ruthless and profoundly evil, even by America's demanding standards.

Batista suspends the Cuban constitution, destroys all political freedom and turns Cuba into a haven for drugs, gambling, prostitution and the Mafia, especially FBI Director J. "Edna" Hoover's good friend Meyer Lansky. Havana becomes home to dozens of Mafia-owned hotels and casinos. American business interests, most notably Nazi-linked DuPont and United Fruit, prosper. Freedom of speech is destroyed and hundreds of teachers, lawyers and public officials are fired from their jobs. Death squads, notably the deceptively-named Buro de Represion Actividades Communistas (BRAC), created by the CIA in 1956, kidnap, torture and murder thousands of Cubans under America's firm guiding hand. Batista's U.S. sponsored reign of terror will go on until ended by Fidel Castro in 1959.

1952: UNITED STATES. Medical experimenters at the New York State Psychiatric Institute of Columbia University, sponsored by the Department of "Defense", inject Henry Blauer with a fatal dose of the hallucinogen mescaline. Evidence surrounding the killing of Blauer will be concealed by the U.S. government for twenty three years. Shocking.

1952: EGYPT. Portly King Farouk is screwing up as dictator, not being as useful to the U.S. ruling class as he might be, so the CIA conspires with members of the Egyptian military, led by Gamal Abdul Nasser, to successfully overthrow Farouk. In Langley, the conspiracy to overthrow Farouk is called Project FF for "Fat Fucker".

1952: PUERTO RICO. With a United Nations investigation into the U.S. government's torture by radiation of Puerto Rican freedom fighter and independence leader Pedro Albizu-Campos pending, the U.S. abruptly pardons Campos and releases him from prison, effectively preventing the investigation.

1952-53: GUATEMALA. The democratically-elected government of Jacobo Arbenz Guzman behaves outrageously, guaranteeing freedom of the press, legalizing labor unions, guaranteeing equal rights for women and native people and maintaining a one-term limit for presidents.

This is really dangerous stuff and it gets worse.

Prior U.S.-puppet dictatorships in Guatemala had sold for a pittance vast tracts of land stolen from indigenous Guatemalans to the Rockefellers' United Fruit Company (Chiquita Bananas). United Fruit also owns the country's telephone and telegraph facilities, administers its only important Atlantic harbor and monopolizes its vital banana exports. A subsidiary of the company owns nearly every mile of railroad track in the country. Another U.S. corporation controls virtually all Guatemalan electric generation. All of this is courtesy of various U.S.-installed and maintained dictatorships.

In addition to his rash commitment to genuine democracy, a terrifying idea to the U.S. ruling class, Arbenz raises the ire of the Rockefellers by building a public highway and an Atlantic harbor to compete with their monopolies. Arbenz builds a major hydro-electric project to provide electricity at lower rates than the American-owned monopoly. The concept of free enterprise and competition is, of course, almost as repugnant to the Rockefellers as genuine democracy.

Competition is a sin.
John D. Rockefeller

Arbenz pushes the Rockefellers over the edge when he attempts to institute agrarian reform. In the overwhelmingly rural nation, 2.2 percent of the landowners, the Rockefellers and their clubmates, own seventy percent of the arable land. The annual per capita income of agricultural workers is $87 and most are virtual slaves on large plantations. Arbenz wants to recover over half a million acres of unused land from United Fruit and offers to pay one hundred percent of the full value as declared for tax purposes by United Fruit itself in order to return it to the indigenous people from whom it had been stolen in the first place. The Rockefellers quickly decide that they must have been declaring false values for the land, and that it is really worth almost thirty two times the previously declared value.

The conspiracy against Arbenz begins under the Eisenhower regime. Rockefeller proxy cum Nazi shyster and financier cum CIA Deputy-director, Allen Dulles is a former president of United Fruit and his brother, Nazi financier and shyster John Foster Dulles, soon to become U.S. Secretary of State, is a shareholder in United Fruit. Both Rockefeller cousins had been instrumental in financing the rise of Nazi Germany and, later, in extricating Prescott Bush, Sosthenes Behn and other pillars of the U.S. ruling class from prosecution for treason and crimes against humanity stemming from their roles in financing and arming Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

Not to be outdone in the corruption sweepstakes, Under-secretary of State (and former Director of the CIA) Walter Bedell Smith is seeking an executive position with United Fruit at the same time that he is helping to plan the coup against Arbenz. Smith will later be named to the Board of Directors of a grateful United Fruit.

The CIA plans and launches a conspiracy it calls Operation PBFORTUNE to overthrow the democratically-elected government of Guatemala. A massive demonization and propaganda campaign, under the name of Operation Sherwoood, is mounted by the CIA against Arbenz, employing the durable bogeyman of creeping communism as the requisite threat. Millions of dollars are allocated by the CIA for psychological warfare against the American public. United Fruit goes into the book publishing business and produces comprehensive lies such as "Report on Guatemala" a book which it distributes to U.S. Congresssmen falsely claiming that Arbenz's agrarian reforms have been planned in Moscow. In fact, Arbenz is far from being a Communist and repeatedly votes in the U.N. with the U.S. against the Soviet Union. The CIA and United Fruit begin orchestrating and financing staged demonstrations and strikes against the Arbenz government even in those pre-Twitter days.

Planning begins at CIA headquarters in the leafy glades of Langley, Virginia, for the systematic "neutralization through executive action" (non-psychopaths may like to think of this as murder) of members of the elected Guatemalan government during the planned coup. Belated and begrudging releases under the Freedom of Information Act in 1997 will reveal that the CIA's murder conspiracy against members of the Guatemalan government was very detailed and included budgeting, training programs, creation of death squads, drafting of target lists and transfers of armaments to the killers.

1952: UNITED STATES. Journalist Drew Pearson exposes the fact that a Nazi concentration camp mad scientist, Major General Walter Emil Schreiber, is happily employed at the United States Air Force School of Medicine at Randolph Field in Texas doing God knows what for the world's most morally bankrupt nation, although we can probably guess. Of course, he is only obeying orders.

Although Schreiber is only one among some ten thousand Nazis the United States has protected from prosecution for war crimes and crimes against humanity in order to exploit their unique talents, the American public has no idea what is going on and the U.S. government wants to keep it that way. A visa is quickly arranged for Herr Doktor Schreiber and he is flown to an exciting new life and a new employment opportunities in Argentina.

1952: UNITED STATES. Taking the moral high ground yet again, the U.S. deploys the M33 germ warfare cluster bomb. Each M33 contains 108 bomblets which explode in mid-air releasing the germ warfare agent, brucella suis.

1952: KOREA. An independent study is launched into claims that the United States is waging germ and chemical warfare against the people of Korea. The Commission of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers' Report on U.S. Crimes in Korea concludes that the U.S. has, in fact, used both germ and chemical warfare against both civilians and combatants in North Korea. The Commission consists of eight lawyers, one each from Austria, Italy, Great Britain, France, China, Belgium, Brazil and Poland. Among the germ warfare agents identified as being used are anthrax, bubonic plague, encephalitis and yellow fever.

The investigation had been prompted by by an international commission with members from eighteen countries which had determined that the U.S. and its South Korean puppet regime is systematically committing war crimes. China carries out its own study and comes to exactly the same conclusion. The U.S., naturally, denies everything.

In later years, evidence will accrue that the U.S. government had yet again been telling fibs and that it had, indeed, used chemical and biological weapons on the Korean people. Notable is the twenty years of research conducted by two Canadians into the allegations. Steven Endicott and Edward Hagerman of York University will publish their findings in 1998, confirming that not only did the U.S. use biological weapons in Korea but that it systematically lied to both the American people and Congress about it. Hard to believe, ain't it?

1952-ongoing: GERMANY. Rockefeller errand boy and trusted advisor to Benito Mussolini, John J. McCloy, and Nazi financier and master race proponent William Draper revive and reposition their Nazi industrialist clients and clubmates in post-war Germany.

Prominent executives of IG Farben are released early from jail after serving only short portions of their sentences for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Farben itself rises Phoenix-like from the ashes of Germany in the guise of Bayer, BASF, Hoechst, Agfa, Sterling and hundreds of affiliated companies which retain and then expand Farben's worldwide domination of the world chemical, pesticide and pharmaceutical industries. By 2004, Farben's "daughters" will account for more than two thirds of world pharmaceutical and chemical sales. The Farben octopus will eventually acquire its American moral soulmates, chemical weapons maker Dow Chemical and Union Carbide, owners of the Bhopal chemical plant in India.

Alongside IG Farben in financing and arming the Nazis, with lots of assistance from the Rockefellers, Bushes, Harrimans, Dulles brothers and various Wall Street banks, were two huge Nazi combines, Krupp and Thyssen. These two companies also miraculously rise from the ashes of Germany, eventually to merge and become one of Europe's richest and most powerful corporations, Krupp-Thyssen.

1952: UNITED STATES. The Senate Select Committee on Small Business releases a report entitled "The International Petroleum Cartel". The report shows that the seven largest oil companies, nicknamed the Seven Sisters, form a cartel which controls the majority of the oil-producing areas outside the United States, controls all major foreign refineries, divides world markets among its members, shares pipelines and tankers and fixes oil prices worldwide. What a shock.

1952: MOROCCO. The U.S. provides military aid and weaponry to France to assist in crushing the independence movement in its colony of Morocco. Can't be havin' no freedom in Morocco.

1952: ALGERIA. The U.S. provides military aid to France to assist in crushing the independence movement in its colony of Algeria. Can't be havin' no freedom in Algeria.

1952-72: UNITED STATES. For two decades, FBI Director J. "Edna" Hoover and his lover, miraculously promoted FBI Assistant Director Clyde Tolson, spend extended summer vacations at the Del Charro, a La Jolla, California hotel owned by Mafia-connected multi-millionaire oil man, political fixer and American Nazi Party financier Clint Murchison. The Del Charro is a very exclusive, very expensive hotel, no kikes or niggers allowed, except as servants of course. None of this troubles the happy couple since Murchison picks up the tab and the FBI provides agents at public expense to act as errand boys for the happy couple. J. "Edna" and Clyde's lovefests at La Jolla are usually booked as FBI "inspection trips" with the hapless U.S. taxpayers picking up the tab.

Murchison arranges a very special "no lose" investment strategy for Hoover and Tolson. They will invest, usually in oil or gas ventures on federal land. If the investment pays off, they keep the profits. If the well is a dry hole, Murchison will give them their money back. By amazing coincidence, Murchison's shady business and political dealings are never investigated by the FBI. According to a Senate committee of the early fifties, twenty percent of the Murchison Oil Lease Company is owned by the Vito Genovese Mafia family.

The Del Charro is also the vacation spot of choice for many well-known gangsters and mob figures. Hoover's regular poolside companion at the Del Charro is Dub McClanahan, partner of New Orleans Mafia boss Carlos Marcello. J. "Edna" and little Clydie traditionally spend their Christmas holidays in Miami as the guest of mob-connected hotelier/casino operator Myer Schine.

The families made sure he was looked after
when he visited the East Coast.
They had an understanding. He would lay off the families, turn a blind eye.
It helped that he denied that we even existed.
Carmine "The Doctor" Lombardozzi
Money man for the Gambino Mafia family

1952: UNITED STATES. As soon as the Ike Project is underway, the Lord takes a hand and gives Nazi front man and unprosecuted traitor Prescott Bush a second crack at a Senate seat and a ride into office on Ike's coattails. The 48-year-old senator from Connecticut, James O'Brien McMahon, contracts cancer and dies. Bush gets the Republican Senate nomination at a special meeting, with the backing of the Yale-dominated state party leadership. He runs in a special election for the suddenly vacant Senate seat and, as expected, is swept into office on the same electoral ticket as "Ike". The always cooperative U.S. mass media makes not a mention of Bush's important role in financing the rise of Adolf Hitler. By a technicality, Bush becomes Connecticut's senior Senator, with extra power in Congress. The next regularly-scheduled senatorial race will be in 1956, when McMahon's term would have ended, at which time, Bush can expect once again to ride into office on Eisenhower's coattails.

McMahon's death is convenient and not just for Bush's political ambitions. McMahon had been Assistant U.S. Attorney General, in charge of the Criminal Division, from 1935 to 1939, in a position to know what Bush, the Harrimans, the Rockefellers, the Dulles brothers and the rest of the gang had been doing in Nazi Germany in those years.

1952: UNITED STATES. The U.S. Army conducts open air testing of biological weapons at Fort McClellan, Alabama. Respiratory illness in the area skyrockets and dozens of civilians die. Fort McClellan is also used to train the military of numerous U.S. client dictatorships and rogue states in the use of chemical and biological weapons. Among the nations who have learned all about using chemical and biological weapons at Fort McClellan are such fine upstanding world citizens as Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and "South" Vietnam.

1952-70: UNITED STATES. The U.S. Army creates a 19,000 acre top-secret chemical and biological testing range at Fort Greely, Alaska. The Army fires thousands of rockets and drops thousands of bombs containing Nazi cartel IG Farben's Sarin and VX nerve gases. Hard to believe, but the U.S. Army lies consistently, if not convincingly, over decades about the testing and falsifies records, thereby preventing the American soldiers who become victims of the nerve gases from receiving appropriate care and compensation. Don't it make you proud?