Saturday, August 2, 2008

1925-1926: Legislated Ignorance, Dupont's Supermen, Hoover In Drag And Murdering Nicaraguans

Marines+Iwo+Jima+Flag1925: PANAMA. U.S. Marines invade Panama to crush a general strike. Can't be havin' no uppity Panamanians in Panama.

Theory+of+Evolution+Scopes+Monkey+Trial1925: UNITED STATES. John T. Scopes is convicted of the heinous crime of teaching Charles Darwin's theory of evolution in his high school class. The Tennessee law under which Scopes is convicted will not be repealed until 1967. After 1967, additional laws to stifle knowledge of the theory of evolution by students in Tennessee will be introduced in the state legislature.

1925: HAWAII. U.S. Army Private Walter Trumbull appears before a court martial in the U.S.-occupied nation of Hawaii charged with offending under the 62nd Article of War. An Army intelligence officer testifies that Trumbull had said, "The President may be all right as an individual, but as an institution is a disgrace to the whole God-damned country……I'm sick and disgusted with the whole damned country, everything and everybody in it. I wish I could get where I would never hear the name of the United States again. Flag and country are a disgrace to humanity."

Freedom of speech being strictly verboten, Trumbull is duly sentenced to twenty six years at hard labor and a dishonorable discharge. In an earlier court martial Private Paul Crouch had been sentenced to forty years hard labor and a dishonorable discharge for attempting to exercise free speech.

1925: UNITED STATES/ITALY. U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon praises fascist Italian dictator Benito Mussolini as a "strong man with sound ideas and the force to make these ideas effective," while arguing that Mussolini deserves U.S. support and sympathy. And Mellon isn't just full of hot air when it comes to supporting fascism. He puts his money where his mouth is in a deal between the Mellon family's Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) and IG Farben to control the worldwide supply of aluminum. The monopoly agreement will ensure that while the Luftwaffe has unlimited access to aircraft aluminum, the supply to the U.S. will be restricted, resulting in the U.S. being unable to build some ten thousand planned aircraft by the time of its entry into World War Two.

1925: UNITED STATES. Secretary of Commerce, Herbert Hoover appoints a nine-member board, the Chemical Advisory Committee, purportedly to counter the growing domination of the world chemical market by the German cartel IG Farben. By amazing coincidence, four of the nine members of the board are intimately connected with IG Farben, including Walter Teagle of the Rockefellers' Standard Oil.

1925-39: ITALY. The Morgan banks play a major role in financing Benito Mussolini's Fascists, providing hundreds of millions of dollars to Il Duce. Nazi financier Dillon, Read and Company also provides cash to the Italian Fascists. Morgan partners will continue to praise the Fascist "experiment" almost to the outbreak of the Second Word War.

1925: HONDURAS. U.S. forces invade to “protect American interests”. You only have one guess what interests they are.

1925-1930s: GERMANY/UNITED STATES. The leading lights of the U.S. ruling class and U.S. industry play the pivotal role in the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany.

Hitler+Mein+Kampf+Henry+Ford+International+JewSome, such as Henry and Edsel Ford, Sosthenes Behn of IT&T and Irenee Dupont help launch Hitler and the Nazis for ideological reasons; they are all violently anti-Semitic and are ardent Nazis. A notorious anti-Semite, Henry Ford, is Adolf Hitler's hero and appears in Mein Kampf. Dupont wants to develop a race of “supermen”. Many members of the U.S. ruling class are leaders in the eugenics movement, the quest for a master race. For others, it is simply a matter of limitless greed, of increasing profits at any cost as long as it's someone else's.

When Hitler's New World Order is in control in Europe and many other parts of the world, including the Soviet Union, the U.S. ruling class will have a free hand stealing resources, exploiting markets and using cheap or slave labor in order to maximize their profits. The New World Order also promises reduced business taxes, increased government subsidies to business, a dramatic reduction in the power of workers’ unions, the abolition of overtime pay and lowered wages. Paradise on Earth for the Rockefellers, Duponts, Fords, Morgans, Carnegies and all the other boys in the back room.

J+Edgar+Edna+Hoover+cross+dresser+transvestite1920s-ongoing: UNITED STATES. The Bureau of Investigation (BI), and later the FBI, under noted cross dressing, homosexual criminal and gay basher J. "Edna" Hoover spies on the the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), collecting reports on ACLU meetings, receiving stolen copies of the minutes of meetings and stolen lists of contributors. In the 1970s, it will be revealed that the FBI is still carrying on its criminal activities. In later years, the FBI will refuse to confirm or deny if it is still committing crimes against the ACLU.

superman+dupont1926: UNITED STATES. Ze quest for ze master race picks up speed when merchant of death Irenee Dupont, in a speech to the American Chemical Society, advocates the development of a race of supermen, to be achieved by injecting special drugs into children in order to make their characters to order. Not hard to guess which major chemical company would be manufacturing the drugs.

1926-33: NICARAGUA. The U.S. invades and occupies Nicaragua to “protect American interests” by crushing the Nicaraguan independence movement led by nationalist leader Augusto Cesar Sandino. And, as we know, anyone who resists the invasion of their country by the U.S. is either an insurgent or a terrorist or both.

Nicaragua+U.S.+invasion+1925+severed+headsIn one of the most ludicrous uses of the communist bogeyman as cover to justify the United States’ endless illegal invasions and occupations of other countries on behalf of American corporations, U.S. Secretary of State Frank Billings Kellogg claims that the freedom-loving troops of the U.S. are occupying Nicaragua solely in order to block a “Nicaraguan-Mexican-Soviet conspiracy to establish a Bolshevist hegemony within striking range of the Panama Canal.” Whew! Wouldn't it have been easier to say that they had weapons of mass destruction?

Anastasio+SomozaThousands of peasants are killed, many in massacres such as the one in Ocotal in 1927, when some three hundred unarmed men, women and children are bombed and machine-gunned by valiant American flyboys. The Marines leave in 1932 after forming a tame National Guard led by strongman Anastasio Somoza Garcia. In 1934, Somoza's thugs in the National Guard murder Sandino, and the Somoza family dictatorship takes murderous control of Nicaragua under the firm guiding hand of its American masters.