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1917-1918: Now The Great War's A Good Thing, Fascism In America, SettingThe Stage For Old Adolf Plus The Miracle Of Free Speech

uncle sam i want you recruiting poster world war one1917-1918: UNITED STATES. Woodrow Wilson just got himself elected president with the slogan "He Kept Us Out of the War" but, you know how it is, people change their minds. Now that the British, French and Germans have just about bankrupted themselves in the Great War, it seems that it will be more profitable for the ruling class to get the U.S. into the closing act as a combatant nation rather than as just a weapons supplier. They will then have a role in divvying up the spoils and writing the script for the future. On April 2nd, Wilson, no mean hand at bullshit, tells Congress that "the world must be made safe for democracy", allies himself with a series of unelected monarchies and then sets about destroying whatever vestiges of true democracy actually exist in the United States.

We now chart a new national course. In terms of autocracy we declare our intention to bestride the world with democracy. Our fixed determination is to thrust democracy with loving bayonets down the throats of unwilling peoples.

Let us look at the company we will keep in performing this benevolent function. We will be marching side by side with the King of Serbia; the King of Italy is our boon companion; the King of Belgium is there; so also the King of Roumania; the Emperor of India and the King of England, our stalwart brother; not to mention the King of Montenegro and various other principalities and rulers, as well as chaotic Russia - only France is a Republic - and last but not least we are to be brothers in blood with our dear friend the Emperor of Japan. And this our Chief Executive proposes as our "league of honor". Congressman Ernest Lundeen
United States Steel CertificateThe poor working stiffs in the U.S. aren't too happy about the whole thing but a few people are rubbing their manicured hands with glee. The fabulously-named Carnegie Endowment for International Peace telegraphs Wilson and encourages him to "see that the war (does) not end too quickly." And no wonder. In 1916 alone, the Carnegies' United States Steel made more than $348 million in war profits, an almost-unimaginable sum at the time.
To whom does war bring prosperity? Not to the soldier who, for the munificent compensation of $16 per month, shoulders his musket and goes into the trench, there to shed his blood and to die if necessary; not to the brokenhearted widow who waits for the return of the mangled body of her husband; not to the mother who weeps at the death of her brave boy; not to the little children who shiver with cold; not to the babe who suffers from hunger; nor to the millions of mothers and daughters who carry broken hearts to their graves.

War brings no prosperity to the great mass of common and patriotic citizens. It increases the cost of living of those who toil and those who already must strain every effort to keep soul and body together. War brings prosperity to the stock gambler on Wall Street, to those who are already in possession of more wealth than can be realized or enjoyed. Nebraska Senator George W. Norris as Woodrow Wilson prepared to take the United States into The Great War
For the U.S. ruling class, entering the Great War as a combatant nation has another wonderfully beneficial effect: the growing labor movement led by the Industrial Workers of the World and the pressure by workers for a slightly fairer share of the U.S. economic pie is nicely, some would say permanently, sabotaged.

Now, the enemy of ordinary Americans will not be the robber barons and their pimps in government, the military and the police, but the evil Hun, the Kaiser and all things German. Young men will not be manning picket lines and protesting the depradations of the ruling class, they will, instead, be safely conscripted and subject to military law.
How can our rulers claim they are fighting to make the world safe for democracy while here in the U.S. Negroes may be massacred and their property burned? Helen Keller
1917-1918: UNITED STATES. Conscription begins in the U.S. All American males between twenty one and thirty are required to register for military service within weeks of the U.S. entering the war. In total, some three million American men are drafted. Roundups of men of draft age are conducted in major cities. In New York, sixty thousand men are seized, in Chicago, twenty seven thousand.

WWI+What did you do in the war Daddy+PROPAGANDA+POSTER+USAnd yet, strangely enough, there are some fine young men of draft age who are miraculously immune to the inconveniences of the draft.

J. Edna Hoover, who just loved mincing around in her uniform as a Captain of Cadets, had years of officer training at a school with links to West Point and was just the right age to go and get killed in the muddy trenches, remains safe in the warm bosom of America or at least of his latest boyfriend. Once the war is safely over, Ms Hoover valiantly obtains a commission as a Major in the U.S. Army Officers' Reserve.

W. Averell Harriman, naturally, doesn't get anywhere near the trenches. He's too busy helping install the Bolsheviks in Russia so his family and the Rockefellers can get their hands on all that lovely Russian oil, manganese and iron ore. Averell's brother and co-conspirator, "Bunny" Harriman is likewise too busy getting richer to pick up a gun himself. Inevitably, Hitler Project organizers-to-be and Rockefeller cousins Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles manage to slip through World War I without risking a hair on their patrician heads.

Also immune to the draft is Joseph "Jittery Joe" Kennedy. Kennedy's father-in-law arranges for Jittery Joe to leave his job pulling off financial swindles to become general manager of Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation, a job for which he has absolutely no qualifications but which will keep his currupt ass safely out of the war. Daniel Strohmeier, vice president of Bethlehem Steel, will later say that, "Joe was accommodated to skip the draft during World War One because of a lot of pressure from his father-in-law." Seven months after the war ends, Jittery Joe finds his interest in shipbuilding has waned and he gets back into his first love, financial swindling.

world+war+one+great+war+destruction+deathThe draft might not be good for the poor working class saps who are sent to die in the mud of Europe but, for some, the draft is a very good thing indeed. On June 6th, the day following mandatory registration for the draft in the United States, the stock market leaps skyward on the good news and the Chicago Tribune reports, “Draft Success Puts New Life in New York Market. Industrials Leaders in Upward Trend. Year's Best Prices Reached." Every cloud has a silver (or gold) lining.

1917: PUERTO RICO. The U.S. forces American citizenship on the people of the occupied colony of Puerto Rico without their consent and over the unanimous objection of the island's House of Delegates. Ain't nothin' like democracy American style is there? The mandatory American citizenship for the people of the occupied nation of Puerto Rico means that, after having their country stolen from them by the U.S., Puerto Ricans will now be subject to conscription for America's convenient last-minute entry into World War One.

black+SOLDIERS+POSTER+PROPAGANDA+ww11917: UNITED STATES. Black U.S. Army troops are assigned duty near Houston, Texas. While blacks are apparently good enough to serve in Woodrow Wilson's army, they're not good enough to sit anywhere they want on a bus or eat in any restaurant they choose in the United States of America. It seems that when old Woody said all that stuff about freedom and making the world safe for democracy, he didn't mean the U.S.

One of the black soldiers is arrested for sitting in a "whites only" section on a streetcar. Another is arrested for interfering in the arrest of a black woman by police. When a black corporal asks local police why his men are being arrested, he is pistol whipped, shot at and then arrested.

Alarmed by rumors that the corporal had been killed and that a white mob was marching on their camp, black soldiers seize arms and march into Houston, shooting at citizens and police. The soldiers kill five Houston police officers and eleven white citizens. Four of the soldiers are killed.

The judicial results which follow are remarkably different from those which have followed hundreds of incidents of white racial rioting and the lynching of thousands of blacks in the U.S. Not only are the rioters charged, but more than a hundred black soldiers are convicted. Twenty nine are sentenced to death, nineteen of whom are executed.

1917-ongoing: UNITED STATES. The U.S. Army's Military Intelligence Division under Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Van Deman targets four groups of American citizens for surveillance and harassment: labor union activists, especially the Industrial Workers of the World, opponents of the draft, socialists and blacks. Foreshadowing the later government harassment of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Van Deman opens a file on King's maternal grandfather.

Van Deman and most officers in the Military Intelligence Division are virulently anti-Semitic and promote anti-Semitism wherever possible. Anti-semitism and race hatred are an integral part of the U.S. military. Appropriately enough, West Point actually includes anti-Semitic material and the racist pseudo-science of eugenics in its curriculum.

bisbee+arizona+deportation+iww1917: UNITED STATES. International Workers of the World miners at Arizona copper mines strike to demand safer working conditions, an end to discrimination against minority workers and a fair wage system. They are demonized as German sympathizers and several thousand armed vigilantes, organized by the local sheriff, attack the workers and force over a thousand into manure-filled boxcars and "deport" them to the New Mexico desert. No charges are ever laid.

Frank+LIttle+lynched+cartoon1917: UNITED STATES. Industrial Workers of the World organizer Frank Little is lynched in Butte, Montana.

The Great War is particularly kind to merchant of death, Dupont. The world’s largest producer of dynamite and smokeless gunpowder rakes in the staggering profit of $250 million from all that death and destruction, six times what it had made in the four year period prior to the war.

1917: UNITED STATES. The black section of East St. Louis is attacked by a white mob. Six thousand blacks are left homeless and as many as two hundred are killed in the pogrom. Bodies are found floating in the Mississippi River. No charges are ever laid.

1917: UNITED STATES. Under implied threat from the U.S., Denmark sells what will become the U.S. Virgin Islands to the United States.

samuel bush1917-1918: UNITED STATES. The War Industries Board (WIB) is established. Samuel P. Bush, father of Nazi financier-to-be Prescott Bush, and great grandfather of George W. Bush, is named chief of the Ordnance, Small Arms and Ammunition Section of the Board. Although he has absolutely no experience in the field, Bush is a well-proven minion of the Harrimans and the Rockefellers and that's what really matters.

Bush is given responsibility for government "assistance" to and relations with the Rockefellers' Remington Arms and other weapons makers. The War Industries Board itself is run by Bernard Baruch, a Wall Street speculator with close personal and business ties to the merchant of death Guggenheims and to robber baron E.H. Harriman. Baruch personally handles Harriman's Wall Street manipulations.

In 1918, Bush is made director of the Facilities Division of the War Industries Board reporting to Baruch and to Baruch's assistant, Wall Street private banker and another Nazi financier-to be, Clarence Dillon nee Lapowski.

Robert S. Lovett, the President of the Harrimans' Union Pacific Railroad, chief counsel to E.H. Harriman, executor of his will and yet another Nazi-financier-to-be is placed in charge of national production and purchase "priorities" for the WIB.

And, by amazing coincidence, yet another Nazi financier-to-be, John Foster Dulles, will soon join the WIB.

War+Industries+Board+US hitler projectAnd, to round out what will become the Hitler Project Team, Samuel Pryor, executive committee chairman of Remington Arms, which will supply arms to the Nazi brownshirts for Hitler's takeover of Germany, is also placed on the WIB.

The War Industries Board, aside from its primary purpose of transferring wealth from ordinary Americans to the ruling class families, seems to have functioned as a training ground and private club for the men who would later orchestrate the takeover of Germany by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and plunge the world into the horrors of the Second World War.

All of the sections of the War Industries Board are manned by executives of the very corporations the Board is supposed to be controlling. The Locomotive Section consists entirely of executives of the locomotive manufacturing industry. The Shoe and Leather Section consists of eight people, all of them from shoe or leather companies. The same applies to the Woolen Manufactures Section, the Cement Section, the Copper Section and the Steel Section. In fact, each and every Section of the War Industries Board is little more than a private club of the very industrialists the Board is supposed to be exercising control over.

The most outrageous example of corporate control of the War Industries board is the Oil Section, the chairman of which is the president of the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil, a company which has just been found guilty of massive anti trust violations and is now officially directing a part of the work of the government of the United States.

Under the direction of the War Industries Board, vast amounts of the U.S. taxpayers' money ends up in the hands of well-connected weapons makers and the holders of certain raw materials and patents.

The profits of the U.S. ruling class skyrocket. Dupont's profits grow by more than a thousand percent and the merchant of death reaps further huge benefits from the taxpayers in the form of massive subsidies to build factories and chemical plants which it will profit from long after the war is over.

The stock of Bethlehem Steel soars by two thousand percent. General Motors stock (owned largely by the Duponts) increases in value by almost one thousand percent.

And, of course, there is the usual round of scams and disappearing money. More than a billion dollars of the taxpayers' money
is spent, supposedly to purchase combat aircraft, and yet not one is delivered, as later investigation will reveal.

czar+nicholas-ii1917-1991: RUSSIA/SOVIET UNION. In pre-Revolutionary Russia, every single square inch of land, every particle of mineral wealth and every drop of oil is the personal property of the Romanov family and, of course, that is the way it had been ordained by our good friend, the Lord God Almighty, according to the Romanovs.

God+ProhibitedThe Rockefellers, being one step above God, don't accept this arbitrary distribution of wealth by a divine being and are having wet dreams about getting their hands on all that lovely Russian oil. Congressional testimony will later reveal that the Rockefellers sent large sums of money to Lenin and Trotsky in an attempt to topple the Czar by instigating and controlling the first Communist Revolution in 1905.

Rockefeller banker, Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb, sends a personal emissary, George Kennan, to Russia where he spends some twenty years promoting revolution. Funding for the Bolshevik Revolution is also provided by the Warburg banks, the Morgan family's Guaranty Trust and the Harrimans. Funny old world, isn't it?

The Czar finally abdicates and when his successors are overthrown, Leon Trotsky is sent to Russia by that murdering old bastard, John D. Rockefeller, who obtains a special faked passport for Trotsky from the Wilson regime and provides Leon with $10,000 in cash for expenses.

In 1922, Averell Harriman and Herbert W. Walker, maternal great grandfather of George W. Bush, set up their European headquarters office in Berlin. U.S. war crimes prosecutor John Loftus will later state that the Harrimans were behind a Communist-Soviet front which sold the Czar’s gold in order to support the Bolsheviks and fund the Russian Revolution.

According to Loftus, Averell Harriman also merrily did business, through Brown Brothers, Harriman and Harriman Fifteen Corporation subsidiaries, with Joseph Stalin as he murdered his opposition by the millions.

Walker and Harriman enter into deals with the new Soviet dictatorship and lead a group of Wall Street speculators who re-start the Russian oil industry which had been devastated by the Revolution.

They contract to mine Soviet iron ore and manganese, an element essential in modern steelmaking. The deals are arranged directly with Leon Trotsky, then with Feliks Dzerzhinsky, founder of the KGB, and continued under the murderous regime of Joseph Stalin. The Russian raw materials go to the Thyssen steel interests, a major part of the Rockefeller-Harriman-Walker-Bush axis in financing and arming Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and arranging his takeover of Germany.

To save transportation costs on the Russian iron ore and on the coal needed to smelt it, Harriman looks for a site in eastern Poland for a smelter and decides on the coal fields of Silesia, on the banks of the Vistula river in Poland. From there a canal can be dug to ship iron ore and manganese cheaply from Russia.

The name of the Polish town picked for this triumph of capitalism was Oswieczim. In years to come, it will be better known by its German name: Auschwitz.

1917-ongoing: UNITED STATES. After Woodrow “Making The World Safe For Hypocrisy” Wilson does his little flip flop on The Great War, it’s time to whip the American public into line. A week after Wilson’s declaration of war, he creates the imaginatively named Committee on Public Information (CPI) to propagandize the war and, quite literally, to mass brainwash America. It marks the beginning of scientifically based mass mind control in America.

George+Creel+CPI+committee+for+public+information+brainwash+propagandaThe CPI, headed by one of Wilson’s personal cronies, a publicist named George Creel, is made up of carefully selected people from the emerging film and advertising industries as well as from academia, psychology, the press, the music industry and the art world. The CPI is designed to “protect the control and management of American society” by “a technical elite who would serve established power”. The Wilson regime's ministry of propaganda and manipulation immediately identifies the basic methods by which it will control the minds of the American masses: appeal to emotion while largely ignoring truth or logic, replace facts with symbols, demonize the "enemy" and promise a war which will "make the world safe for democracy". Astute MTWSFH readers will notice how much things change over the years.
A newer and subtler instrument must weld thousands and even millions of human beings into one amalgamated mass of hate and will and hope. A new flame must burn out the canker of dissent and temper the steel of bellicose enthusiasm. The name of this new hammer and anvil of social solidarity is propaganda. Harold Lasswell
Edward+Bernays propaganda mind controlThe CPI’s top mind control expert is Edward Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud, who applies old Sigmund's work to the art of mass mind control by blending modern advertising techniques with a profound understanding of individual and mass psychology. The basic techniques of mind control used by the CPI are old ones, employed successfully by the ruling elite during the American Revolution, the Spanish American War and countless other events. But, now, there are enormously powerful new tools to employ in the controlling of the American mind: radio and movies and, in a few decades, the most powerful brainwashing and disinformation tool of them all will appear, television. The creation of the CPI by Wilson marks a turning point in world history. The control of the perceptions, thoughts and beliefs of entire populations is now not only possible, but remarkably easy. Bernays calls it the "engineering of consent".
Those who manipulate the unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. In almost every act of our lives whether in the sphere of politics or business in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind. Edward Bernays
world-war-i-poster+ANTI-GERMAN+PROPAGANDAAs Bernays recognized, the most powerful tool with which to control a population is fear and an easily indentifiable, dehumanized enemy is needed to provoke that fear. Within a few months, by flooding the U.S. with anti-German hate literature, images, movies and music, the CPI has successfully transformed the U.S. from a nation consisting largely of isolationists to a gang of rabid and terrified Hun haters lusting for blood.
So great are the psychological resistances to war in modern nations that every war must appear to be a war of defense against a menacing, murderous aggressor. Harold Lasswell
The key to the CPI’s mind control program is the dehumanization and demonization of the German people and this includes German-Americans who fall victim to murderous “patriots” in large numbers. Under George Creel, the CPI invents countless fake stories of German atrocities. The tame mass media obediently carry the CPI's lies including ones of poisoned candy being dropped by German airplanes for children, German soldiers killing babies and skewering them on bayonets, the raping of Belgian nuns by Germans, Germans cutting the ears from corpses, German soldiers giving children hand-grenades to play with and Germans infecting God-fearing Americans with tuberculosis.

hun+anti+german+hate+baby+angel+bayonet+cpi+committee+public+informationAt first, most Americans see that the atrocity propaganda being pumped out by the CPI is nothing but absurd fabrication and refer to the practice as “Creeling” in honor of the CPI’s chief liar. But, in a few short months, the lies have been so thoroughly and repetitively distributed through every channel of communication in the United States that the vast majority of Americans accept the lies as being true.

Our effort was educational and informative throughout, for we had such confidence in our case as to feel that no other argument was needed than the simple, straightforward presentation of the facts. George Creel
world+war+one+propaganda+poster+liberty+bonds+beat+back+the+hun+anti+germanWilon’s Committee On Public Information carries out psychological warfare against the people of the United States on a scale unprecedented in human history and with a degree of success of which Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels could only dream. The CPI is organized into nineteen divisions, each focused on a particular type of propaganda. Teams of advertising experts and psychologists flood every possible means of communication in the U.S. with the goal of engendering hatred of everything German and making support of every aspect of the war the only possible option for a “patriotic” American. Public figures such as John Dewey and Walter Lippmann are recruited to give the CPI’s propaganda credibility.

4 four minute men cpi committee for public information propaganda bernaysThe CPI creates the Four Minute Men, 75,000 volunteer speakers in 5,200 communities, who deliver the CPI’s propaganda to their neighbors and to church congregations. The CPI’s psychologists target various demographic segments of the American public with tailor-made propaganda. Foreign language speakers are used to target immigrants, farmers are used to sell the war to farmers, businessmen are used to convince other businessmen of the recently discovered virtue of the war. In all, the CPI’s speakers give more than seven million speeches provoking hatred and fear of Germany and Germans to more than three hundred million people. After many of the speeches, mobs form and attack German-American homes and businesses.

world war one propaganda poster bernaysThe CPI’s mind control experts are very well aware that graphic images are often more powerful propaganda tools than words and the Division of Pictorial Publicity recruits top advertising illustrators and cartoonists who work closely with publicity experts in the Advertising Division to provide propaganda via the print media, most notably posters and illustrations and advertising in magazines and newspapers in which they are given free space by cooperative publishers. Virtually every mainstream publication in the U.S. carries a substantial quota of CPI propaganda. Emotionally powerful posters, frequently painted in patriotic colors, are plastered on billboards across the country urging the sacrifice of money or a son or life itself for the war.

The CPI’s Division of News, distributes over six thousand press releases and becomes the primary provider of war “news” to the American mass media and therefore the American people. In a typical week, over twenty thousand newspaper columns in the U.S. are filled with material provided by the CPI.

Aware of the fact that many newspaper readers pay scant attention to the “news” items it has planted, the CPI creates the Division of Syndicated Features and recruits leading novelists, short story writers and essayists to deliver the CPI’s propaganda in those forms. The CPI estimates that more than twelve million Americans read the Syndicated Features Division’s propaganda every month throughout the war.

CPI+Anti-german+propaganda+hate+cartoon+committee+for+public+informationFor those even less interested in the written word, those Americans who skip right past the CPI’s “news” and features to the funny pages, Bernays and the boys create a cartoon division which plants enormous amounts of CPI propaganda in cartoon pages and supplements. The division’s stated goal is to “mobilize and direct the scattered cartoon power of the country for constructive war work.” The cartoon propaganda achieves new heights in anti-German hatemongering. The evil Huns of the cartoons have snouts, tusks, hairy faces, red eyes and fangs. In the cartoons, the Germans render human corpses for fat, steal everything in sight, murder randomly and rape innocent maidens by the thousand.

over there anti german propaganda song world war one bernaysOne of the CPI's nineteen divisions uses popular music as part of its mass mind control program. The CPI hires thousands of song writers who create songs with anti-German lyrics. Sheet music of the CPI songs is printed and distributed complete with illustrations of evil, grotesque Huns. Among the composers is Irving Berlin who had been born Israel Isidore Baline. Curiously, Berlin didn't abandon his adopted, very German name in an environment where frankfurters had become “liberty sausages” and dachshunds had become “liberty dogs”. Perhaps Berlin calculated that, in the United States, it was better to have a "German" name, even in the midst of the CPI's anti-German hate campaign, than a Jewish one.

The CPI’s Division of Civic and Educational Cooperation uses tame scholars to write anti-German propaganda pamphlets with titles such as The German Whisper, German War Practices and Conquest and Kultur.

The CPI manipulates the nation’s librarians into becoming censors. They quickly adopt the CPI’s concept that it is their “duty” to protect patrons from “disloyal” material. “Pro-German” and pacifist books are removed from library shelves and replaced with CPI propaganda. Works by great German writers such as Goethe and Schiller are purged from American libraries. Libraries even play a role in the CPI’s Americanization Registration Program. Thousands of cards are distributed to immigrants through libraries and then returned with signatures to the CPI’s Division of Work With The Foreign Born.

The CPI uses newspaper advertising campaigns to target the three million non-English speaking men eligible for the draft and, in a country already chock-a-block with organizations sporting falsified purposes and deceptive names, creates yet another, the League of Oppressed Nations, which supposedly represents the various "ethnic loyalty" groups in the U.S. but is, of course, nothing more or less than another propaganda tool of the Wilson regime via the CPI.

The Wilson regime’s mass mind control apparatus specifically targets its psychological warfare against American women, afraid that they “might constitute a subversive element in the nation, detrimental to wartime unity and the smooth functioning of selective service.” In plain English, they might not want their husbands and sons slaughtered in Europe for the futher enrichment of the Morgans, Rockefellers, Carnegies, Duponts et al and we can't be havin' none of that.

ww1+propaganda+poster+u.s.Prominent women peace activists, including Helen Keller, Carrie Chapman Catt, Jane Addams and Kate Richards O'Hare are being heard and the CPI must silence them and counter their anti-war message. The CPI wants to motivate women to stay quietly at home practicing food conservation, growing food and willingly sending their sons off to kill and die. The CPI forms alliances with the publishers of American women’s magazines, most importantly with The Ladies’ Home Journal. The CPI effectively controls much of the content and many of the covers of the influential magazine, which obediently extols sacrifice, thrift and a willingness to send sons to the recently repositioned war. The CPI’s Four Minute Men establish a women’s division to speak to women’s groups to counter resistance to the war among women.

cpi+comittee+for+public+information+bernays+creel+film+propaganda+under+four+flagsMoving images can be even more powerful than still ones, a fact that the CPI’s brainwashers are quick to exploit. American film makers seek respectability by giving almost unlimited support to the Wilson war machine. A 1917 editorial in The Motion Picture News proclaims, "every individual at work in this industry wants to do his share" and promises that "through slides, film leaders and trailers, posters and newspaper publicity they will spread that propaganda so necessary to the immediate mobilization of the country's great resources."

cpi+propaganda+film+cpi+comittee+for+public+information+bernays+creel+film+propaganda+pershing%27s+crusadersThe industry quickly pumps out outrageous anti-German hate propaganda such as The Kaiser: The Beast of Berlin, The Claws of the Hun, The Prussian Cur and Wolves of Kultur. Most of the films portray fictitious atrocities by Germans and include some of the completely false atrocity tales invented by the CPI including Germans murdering babies and various rape stories, in spite of denials of their accuracy by the U.S. War Department and American generals. Among the top Hollywood producers of anti-German, pro-war propaganda is D.W. Griffith, producer of the movie lauding the Ku Klux Klan, Birth of a Nation, one of Woodrow Wilson’s favorite films. Aside from the Hollywood output, the CPI’s Films Division itself produces over sixty official films seen by an average of eighty million people every week.

cpi+committee+public+information+bernays+anti+german+hate+brainwash+first+world+warBut nothing illustrates the Wilson regime’s utter moral bankruptcy in its successful quest to mass brainwash America as well as the use CPI psychologists make of American children to spread anti-German hatred to other children, at least those who aren't busy slaving away in mines and factories. Schoolboy “Four Minute Men” speak in their schools delivering CPI propaganda to their classmates. Travelling CPI sideshows with puported French officers deliver fabricated German atrocity stories to school children. Thousands of children’s books, including mysteries, comics and adventures, are published containing anti-German hate propaganda.

world+war+one+poster+recruit+propaganda+cpi+committee+for+public+information+child+girlThe CPI creates the Anti-Yellow Dog League, a vigilante group for children with about a thousand branches nationally, all based in public schools. Eligible for membership are boys tens years and older who are urged to “search out disloyalty” and to “bark” when a “yellow dog” is suspected. American schools enthusiastically cooperate in the “hunts”. Some children go further in their quest to be “patriotic” and attack German-Americans. In St. Louis, children stone the daily deliveries of a German grocer. The children are congratulated by the local newspaper for “doing their duty”.

boy-scouts-usa+cpi+committee+for+public+information+propaganda+bernays+poster+world+war+oneMinisters of the Christian religion are eager to cooperate in warmongering and spreading the CPI’s propagada in their sermons and, as the adults listen to the Word of God (or at least of Edward Bernays) praising the war and damning the Germans, the children get their own dose of anti-German hate at Sunday School with “Beat-up the Hun" coloring books. Libraries sponsor "story hours" for thousands of children using pro-war propaganda supplied directly by the CPI. After the war, the U.S. government gives its thanks to the nation’s kiddies “for their loyal service in wartime” by distributing fifteen million piggy banks made from disengaged hand grenades to them. You just can’t make this shit up.

Not only did the CPI spew out millions of pieces of propaganda, it enforced a form of self-censorship in the U.S. mass media by implementing "voluntary guidelines". As they do to this day, American journalists obediently comply with censorship and news control in order to remain in the government “information loop”. Publications outside the controlled mass media are effectively destroyed by Wilson’s war on freedom of speech and freedom of the press in America.

Edward+Bernays-1928-+book+propaganda+cpi+committee+for+public+informationTwo books written by the CPI's master propagandist, Edward Bernays, Propaganda and The Engineering of Consent, remain key textbooks of the manipulation and control of the public by the ruling elite. The mass mind control techniques of Bernays have been in continuous use in the U.S. since the great democrat Woodrow Wilson introduced them in 1917. Only the object of our fear and loathing is changed from time to time to suit the requirements of the ruling elite. Ironically, Bernays, who was Jewish, will live to see the techniques he developed to incite anti-German hatred used to great effect by Josef Goebbels to incite anti-Jewish hatred.
If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it. Edward Bernays

american+protective+league+apl+vigilante+anti+german+hate+apl1917-1918: UNITED STATES. Woodrow “Making The World Safe For Hypocrisy” Wilson’s propaganda fuehrer, George Creel, comes up with the bright idea of using private vigilante groups for surveillance and control of the American population. The result is the so-called American Protective League (APL) formed by a Chicago advertising executive with the support of wealthy businessmen who, purely coincidentally, stand to profit from the war. The vigilantes are designated an auxiliary of J. Edna Hoover’s Bureau of Investigation, the precursor to the FBI.

The APL's network of vigilantes ("the web") expands throughout the U.S. until it has over three hundred thousand members in six hundred cities reporting to a National Board of Directors. Each vigilante carries a card and badge showing that he is connected to the U.S. Department of Justice even though the APL is a private club with no standing under law whatsoever. With no training, control or discipline by the federal government, the APL is, in fact, a privately-run American Gestapo, the supposed goal of which is to “ferret out slackers (draft dodgers) and German spies and relieve the government of preliminary investigation and collecting evidence.”

american+protective+league+apl+vigilante+anti+german+hateAt first, the APL targets “aliens”, as non-citizens are so delightfully called in the United States, and opponents of the war. Over time, the APL expands its activities until it is spying on thousands of ordinary American citizens, collecting domestic intelligence for the War Department. In the process, the APL violates the civil liberties and Constitutional rights of countless hundreds of thousands of Americans, especially those associated with labor and anti-war movements. APL members detain Americans for the crime of being “too German”. In the spring of 1918, mass arrests begin. Ultimately, the APL will conduct more than forty thousand citizens' arrests and carry out uncounted lynchings, beatings and banishments.

With the blessing of Hoover and the Bureau of Investigation, the APL Gestapo operates completely outside the law, as does the BI itself. The AFL, with the connivance of U.S. postmasters, examines Americans’ mail and even recruits postmasters to report “suspicious” behavior among their customers.

The APL merges with existing vigilante groups such as the Minute Men of Seattle which had ruthlessly suppressed the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) on behalf of employers. Within months, the Minute Men have amassed files on almost seven thousand people in the city of Seattle alone.

The APL is assisted in its patriotic endeavors by state "Committees of Public Safety" (CPS) which have considerable power to "direct" the war efforts of each state. Appropriately enough, the term Committee of Public Safety was originated in revolutionary France during the Reign of Terror to designate the body responsible for denunciations, speedy trials and executions .

In post-revolutionary America, the Committees of Public Safety are invariably run by businessmen who are profiting from the war. The committees are ruthless in their victimization and oppression of German-Americans and anyone who doesn't display sufficient "patriotism" as defined by the political commissars of the CPS. The Committees routinely spy on German-Americans, farmers and labor groups.

The Minnesota Committee of Public Safety which affiliates itself with the AFL, attacks Swedish and German immigrants, opposes the formation of a farmers group wanting more government control of the economy and attempts to depose the socialist mayor of Minneapolis. A Minnesota CPS member goes before a Senate committee to urge the formation of firing squads which "should work overtime” to deal with the AFL’s victims.

CPI+Anti-german+propaganda+hate+cartoon+committee+for+public+information+creel.jpgOther state and local organizations are eager partners with the federal government and the APL in both the denial of civil rights and the massive psychological warfare campaign being waged against the American people, distributing millions of pieces of propaganda and spreading false atrocity stories. States ban the use of any language but English. Armed militias are created. Loyalty oaths are made mandatory. The organizations cooperate with the APL in making raids on the homes of individuals, newspaper offices and union headquarters.

So called Loyalty Bureaus, also nothing but private vigilante groups, spy on Americans, "sniffing out" those suspected of being insufficiently "patriotic". The bureaus pressure local governments to pass their own repressive "anti-sedition" laws. Americans are coerced into signing "Loyalty Pledge Cards" and to inform on fellow citizens who question the war. Individuals are beaten and tarred and feathered. Publications are driven out of business. Sure glad we're fightin' that war over there for freedom and liberty.

1917-1918: UNITED STATES. Woodrow “Making The World Safe For Hypocrisy” Wilson, a fan of the Ku Klux Klan who, in one of his first acts as president, had mandated apartheid throughout the federal government, decides he's gotta get all them niggers on board for the war. His ministry of propaganda, the Committee on Public Information (CPI) leaves no rock unturned in its quest for total mass mind control in America and intimidates black leaders into using black media to support his regime's flip flop on the war.

World+War+ONe+propaganda+poster+cpi+lynching+hypocrisy+cpiIn one of its greatest twistings of the fabric of reality, the CPI, allegedly concerned with “Negro subversion”, attributes racial unrest in the United States to the "influence of German propaganda" rather than to slavery, wholesale lynching, repeated pogroms against blacks, official apartheid and endemic racism. Among the many fronts in Wilson's offensive against black Americans is the creation of a military intelligence unit to spy on blacks and a campaign to "encourage" prominent blacks to support the war, threatening and intimidating those expressing a "dangerous" anti-war viewpoint.

1917-ongoing: UNITED STATES. While Woodrow Wilson claims to be eager to “make the world safe for democracy”, that does not include the United States of America where, within a few months of his declaration of war, Wilson has, like Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, instituted a fascist regime in which freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of the press are but distant memories. The primary tools of oppression are the Sedition Act and the Espionage Act. It is now a crime to say, write or publish anything “critical” of ze government or even, and I'm not making this up, its "symbols". Don't be makin' fun of no eagles now.

Punishment for attempting to exercise freedom of speech in the United States of America is a fine of up to $10,000 (at a time when the typical factory worker might make fifty cents an hour) or twenty years in prison. The power to suppress free speech and freedom of assembly under the acts is largely delegated to private vigilante groups, most notoriously the American Protective League, but there are lots of others.

The Espionage Act is used to silence and imprison Americans who speak out or write against the war and to harass and silence activists, union organizers, socialists and mouthy "aliens". Two months after the law is passed, a socialist named Charles Schenck is arrested in Philadelphia for printing and distributing fifteen thousand leaflets which denounce the draft law and the war. In a hopelessly futile gesture, the leaflet recites the Thirteenth Amendment provision against "involuntary servitude", asserting that the Conscription Act violates the Constitution.

Constitution or no Constitution, Schenck is indicted, tried, found guilty and sentenced to six months in jail for violating the Espionage Act.

Schenck appeals all the way to the Supreme Court, arguing that the Act, by prohibiting free speech and writing, violates the First Amendment of the Constitution: "Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press...." it says and that seems pretty cut and dried but the U.S. Supreme Court decides that no doesn't really mean no and unanimously rejects Schenck's appeal. The decision condemning Schenk to prison for the crime of speaking in America is written by the Court's most famous "liberal", Oliver Wendell Holmes.

banned in the USA censorshipAmong the powers of oppression encompassed in the Espionage Act is the censorship of the mails in the land of the free: "Every letter, writing, circular, postal card, picture, print, engraving, photograph, newspaper, pamphlet, book, or other publication, matter or thing of any kind containing any matter which is intended to obstruct the recruiting or enlistment service of the United States is hereby declared to be non-mailable." Every one of the 125,000 postmasters in the land of the free is now a fully fledged censor with authority to prevent the mailing of anything which, in his judgment, will "obstruct the recruiting or enlistment service."

In no time at all, large elements of the U.S. press, that part not controlled by the merchants of death, banking and oil interests strangely enough, is effectively shut down. The Cleveland Socialist, the Detroit Socialist, the Texas Rebel, the International Socialist Review, the American Socialist and Emma Goldman's Mother Earth, long used to being banned from the U.S. Mail for its non-traditional content, and many other independent publications are denied the use of the mails and silenced.

Espionage+Act+Perfect+Soldier+cartoon+massesThe Espionage Act is used to shut down forever the progressive magazine, The Masses, which features material by some of the leading activists, writers and artists of the day including Helen Keller, Carl Sandburg and Upton Sinclair. Among the items too dangerous for the inmates of the world's greatest democracy to see is the cartoon at right which shows an Army medical examiner who says, "At last, a perfect soldier." Hell, we're busy fightin' for freedom and liberty here, we can't be havin' no free speech.

Local and state officials are just as eager as the federal government to suppress free speech and free assembly in America. Meeting halls are closed, street speaking is prohibited, socialist organizations and International Workers of the World (IWW) locals are raided. Those who criticize the oppressors are, of course, denounced as traitors. Thousands are arrested for minor infractions including walking into an exclusion zone or living in an exclusion zone. Conscientious objectors, socialists and anyone who questions the war so recently repositioned by the Wilson regime are subject to arrest.

The Espionage Act provides the ideal tool to continue the destruction of the Industrial Workers of the World and any hope of a truly effective labor movement in the U.S. Federal agents raid Industrial Workers of the World headquarters in forty eight cities. More than a hundred and fifty people are accused of trying to "cause insubordination, disloyalty, and refusal of duty in the military and naval forces" contrary to the provisions of the Act. A hundred people are convicted and given prison sentences varying from ten days to twenty years.

One man is jailed for three years for calling the war a "rich man's war". A pacifist who refuses to buy war bonds spends more than two years in jail. An opponent of the war is arrested for espionage because he "assaulted" a hawker of war bonds. The Secretary of State of Wisconsin receives a thirty month sentence in federal prison for referring to the YMCA and the Red Cross as “a bunch of grafters". A minister of the German Reformed Church is charged with sedition when he says that German cultural traditions should be respected.

Activist Kate Richards O'Hare continues to give anti-war and socialist lectures throughout the U.S. although she is well aware that she is under surveillance by the Gestapo (sorry, the U.S. government). Free speech being strictly verboten in ze land of ze free, O’Hare is charged with interfering with the U.S. enlistment/recruitment service by speaking, and is sentenced to five years in jail.

Author, sociologist and activist Jane Addams, a conscientious objector, dares to exercise her theoretical free speech rights and speaks out against the war. For her temerity, Addams is expelled from the Daughters of the American Revolution and homosexual crossdresser and blackmailer cum BI Director J. Edna Hoover, labels her “the most dangerous woman in America”.

Helen Keller is a wonderfully articulate opponent of the war and of the economic system which oppresses so many to enrich so few. Inevitably, in the world’s greatest democracy, she is held under surveillance by the J. Edna Hoover's Bureau of Investigation and the surveillance goes on for decades after the end of World War One.
The few who profit from the labor of the masses want to organize the workers into an army which will protect the interests of the capitalists. You are urged to add to the heavy burdens you already bear the burden of a larger army and many additional warships. It is in your power to refuse to carry the artillery and the dreadnoughts and to shake off some of the burdens, too, such as limousines, steam yachts and country estates......Congress is not preparing to defend the people of the United States. It is planning to protect the capital of American speculators....

Incidentally, this preparation will benefit the manufacturers of munitions and war machines....Our flourishing industry in implements of murder is filling the vaults of New York's banks with gold. And a dollar that is not being used to make a slave of some human being is not fulfilling its purpose in the capitalistic scheme.....What a price to pay for an abstraction, the lives of millions of young men; other millions crippled and blinded for life; existence made hideous for still more millions of human beings; the achievement and inheritance of generations swept away in a moment and nobody better off for all the misery!

This terrible sacrifice would be comprehensible if the thing you die for and call country fed, clothed, housed and warmed you, educated and cherished your children.......The workers have no liberties of their own; they are not free when they are compelled to work twelve or ten or eight hours a day. They are not free when they are ill paid for their exhausting toil. They are not free when their children must labor in mines, mills and factories or starve, and when their women may be driven by poverty to lives of shame. They are not free when they are clubbed and imprisoned because they go on strike for a raise of wages and for the elemental justice that is their right as human beings. Helen Keller
The Wilson regime holds back from throwing the blind and deaf Keller into the slammer, doubtless advised by propaganda maven Edward Bernays that this might not be a good move propaganda-wise.

In total, more than two thousand people are charged under the acts and receive sentences averaging nineteen months for attempting to exercise freedom of speech in the United States. Many of the convictions are based on casual comments made in taverns and many of the victims are "fingered" by neighbors who are after their real estate.

The Espionage Act, rubber stamped by the Supreme Court, has remained on the U.S. lawbooks since 1917 and, although it is supposed to apply only in wartime, has been continuously in force since 1950, because the U.S. has, conveniently enough, been in a "state of emergency" every minute of every day since the Korean War.

u.s.+flag+woodrow+wilson+make+the+world+safe+for+democracy+hypocrisy1917-1918: UNITED STATES. All the faux patriotism, not to mention fear, being generated by the CPI’s propaganda isn’t just good for the weapons biz. It results in a greatly increased demand for American flags by those keen to show their “patriotism” or perhaps just to avoid being tarred and feathered or lynched. Also driving the increased demand for flags is the coercion of workers to contribute to the cost of flags at their places of employment. If the workers refuse to ante up, they’re fired.

1917-1920: UNITED STATES. It’s axiomatic that the American ruling class always provides the American people with an enemy to hate. A good juicy enemy justifies both the transfer of vast sums of money from those Americans who actually pay taxes to the members of the ruling class for “defense” and simultaneously provides the opportunity and means to sabotage freedom in America so no one gets the chance to upset the apple cart. The Wilson regime’s belated entry into World War One provides a textbook opportunity for the U.S. government to incite fear and hatred of a new enemy and it does so at a speed and with a ferocity unprecedented in history, ushering in a new and frightening age in mass mind control.

Germans constitute one of the major immigrant groups in the United States and had always been highly regarded for their technical skills and industriousness. When the Wilson regime declares war on Germany, there are just under three million people of German birth in the U.S. and many more Americans of German descent.

The Wilson regime’s vitriolic anti-German hate propaganda, conducted by the Committee on Public Information using sophisticated psychological principles combined with almost total control of the American mass media, is astonishingly successful. The seeds of the anti-German hate campaign fall on fertile ground. Anti-German hysteria is created almost overnight by the CPI’s team of mind control experts.

Exclusion zones are created in America in which those people of German descent are prohibited. German “aliens” are arrested and interned. By October 1917, almost a thousand people have been seized and put in concentration camps. Local authorities take it on themselves to jail people of German descent and the number incarcerated continues to grow. The arrests continue even after the war has ended, the "Justice" Department insisting that the U.S. be "cleansed" of the approximately five thousand people of German descent it had interned. The camps are finally closed in 1920. A third of the inmates are allowed to remain in the U.S. The remainder are deported. Thousands of lives are are shattered and families destroyed.

America’s racist war against everything German spreads to every aspect of life. Legal action is brought to eliminate the German language from American schools. Twenty seven states and many cities ban instruction in and of German. Schools which continue to teach German are attacked by mobs incited to violence by the CPI. In Fergus, Montana, a mob of five hundred surrounds a school while other members of the mob go inside and seize German language books. The books are then burned as the mob sings The Star Spangled Banner. The principal of the school is forced to kiss the U.S. flag and proclaim his loyalty to the world’s loudest demockracy. The Wisconsin National Guard, ever vigilant in its defense of freedom, burns German language textbooks. Schools whose German books aren’t burned quietly dispose of them.

Sorry, wrong book burning, but you get the idea.

Using German in church is banned, a law which will be enforced even after the end of the war. Speaking in German in public is now verboten in ze land of ze free. In some areas, German is banned on phone lines. Five women in Iowa are arrested for speaking German on the telephone. They are fined $225. German and Austrian books and music are removed from libraries throughout the U.S. A Chicago women's organization, the Use Nothing German Club smashes and burns “products of Hunland” to display their “patriotism”. Under the heading of German Enemy Aliens, American newpapers print blacklists of local German-Americans, including their addresses to facilitate harassment. American newspapers endorse shooting “traitors” and “curing treason and disloyalty by firing squad”.
Millions of men and women of German birth and native sympathy live amongst us....Should there be any disloyalty it will be dealt with a firm hand of repression. Woodrow Wilson
A German-American is shot to death by a soldier while taking photographs because he “looked like a German spy". An Austrian is found clubbed to death in Iowa. A "County Council of Defense" "officer" shoots and kills "alien enemy" Joseph Sring, after he allegedly makes an “unpatriotic” statement within the hearing of a “patriot”. The killer goes free. When Bulgarian Steven Ivanoff comments about the Sring killing, he is shot to death by a policeman who also goes free. In California, a German-American tailor is hanged by the so-called "Knights of Liberty". A mob in Oklahoma seizes Henry Rheimer from police custody, forces him to kiss each star of the U.S. flag and then hangs him with an electrical cord. In Denver, Colorado, Fritz Seitz is tied to a truck with a sign reading "The Kaiser" and paraded through town followed by a mob. He is taken from the truck and a rope placed around his neck. He arrives at hospital in critical condition. When he recovers, Seitz is jailed for inciting a riot.
We will teach these gentlemen once and for all that loyalty to this flag is the first test of tolerance in the United States. Woodrow Wilson
The Fergus, Montana High School is burned down by a mob of American "patriots" because German classes were being given in the school. A real estate broker who is accused of making “disloyal” statements is seized by a mob who judge him guilty of sedition and force him to carry the U.S. flag for three city blocks.
Those inclined to tantalize a community by holding out against the Red Cross, refusing to buy Liberty bonds and declining to sign Loyalty Pledge cards are placing themselves on dangerous ground. Indignation will develop to such an extent that “due process of law” will not be a feature in the punishment handed out to them. Harvey County Council of Defense, Kansas
Yellow stripes are painted on the doors of German Methodists should they be tardy in buying war bonds. Four men, one of them a priest, are tarred and feathered in Illinois. Grave markers with German names are vandalized across the U.S. In Sprague, Washington a mob forces a German-American to kneel and kiss the U.S. flag and then to eat a "seditious" book found in his home. The book is of German poetry.

A Lutheran Pastor is whipped for preaching in German. A mob breaks into another minister's office and sets his German books on fire. Another German is beaten for preaching in German while another is publicly flogged for making comments about local war committees. A professor is kidnapped, tarred and feathered and left alone on a road naked.

Mennonites are particularly targeted for persecution by the Christian “patriots”. Aside from their German background, Mennonites are barred by their religious beliefs from supporting war, anyone's war. The skull and crossbones is painted on Mennonite church doors in America. A Mennonite flour mill is forced out of business when rumors are circulated that there are glass chips in the flour it produces. When a Mennonite farmer refuses to buy Liberty Bonds or salute the flag on religious grounds, the mob besieging his farm beats him, pours yellow paint on him and then tries to hang him. In the surreal world of Woodrow Wilson’s fascist America, the man is then charged with violating the Espionage Act.

Local “defense” councils threaten and intimidate anyone whose isn’t sufficiently pro-war for their taste, particularly German-Americans. In Iowa, two Evangelical Lutheran ministers are brought before the county "council of defense" who tie ropes around their necks and drag them to the public square where they barely escape lynching.

Large numbers of German-Americans are convicted of imaginary crimes under the Sedition Act. It will be almost ninety years before many of them receive posthumous pardons. German-American farms, homes and businesses are destroyed. Membership in German social, cultural and political organizations plummets. Many German-Americans stop speaking German, even in their own homes and change their names.

RUSSIA: 1917-1918. Outside the U.S., Woodrow Wilson’s propaganda ministry, the Committee on Public Information, operates in nine foreign countries, spreading its anti-German hate campaign. In Russia, CPI psychologists use all the tricks in their arsenal of deception, distributing millions of propaganda leaflets. But the most effective CPI tool in Russia is film. Large numbers of them are engineered from start to finish to engender hatred of everything German. Violence against ethnic Germans and the destruction or theft of their homes, farms and businesses in Russia becomes commonplace.

1917-1933: CUBA.
The young John Foster Dulles works for the robber barons' favorite law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell, and is already up to his tie pin in conspiracies. His uncle, U.S. Secretary of State Robert Lansing, ensures that young John Foster doesn't end up in the trenches with the poor American boys being conscripted. He is, instead, commissioned as a captain in military intelligence and flies a desk for the War Trade Board. But naturally, Dulles, even while wearing a U.S. Army uniform is really still working for the robber barons, not the United States of America.

Dulles recommends installing a new dictator in Cuba for the greater benefit of the thirteen Sullivan and Cromwell clients who have "acquired" huge sugar interests there. Woodrow Wilson refuses to overthrow that particular government, choosing instead to invade Cuba with 1,600 Marines to "protect American sugar interests". Aside from wartime supply, the invasion and occupation of Cuba will ensure a steady flow of cheap sugar, soon to become a vital raw material for the bootlegging industry so profitable to the Kennedys and others in the U.S. ruling class.

The U.S. occupies Cuba as a colony for twenty six years. During that period, U.S. corporations “acquire” two thirds of Cuba’s agricultural land and almost all of its mineral resources. Crippling tariffs on exports to the U.S. destroy Cuban manufacturing industries, making the country a forced market for U.S. manufactured goods. Only raw sugar, tobacco leaves and unprocessed minerals are allowed into the U.S.

Tame U.S. puppet dictatorships under the occupation, already closely connected to the Mafia, make a fortune from gambling, prostitution and alcohol during Prohibition.

Kaiser+Wilhelm+II1917-1921: UNITED STATES/GERMANY. Getting into practice for his later work on behalf of the Nazis, patrician shyster John Foster Dulles, in the midst of all the anti-German hatred manufactured by the CPI, does great work keeping the German Kaiser Wilhelm II’s assets from being seized by the U.S. Alien Property Custodian during and after The Great War. As a member of the U.S. War Trade Board, Dulles is well-placed to simultaneously commit treason and assist the Kaiser with his little difficulties with the U.S. government.

Bribes are paid all the way up to the U.S. Attorney General, Harry Daugherty. Daugherty is ultimately put on trial. His lawyer makes the futile gesture of pointing out that there is a bigger crook than his client behind the bribery scandal, John Foster Dulles. Nice try but, of course, no one named Dulles will ever go to jail.

1917-1922: SOVIET UNION. Here's a quick quiz. How many times has Russia invaded the U.S.? Answer: 0. How many times has the U.S. invaded Russia? Answer: 5.

U.S.+Marines+Invade+Vladivostok+Russia+1918The United States invades the Soviet Union at Vladivostok with seven thousand troops in the first of five invasions theoretically attempting to overthrow the Russian Revolution and restore the fascist Romanovs to power. What U.S. troops fighting the good fight don't know is that the revolution they are trying to crush has been financed and largely instigated by the rulers of the United States, the Rockefellers, the Harrimans and their clubmates, in a bid to get their hands on Russian oil and mineral wealth.

But the U.S. ruling class never really takes sides in any war. As always, they're happy to make loans and to sell weapons and munitions to both sides. In this case they provide hundreds of millions of dollars worth of weapons to both the Bolsheviks and to the U.S. Army. The more the two sides bang off at each other, the more guns and ammunition the Rockefellers sell and the more money they make. It's just good, sound business.

The attitude of the United States government to the dangerous concept of majority rule and democracy is perfectly summed up in a letter from U.S. Secretary of State, Robert Lansing, to President Woodrow "Making The World Safe For Hypocrisy" Wilson. Lansing writes that the Russian Revolution is "nothing more than an attempt to make the ignorant and incapable mass of humanity dominant in the Earth."

Lansing happens to be the uncle of conspicuous non-combatants John Foster and Allen Dulles, who will shortly put their uncle’s fascist, anti-democratic philosophy into action when they become key figures in organizing and financing the rise of Adolf Hitler and the German Nazi party to take over Germany and then, with a bit of luck, the world, on behalf of American corporate, oil and banking interests.

Statue_of_Liberty_War_Bond_Poster world war one propaganda1917: UNITED STATES. As soon as Woodrow “Making The World Safe For Hypocrisy” Wilson decides it’s time to fight the Hun, Congress authorizes a bond issue of seven billion dollars, the so-called Liberty Loan. The idea is that ordinary Americans will buy Liberty Bonds, and will not only provide billions of dollars to be transferred to the Morgans, Carnegies, Duponts, Rockefellers et al, but will become investors, stakeholders, in the war itself and thereby complicit in it and unquestioning of it.

Wilson's propaganda ministry, the Committee on Public Information (CPI), launches a massive propaganda campaign on multiple fronts promoting the purchase of Liberty Bonds and succeeds in making Americans believe that it is not just unpatriotic but virtually treasonous not to buy the bonds. Employees are coerced into buying bonds by their employers. Neighbors are coerced by neighbors. The CPI even employs children. More than two hundred thousand schools will take part in the Third Liberty Loan Drive. And most appalling of all, the so-called Councils of Defense, established in communities throughout the U.S. to force Americans to support the war, will conduct a nationwide terror campaign, threatening, tarring and feathering and sometimes lynching Americans who, for whatever reason, do not buy or do not buy “enough” Liberty Bonds.

world+war+one+propaganda+poster+liberty+bonds+beat+back+the+hun+anti+germanIn total, the United States will spend $39 billion in actual war costs during its eighteen months of direct participation in The Great War. No one should be surprised that $16 billion or forty one percent of that amount will go as net profit to the merchants of death. How many of the patriotic purchasers of Liberty Bonds realize that forty one cents of every dollar they have struggled to subscribe is going straight into the pockets of the Rockefellers, the Duponts, the Morgans, the Carnegies and their clubmates?

1918: UNITED STATES. During a race riot in Chester, Pennsylvania, three blacks and two whites are killed.

1918: UNITED STATES. Three blacks and one white are killed during a race riot in Philadelphia.

Child+Labor1918-1922: UNITED STATES. The Supreme Court declares unconstitutional a federal child labor law. A new child labor law will be enacted in 1919 and, in 1922, this too will be declared unconstitutional by the touchy, feely Court. Children gotta be free to work in the land of the free.

Banned+in+the+USA+Censorship1918: UNITED STATES. U.S. postal authorities seize copies of James Joyce’s Ulysses. They will do so again in 1930.

1918-1919: MEXICO. The U.S. invades Mexico at least three times in 1918 and six times in 1919 "in pursuit of bandits", a euphemism for interfering in the Mexican Revolution.

1918-ongoing: WORLDWIDE. With a little inducement from the Rockefellers and the Harrimans, the U.S. Congress passes the Web-Pomerene Act which makes American cartels and monopolies outside the borders of the United States perfectly legal as far as the U.S. is concerned. The Act sets the robber barons loose to prey on a war-ravaged world with the blessing of the United States government. Their first target will be Germany.

eugene+debs1918: UNITED STATES. Socialist Eugene Debs is arrested by the forces of freedom and liberty after he visits three Americans in jail for opposing the draft of the poor and the powerless as the Harrimans, Hoovers and Rockefellers evade it. He makes a public speech near the jail where the three are being held.

Debs is a charismatic speaker whose words cut a little close to the bone for the U.S. ruling class: "They tell us that we live in a great free republic; that our institutions are democratic; that we are a free and self-governing people. That is too much, even for a joke. Wars throughout history have been waged for conquest and plunder. The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles."

In the furtherance of free speech in the greatest democracy the world has ever known, Debs is arrested and charged with violating the Espionage Act.

The judge thunders against Debs: "Who would strike the sword from the hand of this nation while she is engaged in defending herself against a foreign and brutal power?", overwrought pseudo-patriotic drivel which sounds suspiciously like it might have been manufactured especially for the judge by Wilson regime propaganda maven and mind control specialist Edward Bernays.

Eugene+Debs+in+jailDebs is duly sentenced to ten years in prison for exercising his theoretical rights of free speech. Debs's appeal is not heard by the Supreme Court until after the Great War is brought to a conclusion. The Supreme Court once again comes down on the side of repression and "liberal" justice Oliver Wendell Holmes writes the decision, pointing out some of the more dangerous parts of Debs' not-so-free speech.

Debs, writes Holmes, "then expressed opposition to Prussian militarism in a way that naturally might have been thought to be intended to include the mode of proceeding in the United States." Holy shit, Eugene, don't be talkin' like that!

You need to know
that you are fit for something
better than slavery
and cannon fodder.
Eugene Debs
Robert+Paul+Prager+antyi+german+hate+propaganda+cpi+committee+for+public+information1918: UNITED STATES. Police rescue German-born coalminer, Robert Paul Prager, from a mob in Collinsville, Illinois who had accused him of making "disloyal" statements about Woodrow "Making The World Safe For Hypocrisy" Wilson at a Socialist meeting. Free speech being strictly verboten in the land of the free, Prager had been kidnapped by the mob and then marched to the main street where his shoes were removed and his body wrapped in an American flag. The heroic townpeople of Collinsville had then forced Prager to kiss the flag repeatedly and march up and down waving two smaller flags.

collinsville+court+house+robert+prager+anti+german+hate+cpi+world+war+oneNot satisfied with their assaults on Prager prior to his rescue by the police, the mob breaks into the Collinsville jail, overpowers the police and drags Prager into the street again. Three hundred and fifty townspeople cheer and wave the American flag as Prager is lynched.

Amazingly enough, twelve of Collinsville's finest citizens are actually charged with murder. Just charging the murderers after a lynching is pretty radical stuff in the U.S. but Prager was, after all, white. At the trial, the presiding judge allows a band to play The Star Spangled Banner before he gives the jury its instructions. The trial is a circus in more ways than this. Supporters of the defendants, wearing red, white and blue ribbons, gather outside the courthouse, singing patriotic songs while vendors sell food.

After a couple of minutes' deliberation, the defendants are duly found not guilty and the judge commends the murderers for their humanitarianism in allowing Prager to write a letter of farewell to his parents before being lynched.

olli+kinkkonen+anti+german+hate+propaganda+cpi+committee+for+public+information1918: UNITED STATES. A "patriotic" group calling itself the "Knights Of Liberty", drags a Finnish immigrant, Olli Kinkkonen, from a boarding house in Duluth, Minnesota, tars and feathers him and then lynches him. Kinkkonen, a logger and docker, had made it known that he didn't want to fight in Woodrow Wilson's war and was returning to Finland. The "Knights of Liberty" deliver a letter to a local newspaper, taking "credit" for Kinkkonen's abduction, saying it should to serve as "a warning to all slackers". Kinkkonen's body, covered in tar and feathers, is found two weeks later hanging from a tree on the outskirts of Duluth.

Truth, Justice Or The American Way prevails once more when Duluth authorities decide that Kinkonnen had committed suicide, presumably tarring and feathering himself before hanging himself.

Treaty+of+Versailles 1918-1945: GERMANY. The U.S. is only a combatant nation in the Great War for a little over a year and plays a relatively small role militarily. Only 55,000 Americans, the vast majority of them working class conscripts, and therefore of no real value, are killed versus over thirty million Europeans. The belated switch from weapons and finance supplier to both sides to combatant nation does, happily, give the U.S. a major role in drafting the Treaty of Versailles which imposes massive reparations payments, in gold, on Germany and sets drastic limitations on rearmament.

And who should be there, right in the thick of things, helping to draft the Treaty, but a stellar cast of Rockefeller-linked warmongers, merchants of death and profiteers including Max and Paul Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb, Rockefeller cousins and Nazi-lawyers-to-be John Foster and Allen Dulles and Thomas Lamont of J.P. Morgan. Joint Secretary of the Reparations Committee is none other than Jerome Davis Greene, an investment banker with lifelong connections to the Rockefellers via the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rockefeller Institute and his work as John D. Rockefeller's personal assistant.

The terms of the Treaty of Versailles deliberately create the financial disaster which will lead to the Second World War by setting German reparations at a level which cripples the new German republic.

The Treaty systematically bankrupts the German economy, resulting in massive devaluation of the German currency. The Rockefellers and other members of the U.S. ruling class swoop in and pick up German companies and assets for a tiny fraction of their real worth.
While the U.S. ruling class can find almost unlimited money to go on a shopping spree in Germany and then build up their operations in Germany as part of the Hitler war machine, they don't seem to have much cash to invest in the U.S., creating the climate in which the Great Depression ravages the U.S. and much of the rest of the world.

The Harriman family, in an arrangement so devious that it is still classified secret by the U.S. Government, somehow manages to acquire the Hamburg-Amerika line, one of the world's largest shipping lines, for almost nothing.

Hamburg+Amerika+Line+POSTERBy amazing coincidence, Hamburg-Amerika's German bankers, who are intimately involved in the sale, are the same Warburg family involved in drafting the Treaty of Versailles and close associates of the Rockefeller/Harriman/Dulles axis. The convoluted financing was arranged by none other than Herbert W. Walker, great grandfather of George "I'm A Lyin' Guy" Bush.

The shipping line, under the control of the Harrimans and directed from the their New York headquarters by Prescott Bush, grandfather of George "I"m A Lyin' Guy" Bush, will play the pivotal role in the takeover of Germany by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and, simultaneously, serve as a conduit for Nazi propaganda and Nazi spies infiltrated into the U.S. Hamburg Amerika will carry arms from the Duponts' Remington Arms to Hitler's 300,000 SA brownshirts, to carry out a campaign of terror, intimidation and assassination which will ultimately lead to Adolf Hitler taking power in Germany.

Another big beneficiary of the Treaty of Versailles is "Better Killing Through Chemistry" Dupont which not only made a fortune supplying armaments during the war but, in the economic wreckage created by the Treaty, was able to grab German chemical patents of almost inestimable value which allowed the company to expand its operations to become one of the world's largest chemical companies.

world war one great war dead austrian1918: UNITED STATES. The Great War is over, tens of millions of people are dead, more millions are maimed and crippled for life, women are widowed, children are orphaned, minds are destroyed, millions of homes, farms and businesses have been bombed and burned into nothingness. Those who have survived will be paying off the war debts to the international bankers for generations. But, enough of the bad news already. Let's have some good news.

In time of war, it is everyone's patriotic duty to make sacrifices in the struggle for freedom and liberty and the families of America's ruling class certainly did their bit during The Great War by cleaning up all the excess cash which might have presented a fire hazard if left lying around.

Dupont's annual profit increased by almost 1000% to an average of $60 million a year. Bethlehem Steel's annual profits went from around $6 million a year to $50 million. United States Steel profits went from about $100 million a year to $240 million. Anaconda Copper's average annual profits jumped from $10 million to $34 million. Utah Copper's annual profit jumped from $5 million to $21 million. Central Leather, which provided leather goods to the U.S. military, saw its profits skyrocket by 1100%. General Chemical Company's profits increased by 1400%. International Nickel Company profits went from $4 million to $73 million, an increase of more than 1700%.

world war one great war deadAnd of course, the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Dillons, the Rothschilds, the Warburgs and the other members of the ruling elite made even bigger fortunes in their role as war financiers. But since, as partnerships, they are not required to report their profits, we'll never know exactly how much they made from all the death and destruction.

As are all wars, The Great War was, first and foremost, a wonderful business opportunity, a time for theft from the taxpayers on an unimaginable scale; a time for even more than the usual scams, frauds and kickback schemes. Uncle Sam bought and paid for thirty five million pairs of hobnailed service shoes, eight pairs for every American soldier enlisted during the war. At war's end, twenty five million pairs remained unused. Uncle Sam bought millions of saddles, yet the U.S. sent no cavalry to the war. The U.S. military bought twenty million mosquito nets and another forty million yards of mosquito netting. None of it ever got used but somebody made a lot of money on the deal. Manufacturers were paid a billion dollars to make airplanes and airplane engines which were never used. Someone sold the U.S. goverment four million knapsacks and related equipment. They were never used. Someone else sold the government six thousand buckboards for the conveyance of colonels. Not one was ever used. Shipbuilders received over three billion dollars of the U.S. taxpayers' money. Of that, $635 million went to build ships which, it turned out, were so shoddily built that they sank. No refunds were given.

It is estimated that U.S. taxpayers were stuck with a bill for about $39 billion in actual war "costs" incurred during the eighteen months of American participation in The Great War. Of that amount, $16 billion was pure profit to the merchants of death.

1918: UNITED STATES. On Thanksgiving Day 1918, just two weeks after the armistice ends World War One, a new enemy magically springs up to replace the vanquished Hun as the bogeyman required to keep Americans firmly in line, Communism. A Senate committee declares that Bolshevism threatens America. The National Security League doesn't miss a beat in going from hunting "pro-Germans" to searching out filthy commies. The U.S. Post Office censorship machine continues to tyrannize the independent press. The "Justice" Department begins the deportation of "aliens" suspected of belonging to "the anarchistic and similar classes" according to the federal statute authorizing the mass deportations.

There might be no Huns left to fight but that great liberal Woodrow "Making the World Safe for Hypocrisy" Wilson urges the passage of a peacetime federal sedition law anyway. Although Congress never votes on the bill, the state party machines follow the President's lead and, after the armistice, almost every state in the U.S. passes laws abridging free speech. In Connecticut it becomes a crime to say anything which, in the words of the statute, is "intended to injuriously affect the Government" of Connecticut or of the United States.

1918-ongoing: UNITED STATES. After World War One, the men who mass brainwashed America, Carl Byoir, Eward Bernays and George Creel of Woodrow Wilson’s propaganda ministry, the Committee on Public Information (CPI) , are used by the U.S. government to do a little additional mind bending overseas. Among the targets are the people of Latin America and Central Europe. Other CPI agents remain in the federal government to continue the good work controlling the perceptions and beliefs of Americans.

The boys are, of course, for sale to the highest bidder. The Lithuanian National Council hires Byoir, who subcontracts Bernays in a successful propaganda campaign to convince the American public that the U.S. should recognize Lithuania. Bernays then takes the CPI’s propaganda techniques to Madison Avenue where he works diligently for the cancer industry's interests.,

lucky strike ad bernays tobacco cancer cpiAmong Bernays' triumphs of post-war mass manipulation is a classic deception designed to popularize cigarette smoking among women. Bernays organizes the so-called "Torches of Liberty Brigade" in the 1929 New York City Easter Parade. Working for the American Tobacco Company, Bernays tells the press that a group of women's rights marchers will light "Torches of Freedom" during the parade. Models hired by Bernays light Lucky Strike cigarettes in front of the press photographers and the always cooperative U.S. mass media reports the stunt as a "gesture of freedom" by women. The publicity following the parade is enormous and, over the next few years, millions of American women will become addicted to cigarettes thanks to Edward Bernays.

bernays+propaganda+cpi+tobacco+cancer+lucky+strike+luckies+poster+ama+medical+doctorBernays will use his dubious talents on behalf of the tobacco/cancer industry in another way, developing, with the connivance of the American Medical Association, the advertising deception that cigarettes are beneficial to health.

Bernays will be the guiding force behind Nazi aluminum supplier ALCOA's imaginative toxic waste disposal program, the fluoridation of drinking water. A highly dangerous byproduct of aluminum smelting, fluoride will be magically transformed from an expensive liability into an income earner by Bernays when, with the help of the American Dental Association, he sells the idea of fluoridated drinking water to the American public via a massive media campaign.

Bernays will provide his talents to the Rockefellers and the Dulles brothers when he helps to demonize the democratically-elected president of Guatemala, Jacob Arbenz, as a filthy commie. Bernays' propaganda will provide the "justification" in the U.S. for the CIA's overthrow of the government of Guatemala and the installation of a vicious dictatorship which will enslave Guatemalans for decades and carry out a ruthless genocide, killing hundreds of thousands of native people.

1918-1920: PANAMA. U.S. troops suppress the Panamanian independence movement and control the outcome of elections to ensure continued U.S. domination of Panama. They remain in occupation for two years.