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1929-1930: The Crash of '29--A Federal Reserve Production, Racist Pseudoscience, Murdering Workers (Again) And The Dulles Brothers Help Old Adolf

Wall+Street+Crash1929-41: UNITED STATES. The Wall Street Crash is the opening act in the Great Depression, the latest production of the boys in the back room who own the private company operating under the deceptive name of the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve was supposedly created to prevent such things as the Wall Street Crash happening. But, from 1921 to 1929, the Fed dramatically increases the U.S. money supply, fueling massive speculation.
Throughout the 1920s, Americans with modest income and savings are lured into the stock market in large numbers by the ruling class including the Rockefellers, the Morgans and the Dillons. People who know nothing of the true forces and limitless skullduggery behind financial markets and cannot afford to lose the money they invest are persuaded to pay artificially inflated prices for hundreds of millions of shares. Suckers are lured into the market with the trick of buying on margin. A purchaser puts down ten percent of the value of the shares being bought and then counts on the continuing inflation of share prices to make a profit. It's like getting something for nothing. With millions of suckers lured into the market, share prices are driven up and, for a while, John Q. Sucker, looks like coming out ahead.

However, that is not the nature of the financial world. In fact, the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Dillons and their minions are fleecing ordinary Americans of hundreds of millions of dollars in an orgy of financial scams many of which will be later uncovered in the long-suppressed Pecora Hearings. Massive manipulation and speculation drives share prices to unsupportable levels. A few months before the Crash, word has it that the Rockefellers, Joe Kennedy and all the other scam artists quietly exit the market, selling when the artificially inflated prices are sky high. On October 24th, the big banks, owned by the same unindicted co-conspirators, call the loans to the suckers. Invevitably, a selling panic ensues and the whole house of cards collapses. Gee, what a surprise.

It is seldom considered, however, that most of the shares which crashed on October 29 and in the next two weeks had been bought for some thirty billion dollars more than they were ultimately sold for, an astonishing amount of money in 1929, most of which ended up in the pockets of some individuals in the know. Neither is it considered who rushed in to buy up the vast numbers of shares being dumped during and after Black Tuesday, acquiring companies and their assets for pennies on the dollar. The Crash and the Depression which followed were, for some, not so much a disaster as simply another business opportunity in which they could snap up assets for a fraction of their true value and, simultaneously, and very importantly, drive down the cost of labor.

The way to make money
is to buy
when blood
is running in the streets.
John D. Rockefeller

Of course, it helps if you are in a position to make the blood run in the streets. Over the next ten years, tens of millions of Americans will pay the price in untold misery and hardship for the accumulation of yet more wealth by the handful of families which constitute the American ruling class.

Following the Crash, the boys who run the Federal Reserve contract the money supply, plunging the U.S. into the Great Depression and making it possible to snap up anything they want including farms, businesses and land for pennies on the dollar. Not coincidentally, hundreds of small banks which provide the big boys with a bit of competition, are also driven to the wall and snapped up.

andrew mellonThe Crash and the Great Depression which follow come after almost a decade of economic rule by multi-millionaire banker and oilman Andrew Mellon as U.S. Treasury Secretary. Mellon, one might assume, knew exactly what he was doing. In was during Mellon's tenure that the rampant manipulations and scams which led to the Crash were allowed to be carried out. Mellon dramatically reduced taxes on the wealthy and ultra-wealthy, including inheritance taxes, to the point where many paid no tax at all. Mellon, of course, increased those taxes largely paid by the poor and working class, such as excise tax.

As a little gift to his oil industry buddies and to his own Gulf Oil, he also introduced the "oil depletion allowance", a cute little accounting scam which reduces the taxes paid by oil companies almost to zero. The multi-millionaire Mellon claimed to be a believer in the so-called "trickle down" theory of economics under which, if you make the ultra-wealthy even wealthier, tiny drips of cash will theoretically "trickle down", sooner or later, to the underclass. Mellon refused to give tax breaks to the poor on the perfectly understandable grounds that they would just piss it away on food, clothing and shelter.

Mellon clearly recognized that, for some, the Great Depression was a good thing, a fine business opportunity, and made no bones about it. "People will work harder, live a more moral life," the millionaire Mellon pontificated as the Great Depression deepened. "Enterprising people will pick up the wrecks from less competent people."

This American system of ours,
call it Americanism, call it capitalism,
call it what you like,
gives each and every one of us
a great opportunity
if we only seize it with both hands
and make the most of it.
Al Capone

By 1933, the value of the shares on the New York Stock Exchange is less than a fifth of what it had been at its peak in 1929. Businesses close their doors, factories shut down and banks fail. Farm income falls by fifty percent. By 1932, approximately one out of every four American workers is unemployed and many of those who have jobs are working for a fraction of their pre-Crash wages.

Between 1929 and 1933, forty percent of all the banks in the United States, some 10,797 out of the 25,568 existing in 1929, fail, taking their depositors' savings with them. As is the case with the stock market crash, in bank failures, for every loser, somewhere there is a winner. Every single dollar deposited by the Americans who lost everything in the bank failures ended up in someone's pocket somewhere. And, as a nice little benefit for the Rockefellers and Morgans, forty percent of competing banks in the U.S. ceased to exist.

The U.S. economy's output of goods and services (GNP) declines by thirty percent between 1929 and 1933 and recovers to the 1929 level only in 1939 with the boom times of World War Two. Prior to 1939, business investment in the U.S. comes almost to a standstill; the Rockefellers, Harrimans, Duponts, Fords, Mellons and the rest of the U.S. ruling class have other priorities: investing vast sums of money in Nazi Germany and the arming of Adolf Hitler.

When voters give Mellon and Hoover the boot in 1932, Roosevelt's New Deal relieves some of the suffering of ordinary Americans through extensive public works programs. As many as twelve million Americans work at some time on public works or in relief jobs (through the Public Works Administration, the Works Project Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps). What ultimately ends the Great Depression however, is the fabulous business opportunity known as World War Two.

It was a carefully contrived occurrence.
International bankers sought to bring about
a condition of despair
so that they might emerge
the rulers of us all.
Congressman Louis McFadden

Louis_T._McFaddenIn the next few years, McFadden, who is an outspoken critic of the Federal Reserve and the families who own it, will be the victim of a shooting attempt and will then be poisoned at a political banquet but, hey, these things happen in a free country.
The real menace of our republic is this invisible government which, like a giant octopus, sprawls its slimy length over city, state and nation. Like the octopus of real life, it operates under cover of a self created screen....At the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller Standard interests and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as international bankers.

The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both political parties. New York City Mayor John F. Hylan, 1922
1929: UNITED STATES. Jean-Jacques Rousseau's autobiography, Confessions, is banned in the land of the free.

ella+mae+wiggins1929: UNITED STATES. Ella Mae Wiggins is murdered by vigilantes when her truckload of striking union members is ambushed during a textile strike in Gastonia, North Carolina. All defendants will be duly acquitted.

cold+spring+harbor1929: UNITED STATES. Charles Davenport is Director of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, funded by the American ruling class, notably the Carnegie family, and located on the Dulles family estate on Long Island, New York. At Cold Spring Harbor, Davenport created the notorious Eugenics Record Office, funded by the Harrimans, to organize ze creation of ze master race.

Charles_Davenport_1921In 1929, Davenport publishes Race Crossing in Jamaica, a supposedly scientific text purporting to prove biological and cultural degradation following interbreeding between white and black populations. In order to promulgate racism disguised as science, Davenport ruthlessly twists and misrepresents data.

Davenport maintains close links with institutions and individuals in Nazi Germany and holds editorial positions on two influential German "scientific" journals. One of Davenport's most important Nazi collaborators is Otto Reche, who will become an important figure in the Nazi scheme to "remove" those humans considered "inferior".

1929-42: UNITED STATES/GERMANY. For half a century prior to 1929, Wall Street's most powerful law firm, Sullivan und Cromwell has provided, for a price, the legal smokescreens behind which a large proportion of the U.S. ruling class have done their dirty work. Following the First World War, the "international finance specialists" of Sullivan und Cromwell are none other than Rockefeller cousins John Foster and Allen Dulles. Both are violently anti-Semitic and boycott their sister’s wedding because she is marrying, gasp, a Jew.

John+Foster+and+Allen+Dulles+youngThe Dulles brothers, both of whom had been involved in the drafting of the Treaty of Versailles which systematically bankrupted Germany after World War One, organize a shadowy financial network which funnels enormous amounts of American gold and capital to finance the rise of the Nazis in Germany. The Dulles brothers set up numerous agreements for IG Farben, developers and manufacturers of Zyklon-B gas to be used in the extermination of Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, socialists, homosexuals and other “sub-humans”.

ig farben+logoJohn Foster Dulles sits on the IG Farben board of directors which supports the Nazi party because it opposes genuine free enterprise and favors the establishment of slave labor camps to make industrial production “more efficient”. Farben will become a leading player in the Nazi atomic bomb project.

In addition to arranging financing of ventures inside Nazi Germany, the Dulles brothers organize a labyrinth of hundreds of corporations in the United States and Central and South America to provide fronts behind which Farben and other Nazi companies can operate secretly when war comes. Among them are the pharmaceutical and chemical companies Bayer, Agfa, Schering, Winthrop and Sterling.

A secret agreement is arranged by Sullivan und Cromwell under which the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil will collect royalty payments on thousands of patents for IG Farben, even if the U.S. goes to war with Germany.

A massive investment in Nazi Germany is made by the U.S. ruling class while the United States itself languishes in the Great Depression and tens of millions of Americans are unemployed and losing their homes, farms and businesses to the banks owned by the Rockefellers and their clubmates.

AryanizationAfter the Nazis seize power in Germany with arms and financing supplied by the Rockefellers, the Harrimans, the Duponts and other members of the U.S. ruling class, with the help of their minions such as the Bush family, the Nazis begin their "Aryanization" program under which Jews are forced to sell their business assets for a small percentage of their true value to "Aryans". Many American corporations are quick to cash in their markers with the Nazis by sticking their snouts in the "Aryanization" trough, none more avidly so than the Ford Motor Company under one the world's most rabid anti-Semites, Henry Ford.

smedley_darlington_butler1929: UNITED STATES/NICARAGUA. U.S. Marines Major General Smedley Butler admits to veterans in Pittsburgh that, in 1912 in Nicaragua, he had helped rig elections on behalf of the notorious Brown Brothers Bank (Brown Brothers, Harriman). For speaking the truth in the land of the free, Butler is called on the carpet by Navy Secretary Adams who just happens to be tightly connected to American banking interests.

1930: UNITED STATES. Customs officers in the land of the free seize copies of Voltaire’s Candide on their way to Harvard. Too dangerous for "free" people in a "free" country to be reading.

Those who believe absurdities
will commit atrocities.

Religion is not merely

the opium of the masses,
it's the cyanide.

A lie is a lie
even if everyone believes it.
The truth is the truth
even if no one believes it.

1929: UNITED STATES. Joseph "Jittery Joe" Kennedy makes an offer to buy the Pantages theater chain from Alexander Pantages, a Greek immigrant who had built it from nothing into a very successful, multi-million dollar business. When Pantages refuses to sell, Kennedy uses his influence in the movie business to prevent Pantages getting first run movies for his theaters but Pantages still won't sell out.

In August, a young woman named Eunice Pringle makes an accusation of rape against Pantages who is convicted and sentenced to fifty years in jail. On appeal, the conviction is overturned when Pantages' lawyer demonstrates that the claimed rape was a physical impossibility.

Ruined by the bad publicity, Pantages is ultimately forced to sell his chain to Kennedy for less than half of the amount originally offered.

There are conflicting versions of what caused Pringle to make the false rape accusation, foremost of which is that Kennedy gave Pringle $10,000 to do it. Whatever the truth of that, Pantages was ruined and Kennedy, a man possessed of not a single scruple, got the Pantages theater chain.

A black man, George Hughes, is accused of raping a white woman in Sherman, Texas. A white mob dynamites the courthouse in which Hughes is being held, burning him to death. The mob then seizes his corpse, cuts off his genitals and drags his body through the black business district before burning it to the ground. To this day, the county where Hughes was murdered has only two black professionals.

bank+for+international+settleents1930-ongoing: SWITZERLAND. The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) is created by a group of the world's major central banks. The ostensible purpose of the BIS, established under J.P. Morgan banker Owen D. Young's so-called Young Plan, is to provide the Allies with German reparations for World War I. Strangely enough, the BIS soon turns itself to exactly the opposite purpose, siphoning money from the U.S. to the Nazis to build the Hitler war machine.

The structure of the BIS, safely tucked away in war-free Basle, Switzerland, is inspired by none other than Hjalmar Schacht, who will shortly become Nazi Germany's Minister of Economics and president of the Reichsbank, a man with powerful Wall Street connections. Even before Hitler rose to political power, Schacht had pushed for an institution which would maintain channels of communication and collusion between the world's financial leaders in the event of a world war. By its very structure, agreed to by the governments of all participating nations, the BIS is the perfect instrument for the boys in the back room. Written into the BIS charter is total immunity from closure, seizure or censure, regardless of who is at war with who. How convenient.

By 1939, the BIS will have invested millions in Nazi Germany while the Nazis, in turn, will have deposited vast sums looted from various groups of "subhumans" into the BIS. Aside from laundering Nazi loot, the BIS will grow to be a supranational club with membership restricted to the handful of families who have defacto control of much of the global economy.

concentration+camp1930: UNITED STATES. The evolution of a Nordic master race through the "science" of eugenics is dear to the heart of many of America's ruling class. Among the most prominent members of the American Eugenics Society in 1930 are: cornflakes magnate and anti-masturbation guru J. Harvey Kellogg, robber baron, banker and U.S. Steel chairman J. P. Morgan, Jr., cancer heiress Mary Duke Biddle, copper barons Cleveland H. and Cleveland E. Dodge and their wives, banker and B&O Railroad tycoon Robert Garrett, United Press International heiress Miss E. B. Scripps, Brush Electric Company heiress Dorothy H. Brush, and Planned Parenthood activist Margaret Sanger, married to 3-M Oil tycoon, Noah Slee.

National Socialism is nothing
but applied biology.
Rudolph Hess

hamburg+amerika+poster1930s-42: GERMANY/UNITED STATES. George W. Bush's great grandfather, Herbert Walker, who is already playing a vital role in financing the takeover of Germany by the Nazis, decides to help them out even more by acting as front man in the U.S. for Nazi-linked businesses including the Harriman family-controlled Hamburg-Amerika Steamship Line.

The Hamburg-Amerika line carries weapons, largely manufactured by Rockefeller-owned Remington Arms, from the United States to Germany to be used by the Nazis in their rise to power through the intimidation of the German population and the murder of anti-Nazi politicians. Hamburg-Amerika also routinely carries Nazi propagandists and propaganda materials into the U.S. The shipping line will later serve as an important conduit for the introduction of German spies into the United States and for the transportation of hundreds of stolen American defense secrets to Germany.

bonnie+and+clyde1930s: UNITED STATES. In the midst of the Depression, a crime wave hits the mid-West. Kidnapping and armed bank robberies are carried out by the likes of Bonnie and Clyde, Machine Gun Kelly, John Dillinger and Pretty Boy Floyd.

The crossdressing, gay-baiting, homosexual, conspicuous non-combatant J. Edgar Hoover's response is to create his own ministry of propaganda which will exploit the situation to create a completely false image of both the FBI and of himself in the minds of Americans.

Hoover hires one Courtney Ryley Cooper who has a varied past as a circus clown, as a press agent for "Buffalo" Bill Cody and as a writer of pulp westerns to immortalize the transvestite FBI Director. Cooper will use his overblown imagination to create the relentless stream of lies, misinformation, disinformation and propaganda which will make Hoover a household name in the U.S. by the end of the 1930s.

1930: UNITED STATES. More than one hundred farm workers are arrested in California's Imperial Valley for attempting to form unions. Eight are convicted of "criminal syndicalism". Can't be havin' no organized peons in the land of the free.

1930s: UNITED STATES. Michael Fooner of the FBI makes the mistake of supporting the formation of an FBI branch of the Federation of Government Employees. When, forty years later, he gets hold of the file J. Edgar Hoover then assembles on him, it will be six inches thick.

1930s: UNITED STATES. Nazi supporter and Jew hater Henry Ford uses his Mafia connections to terrorize workers attempting to unionize Ford factories. Ford's right hand man, Harry Bennett, maintains personal contact with Joe Tocco and Leo Cellura of the Detroit mob and arranges Ford motor vehicle franchises for mob associates. Mob-supplied thugs beat up Walter Reuther and others trying to organize Ford workers. Eventually Bennett assembles his own in-house gang of thugs, armed with pistols, blackjacks and lengths of rubber hose to break up union meetings and attack union activists.

Harry+J.+Anslinger+and+marijuana1930-1962: UNITED STATES. An ultra right wing conspicuous non-combatant, Harry J. Anslinger, is appointed head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN) by Gulf Oil/Alcoa representative cum Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon. Anslinger's reign, which rivals J. "Edna" Hoover's as head of the FBI, is marked by absurd and blatantly racist disinformation campaigns on the terrifying evils of marijuana, carried to the U.S. public by the media empire of warmonger, yellow journalist and paid Nazi mouthpiece, William Randolph Hearst.

Anslinger's war against marijuana may have something to do with the fact that his patron, Mellon, is heavily involved with the Dupont interests whose petrochemical-based fibers are in direct competition with hemp, which is grown on on an industrial scale and promises to provide a wide range of fibers, chemical feedstocks and other raw materials for industry in sharp competition with oil. Anslinger sabotages attempts by the medical profession to use marijuana and other "narcotics" for pain relief.

In the classic fashion of the U.S. ruling class and its minions, Anslinger plays both sides of the street and, in the 1950s, becomes the morphine supplier to alcoholic druggie witch hunter Senator Joseph McCarthy. Following his retirement in the 1970s, after decades of blocking the medical use of "narcotics" for pain relief, Anslinger ends up taking morphine to control his own pain.
Two Negroes took a girl fourteen years old and kept her for two days under the influence of marijuana. Upon recovery, she was found to be suffering from syphilis. From anti-marijuana propaganda article by Harry Anslinger published in Hearst's American Magazine.
A very nice combination of fear mongering, racism and anti-hemp propaganda from the highly principled Hearst.

mesothelioma_victim1930-1970: UNITED STATES. In 1930, the industry trade magazine, Asbestos, publishes its last article on the growing evidence of the disastrous health consequences of asbestos. For the next forty years, this shining beacon of the free press in America will publish not a single word of the mounting toll of death and misery caused by its advertisers' products.

1930: UNITED STATES. Harriman family errand boy and front man, Prescott Bush, takes time out from financing the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis to organize the finance for William Paley to buy the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), at the time a radio network but soon to evolve into America's largest television network. Paley will be forever grateful to Bush, Harriman and the rest of the Hitler Project gang and will happily make CBS available to the CIA for propaganda and psychological warfare operations against the people of the United States.

1930s: UNITED STATES. The Black Legion, affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan, is formed in Detroit. Members swear to "support God" and to give their all in any "war" against Catholics, Jews, Negroes, aliens (presumably foreigners not extra-terrestrials) and Communists. Each member pays $7 for a KKK-like robe complete with skull and crossbones, pays ten cents a month in dues and is required to own a pistol.

Black+Legion+weaponsThe Black Legion is, in effect, a terror and enforcement arm for the Dupont family's General Motors, organized along military lines. The Black Legion has five brigades, 16 regiments, 64 batallions, and 256 companies. There are probably between 20,000 and 30,000 members in Michigan in the 1930s, one third in Detroit. Among the Black Legion's duties is to stop General Motors workers organizing a union. Legion members throw bombs into union halls, set fire to labor activists’ homes, torture union organizers and kill at least fifty people in Detroit alone. Many of the victims are black. One victim of the Black Legion is Reverend Earl Little, murdered in 1931. His son, later known as Malcolm X, was six years of age at the time. Two years previously, the Black Legion had burned down Reverend Little's house.

1930s-1985: UNITED STATES/NAZI GERMANY. Herr Doktor Erich Traub leads a varied and interesting life. In the 1930s, the German scientist is trained in the fine art of manipulating bacteria and viruses at the Rockefeller Institute in Princeton, New Jersey. He rounds out his first term in the U.S. with membership in the Amerika-Deutscher Volksbund, a German-American ‘club’ also known as Camp Sigfried. Camp Sigfried is the national headquarters of the American Nazi movement.

Soviet+Union194145-Victims.At the outbreak of World War Two, Traub will return to his native Germany and apply his Rockefeller-acquired skills to Nazi germ warfare, working directly under SS Reichsfuehrer Heinrich Himmler, and conducting grotesque experiments on live victims. Among his many accomplishments for Nazi Germany will be the release of live virus sprays over the occupied Soviet Union.

Naval+Medical+Research+Institute+BethesdaAt the close of World War Two, Traub's life will come full circle when, along with thousands of other Nazi war criminals and mass murderers, he is rescued from prosecution by Allen Dulles' Operation Paperclip and, nicely de-Nazified, goes to work for the government of the United States of America. Traub finds a satisfying new job in the U.S. Navy's biological warfare program at the Naval Medical Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. America sure is the land of opportunity.

Pedro+Albizu+Campos+Puert+Rico+Independence1930s-ongoing: PUERTO RICO. With their country stolen from them by the U.S., local food production all but destroyed and reduced to working on American-owned plantations and in American-owned factories for slave labor wages, Puerto Ricans are driven to even greater desperation by the Depression. A new Puerto Rican independence movement is born, led by Pedro Albizu Campos, who rises to head the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party (PNP).

The PNP completely rejects participation in the charade of politics and colonial elections stage-managed by the U.S. They proclaim the obvious fact that U.S. domination of Puerto Rico is illegitimate and refuse to recognize the colonial occupying authorities, their courts or their laws. The PNP accuses the U.S. of causing the ruin and poverty of Puerto Rico's people. Most daring of all, they maintain that Puerto Ricans have the right to wage armed struggle against the U.S. invaders and occupiers in order to gain their liberty.

 ig farben+logo1930s: UNITED STATES. Rockefeller cousin John Foster Dulles sets up an American subsidiary of the Nazi chemical combine and concentration camp operator-to-be IG Farben, American IG. Its directors include Walter Teagle, chairman of the Rockefellers' Standard Oil, Paul Warburg of the banking and investment house of Kuhn Loeb & Company, Charles Mitchell, president of the National City Bank and Edsel Ford, representing the Ford interests. At least two of the Farben directors, Teagle and Warburg, also sit on the board of the privately owned company operating under the name of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

RCA_original_logo.1930s-1940s: NAZI GERMANY. Before and after Pearl Harbor, the American broadcasting and electrical giant, RCA is in partnership with a host of Nazi businesses, including Telefunken, with Italcable, owned by the Mussolini dictatorship, and with collaborationist Vichy France's Compagnie Generale, in an organization known as the Transradio Consortium. RCA also holds a share with another Nazi business partner, International Telephone and Telegraph (IT&T), in an Axis-controlled telephone and telegraph company in South America.

According to the U.S. State Department, Transradio, with the full knowledge of RCA head, David Sarnoff, maintained a direct line to Berlin throughout World War Two providing an unmonitored channel for sending vast amounts of intelligence to the Nazis.

rafael trujillo1930-1961: DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. U.S.-trained, armed and supported national police and army chief Rafael Leonidas Trujillo seizes power and begins a reign of murder, torture, terror, rape and theft of the country’s wealth. His seizure of power is made all the easier by the fact that during its illegal military occupation of the Dominican Republic from 1916 to 1924, U.S. forces had prohibited ordinary Dominicans from owning weapons while heavily arming local traitors and collaborators such as Trujillo and the U.S.-indoctrinated army and police.

cordell-hull-trujilloPolitical opponents and those who offend Trujillo and his cronies are tortured and murdered, often thrown over cliffs on the south coast of the island nation to the sharks, or are held in concentration camps and worked to death on farms Trujillo has stolen from the Dominican people. All attempts by Dominicans to achieve freedom and democracy are ruthlessly crushed with the whole hearted approval of such as U.S. Secretary of State Cordell Hull seen here with his buddy Rafael.

By the time his American masters inevitably turn on him in 1960 and the CIA under Nazi shyster Allen Dulles begins to plot his murder, Trujillo has tortured and murdered unknown tens of thousands of Dominicans and murdered twenty thousand Haitians. By the end of his U.S.-maintained dictatorship, Trujillo and his family will have “acquired” seventy percent of the land and ninety percent of the industry of the country while the vast majority of its people live short lives of fear and hopeless poverty.

1930s-1972: UNITED STATES. J. Edgar Hoover brings all "law enforcement" propaganda in the U.S. under his personal control. With his paid sychophant, Courtney Ryley Cooper still churning out shamelessly flattering fluff, and the ever-compliant mass media delivering the lies to an unsuspecting American public, Hoover hires Louis "Nick the Greek" Nichols to mastermind an ongoing nationwide propaganda campaign. Nichols creates the deviously-named FBI "Crime Records" division which is simply a massive misuse of taxpayers' money and FBI resources to convince the American public of the greatness of J. Edgar Hoover and the fantasy image of the FBI he wants to project.

ace+g+man+fbi+propaganda+hooverThreats and bribes are widely used by Hoover to encourage the media to do his bidding. Compliant journalists are rewarded with gifts and tips. Journalists who do not see the light are punished by having information withheld from them. FBI agents once again are in the forefront of criminal activity in the United States when they illegally spy on journalists and the Bureau builds detailed files extending to thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of pages on each one over decades for the purpose of blackmail or smear campaigns.

Hoover cultivates gossip columnist Walter Winchell who, provided with "tips" by Hoover, becomes one of the biggest outlets for Hoover's self-promotion campaign. During the first thirty five years of Hoover's reign, only a single major American publication, the New Yorker, will dare to publish material on the FBI which has not been invented or sanitized by Hoover and Nichols. Ain't nothin' like a free press, is there?

Dell+G+Man+comicHoover's taxpayer-funded propaganda campaign operates on a massive scale. There is a G-Man radio program, G-Man movies, G-Man books and comics. American kids run around with G-Man badges and G-Man tommy guns then go to bed in their G-Man pyjamas. There are rumors that J. Edgar himself liked to prance about in a G-String.

A survey of 11,000 American school boys in 1936 shows that J. Edgar Hoover has become the second most popular person in the United States, second only to Robert Ripley of Ripley's Believe it or Not, a stunning comment on Hoover's effectiveness in manipulating the mass media into doing his bidding.

masters+of+deceit+fbi+propaganda+hooverAfter turning Hoover into a demi-god, Crime Records' secondary purpose is to keep the American people terrified of the commie bogeyman. Nichols churns out reams of "anti-communist" hate literature, best known of which is a book, Masters of Deceit, ostensibly written by Hoover but, in fact, produced by Nichols' team of hacks.

Many thanks for the handsomely autographed copy
(of Masters of Deceit).
Once again you have gone
into the forefront of the defense
of our nation against the Commie rats.
Raymond Henle NBC "newsman" in a letter to J. Edna Hoover

Nichols' hacks churn out another blatant propaganda piece, a book entitled The FBI Story. The propaganda value of the book is greatly multiplied when Warner Brothers makes a movie of it. Both Jack Warner and Jimmy Stewart, who starred in the movie, had long been cultivated and given special favors and treatment by Hoover at the expense of American taxpayers.

FBI+television+tv+series+propagandaThe well-known television series, The FBI, which began broadcast in 1965, was pure propaganda. Each script was personally read and had to be approved by Hoover with the help of his live-in lover, miraculously promoted FBI Assistant Director Clyde Tolson. An FBI agent was present on the set at all times to oversee shooting and make sure the actors didn't say anything they weren't supposed to.

1930-1996: UNITED STATES. Thomas Midgley, developer of one of the world's most dangerous and toxic substances, tetraethyl lead, outdoes himself and invents the refrigerant Freon for the Duponts' General Motors. The invention will cement Midgley's position as the single individual in history most responsible for the destruction of the environment.

Over the years, millions of pounds of Freon will be released, migrating high into the atmosphere, degrading into chlorine and eventually causing wholesale destruction of the ozone layer, a protective barrier essential to life on Earth.

Ozone+holeThe ozone layer will thin dramatically and the size of polar ozone holes will grow almost every year as increasing amounts of Freon are discharged into the air. As the ozone layers thins, increased levels of ultraviolet light reaching the surface of the Earth from the sun result in millions of additional skin cancers throughout the world. In only twenty seven years, from 1973 to 2000, the rate of skin cancer among American males will quadruple. But, hey, it's just good business. You get to make all that money on Freon and then even more on the cancer drugs.

Increased UV levels also have profound effects food production, both on land and in the sea.

A disinformation campaign, typified by the efforts of conspicuous non-combatant and drug abuser Rush Limbaugh, attempts to convince the public that since Freon is heavier than air, it cannot rise into the atmosphere. If fact, Freon and other chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are carried high into the atmosphere by wind and convection currents and are present in almost equal concentrations from ground level up to six miles high and, in lower concentrations, much higher than that.